Assembly District 70




SelfIdentifiedFemale (SIF) OtherthanSIF (OSIF)

70 Benjamin Hauck No OSIF
70 Chris Wilson No OSIF
70 Marisol Barajas No SIF
70 Ryan Patrick McGuirk No OSIF
70 Vanndearlyn Vong * SIF
70 Pedro Spindler-Ruiz No OSIF
70 Nancy S Felixson No SIF
70 Megan Kerr * SIF
70 Brandon Easton No OSIF
70 Chris Duvali  * OSIF
70 Michelle Lewis  No SIF
70 Sabrina K. Sanders No SIF
70 April Marie O’Connor No SIF
70 Sherri Jefferson * SIF
70 Samantha Weiss No SIF
70 Vincent Vo No OSIF
70 Charles Song No OSIF
70 Tim Patton No OSIF
70 Wayne Chaney No OSIF
70 Mickey Chavez No OSIF
70 Keir Jones No OSIF
70 Marina Escobedo  No SIF
70 Elaine Villanueva Bernal No SIF
70 Stephanie Rosenblatt No SIF
70 Connor Lock No OSIF
70 Nicole Rosen No SIF
70 Danielle Duryea No SIF
70 Jennifer Kumiyama No SIF
70 Jerry Garcia No OSIF
70 Marshall Blesofsky No OSIF
70 Antonia Raquel Rios * SIF
70 David Alpern No OSIF
70 Mark Mandujano  No OSIF
70 Olivia Reck * SIF
70 William Moses Summerville No OSIF
70 Joshua De Leon No OSIF
70 William M. Vega No OSIF
70 Nitzan Harel No SIF
70 Jeannine M Pearce * SIF
70 Lukas Walczak No OSIF
70 Alexa D Victoriano No SIF
70 Louis Dominguez No OSIF
70 Patrick Swymer No OSIF
70 Herlinda Chico No SIF
70 Datosha R. Williams * SIF

Candidate Statements

Hello my friends from Long Beach, San Pedro, Signal Hill and – yes you – beautiful people of Catalina! I would be honored to have a moment to introduce myself. But before I do, I want to ask you a serious question:

Do you believe it is important that the people of our district have a voice in the California Democratic Party? That our communities hardest hit by an extractive economy should be listened to? That frontline communities and frontline workers are represented in a political party that controls so much of our lives?

Or do you believe that powerful politicians funded by Big Oil and Big Corporations have our best interests at heart, and should have absolute control of the party?

I believe we need to empower our communities. I believe we need to empower YOU. I believe that your voice needs to be heard in the party. That is why I am running. And that is why I am asking for your vote.

This isn’t about me. This is about you. This is about US. This is about our community.

I ran as an assembly district delegate in 2019 and you elected me to represent you, and I am incredibly honored and grateful. I hope I represented you well these past two years. I am fighting for economic justice, racial justice, environmental justice… I mean, it isn’t complicated. We fight for justice or we don’t. I fight for justice, and for you and your family. You are my comrades.

So, about me. I got into politics with the No on O campaign. Created Fight Climate Denial. Went to Standing Rock. Helped create Divest LA. And Public Bank LA. And California Public Banking Alliance. Worked on Measure B. And AB 857, the first public banking legislation to be implemented in 100 years. And AB 310. And helped create Public Bank Long Beach. All of this as a volunteer. I was a Bernie Victory Captain, and spent hundreds of hours volunteering. Just a regular person doing regular work to support our communities, really. I am nothing special. But you are.

I am asking for your vote. And I am asking for you to vote for the Blue Revolution slate. We are fighting for you.

I am asking you to fight for us. Democracy isn’t a spectator sport. Get involved. Vote for all 14 of us. Let’s go!

Benjamin Hauck

As a democratic queer woman of color, breast cancer survivor and daughter of an immigrant single mother I know how challenging life can be for many. of us. Growing up my mother’s resiliency and strength allowed me to be who I am today. She was always teaching my 2 brothers and I to be united, selfless and give back to our community. I truly believe representation is important and being a voice for our LGBTQ, cancer survivors, undocumented community as your delegate would be a privilege.

Marisol Barajas

As the nation’s largest Democratic Party, we’re charged with leading the fight for equity. ADEMs are one of the most democratic processes available to us, and we must have independent, grassroots leaders represent the People in our Party.

I’m Vanndearlyn, and I’m proud to be born and raised in Long Beach! Currently, I’m a rising senior President’s Scholar at CSULB, Political Outreach Officer for the LB Young Democrats, and elected delegate. In the 2019 ADEM, I earned the most votes in a historic victory by engaging members in our Cambodian community. People coalesced for a larger cause, and this is what inspires me to run.

At the 2020 DNC, I was honored to represent our area as a Bernie Sanders delegate. Medicare for All, a Green New Deal, and Abolishing ICE are solutions that will serve us all in the fight towards equity.

I’m running for Executive Board to allow grassroots activists to lead, and get money out of politics. Can I count on your vote by January 27, 2021?

You can support me and the Blue Revolution slate by requesting your ballot here: https://


I would be honored to earn your support and vote!

Vanndearlyn Vong

Hi everyone, I’m Pedro Spindler-Ruiz. A proud Californian. Being raised by first-generation working-class immigrant parents from Mexico in a racially diverse neighborhood has given me insight into the important issues and policies affecting everyday people like you and me. I know what it is like to live paycheck to paycheck and the stress that economic insecurity causes on families. That is why I believe every American and resident of California deserves access to universal healthcare. I believe healthcare is a human right.

In my senior year in high school, right before I started college at UC Berkeley, my father was diagnosed with end-stage kidney failure, forcing him to retire and causing tremendous hardship on my family. Despite our dire situation, we were able to overcome by pulling our resources together, never losing hope, and getting the healthcare we needed for my Dad. That is why I want to strengthen and expand Obamacare to ensure that no family has to live through a similar situation without access to affordable healthcare.

Education is another important issue for me. I want to reduce and eliminate student loan debt. Coming from a disadvantaged background, there weren’t a lot of opportunities for me. I graduated from a high school where substitute teachers became permanent staff. Luckily, two things changed my life. First, my English teacher encouraged me to apply to college and expanded my worldview through books. This may sound trite, but it’s real. For kids like me, books allowed me to escape and think of the world beyond my own. Second, I am a product of Upward Bound, a college prep program that provided me with critical resources I did not get from my school, such as help with college applications and college tours. If it were not for these two things, I am certain I would not have gotten as far in life as I have now. With that being said, many college graduates have too much college debt. It is absurd and unacceptable that students have to drown in debt for a college education! We have to increase Pell Grants and other sources of funding to ensure that the next generation of leaders are not in serious debt. We cannot wait any longer to do something about this.

Today I’m asking for your vote because above all I want you to know that I am here to listen to you and to ensure that the Democratic Party continues to represent us, the people.

Pedro "Choriz" Spindler-Ruiz

I am running to be an AD 70 Delegate to the California Democratic Party because I believe in the principles embraced by the Democratic Party. Among these are: Free and Fair Elections and increasing opportunities for voter participation and civic engagement; Affordable Healthcare and fully funded Public Education; Civil Rights and Equality for our diverse populace; Strong Unions; Criminal Justice Reform; Protecting Immigrant Rights and “Dreamers” and providing a pathway to Citizenship for those who aspire to become US Citizens; Safeguarding Medicare and Social Security.

I am a lifelong Democrat, involved in the LGBTQ+ community, a member of the San Pedro Democratic Club and the Stonewall Democratic Club. I have volunteered on campaigns and also in GOTV (get out the vote) efforts in Los Angeles and Nevada.

In the past I served on the steering committee and participated in candidate endorsement interviews for the Stonewall Democratic Club. In addition, I assisted in research for evaluation of Judicial appointments.

Appointed by Senator Sheila Kuehl and then by Assemblymember Paul Koretz, I was previously a delegate to the California Democratic Party.

I performed with the Angel City Chorale at the Democratic National Convention in Los Angeles in 2000. I also attended the 2004 and 2008 Democratic National Conventions with my wife when she was part of the California delegation.

Recently retired, I now have more time and energy to dedicate to volunteering on behalf of the Democratic Party, in furtherance of the ideals of a fairer and more just society. I would appreciate your consideration and your vote in this election for me and the AD 70 Community Slate.

You can see my video at:


Nancy Felixson

My name is Megan Kerr, and I am proud to be running for ADEM 2021. As a life-long Democrat born, raised, and raising a family in Long Beach, as well as a current Board of Education member for Long Beach Unified School District, I believe I am qualified to represent our community.

The coronavirus has turned the world on its head and is an urgent matter facing our entire community. But even as we move through and past this current crisis, we must not lose sight of the critical issues facing our region and state in the years ahead. I want to work for our progressive and inclusive values as we address these pressing matters.

•Public Education- COVID-19 has laid bare the continued inequities within our system. We must fight for the necessary funding increases so every child can learn in a safe and supportive environment.

•Climate Change & Climate Justice- We must follow the science and address this issue head on for the health and safety of all, and particularly our most vulnerable communities.

•Healthcare for All- Now more than ever, we must acknowledge health care is a right for everyone and we must commit to working to make it a reality. We must acknowledge that racism is a public health crisis.

•Housing/Homelessness may be the greatest moral crisis of our time, I am a strong proponent of the “Housing First” model and drastically increasing the availability of affordable housing units with supportive services such as mental health and job training.

•LGBTQ+ rights, women’s rights, and reproductive rights must be aggressively defended and expanded at every level.

In addition to my school board work, where I have have the support of our local teachers, I have served on non-profit boards that provide transitional housing, do racial justice/ equity work, and early childhood education. I am a strong supporter of Labor, an active member in local Democratic clubs, and proudly served as delegate to the 2016 & 2020 Democratic National Conventions.

We know all politics are local and having a strong voice for our community at the table is critical to moving towards a more UNITED,INCLUSIVE, and PROGRESSIVE California. I want to serve as that voice and humbly ask for your vote for me and the AD 70 commUNITY slate.

For more information visit &

Democratically yours,

Megan Kerr

Megan Kerr

Hello. I’m Brandon Easton. I’m a former public school teacher and currently a working screenwriter who has lived in Long Beach since 2011. While I love the City of Long Beach and all that it has to offer on a cultural and recreational level, there are many issues that need addressing with a balance of pragmatism and empathy.

As an African-American professional who spends time exploring the streets of Downtown Long Beach as well as other areas, I have witnessed and experienced a variety of troubling situations that stem from a combination of fear, mistrust, disillusionment and inconsideration. In order for a society to function, all of its citizens must buy into the idea of a social compact where ideas and concerns are shared through honest dialogue.

The confluence of homelessness, drug abuse, racial bias and lack of opportunity has created a caste system that unfairly targets African-Americans and created a scenario where residents exist in fear of each other. It is impossible to have sympathy for another person until we acknowledge their basic humanity.

I propose that the citizens of Long Beach need to kickstart a conversation about the intersection of race/class/gender and how we can begin to solve the problems of homelessness, poor education, drug abuse and economic disenfranchisement with honest discussions leading to real world solutions.

We may have to confront uncomfortable thoughts and feelings about how we view our society and fellow citizens but the only way to craft a solution is to first admit a problem exists. As a former U.S. History and Economics instructor with a background in sociology, I have a personal history of discussing issues of stratification and a desire to deal with these issues with candor and fairness.

Abraham Lincoln once said that “A house divided against itself cannot stand,” and the weight of those words still ring with the clarity of truth. We cannot continue to live within a social order where fear, bias, disconnection and inconsideration remain the status quo.

We need to unite for the sake of our city, our state and the United States of America.

And we can start by simply saying “hello” to one another. I look forward to getting to know you all.

Brandon Easton

My introduction into political culture was at a young age and was cultivated by my parents, Jim & Elaine Duvali, both holding executive positions in the local Democratic Club. Throughout my youth, political discussions were a common denominator and now in my adulthood, political activism is the common denominator. Through activism and involvement, I have discovered a grass roots community of a few can have an impact on policies and electing candidates that benefit society as a whole. As a current ADEM, I have worked vigorously with other BLUE REVOLUTION CALIFORNIA Democratic Party delegates in submitting inclusive policy changes to the California Democratic Party and organizing other registered Democrats to get involved in getting progressive candidates elected to local offices. I humbly request your vote, so that I may continue on this path of instituting inclusive policies in the California Democratic Party and organizing all registered Democrats in empowering progressive Democratic candidates to get elected!


Hubert H. Humphrey Democratic Club



Incumbent ADEM

Board Member, Long Beach Pride


Treasurer, Hubert H. Humphrey Democratic Club

Organizational Development Chair, California Democratic Council

Green Building Award Recipient 2015

Democratic National Committee Delegate 2012


I humbly request your vote and I will continue being your inclusive/progressive representative in the California Democratic Party.

If you have any questions you can reach me by email:

Christopher Duvali

Sabrina Sanders – California Democratic Delegate Statement 2021
I am a lifelong Democrat committed to the ideals of serving my community. I am an educator committed to social justice and equity. As a grassroots activist, I believe in health care for all, environmental and economic justice and educational equity; no matter your background, socio-economic level, or neighborhood, you have the opportunity to a quality education and a seat at the opportunity table.
These values have led to my commitment to my community. As a community leader, I believe in service, advocacy and speaking up for my neighbor. I am engaged in a number of leadership roles and also play as a role in mentoring young people towards their academic and professional goals. I currently serve on the Long Beach Community Investment Company advocating for affordable housing and redevelopment services. I was appointed to serve as on the Port of Long Beach Grants Advisory Committee advising on grants given to the community and am on a number of statewide workgroups in higher education. I was honored to be awarded Woman of the Year by Speaker of the Assembly, Anthony Rendon and Long Beach Posts 40 under 40 Award. I served as a Delegate to the Democratic National Convention in 2016 to support President Barak Obama and will be honored to support you. I will be the voice of the diverse identities I represent along with my commitment to community as your Delegate to the California Democratic Party. Please elect Sabrina Sanders for your 70th District Delegate Democratic Assembly District.
Learn more about me: 

Sabrina K Sanders

As a Social Studies teacher for 25 years in public schools serving the communities of Rancho Palos Verdes, Lakewood and Long Beach, it would be a great honor to serve in this capacity. I am committed to issues of equity and social justice. Over the last four years it has become increasingly evident that we must participate more in our democracy if we are to preserve it. I promise to do the work of the party if elected. I am currently a representative in the California Teachers Association Council of Education where I sit on the State Legislative Committee.

Samantha Weiss

I’m a Long Beach resident and a school nurse for LAUSD. I organize with DSA Long Beach. I graduated nursing school in 2019 and I’m just beginning my professional life after spending the past two decades in school and working low wage jobs. I don’t have much political experience, however, I want to represent other young, working class people inside the Democratic Party.

I was inspired by Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaigns in 2016 and 2020. He made me aware of the growing wealth inequality in America and how it has been perpetuated by our current political system. In America, corporations and billionaires have used their money to influence our politicians for their own interests. They want environmental deregulations to make more money while polluting our air and water. They want financial deregulations to make a quick buck while homeowners go into foreclosures. They want to keep in place a for profit healthcare system while uninsured Americans become sick and bankrupt. These issues angered me and I was ready to take action.

I went out of my comfort zone and I knocked on doors for Bernie Sanders in Long Beach. I was able to talk to my community directly and listen to their concerns. There were plenty of Bernie supporters out there. Some of them just needed to be motivated or reminded to vote. There were also many people who were apathetic to the political process. Some people felt their vote didn’t matter. Others just didn’t care for politics. This was frustrating to hear because I know the issues I was fighting for would help my community.

Even though Bernie Sanders lost, I believe the Democratic Party can be the party of working people and not the party of corporate interests. This starts when the Democratic Party fights for issues directly affecting working people. I want the party to fight for a living wage and Medicare For All. These issues will bring more people into the party and bring real change to this country.

Vincent Vo

Hello everyone, my name is Charles Song and it is my privilege to announce my candidacy for the 70th Assembly District Delegate.

Today, I am asking for your support.

As a community leader, entrepreneur, and activist, I have been fortunate to achieve many outstanding accomplishments in numerous community-based organizations that I have had the honor of serving over the past 25 years.

I am a genocide survivor from Cambodia, a refugee to this country, and a proud Cambodian American.

I am a compassionate activist when it comes to the improvement of our environment, education, affordable housing, and access to health care- particularly for our vulnerable seniors. In doing so, I have decided to home in on my deep passion for serving the community that I love and run for the position of 70th Assembly District Delegate.

I strongly believe that I am the right candidate for this position as I want to continue to use my voice to empower our young generation to promote equity, transparency, equality, social justice, and provide resources to represent the minority communities that are often forgotten. If I am elected, you will have my full pledge of commitment to serve for the best interest of our communities.

I cannot do this alone – and I need your support. Please cast your vote for Charles Song. I would be thankful if you would also vote for the 13 other well qualified candidates on this slate.

I appreciate and thank you so much for your continued support and your trust in my leadership.

May the Lord bless you all. Thank you.

Charles Song

Greetings fellow Democrats. My name is Tim Patton and I am running to be one of your 70th AD delegates to the California State Democratic Party. My history includes being a long-time union member (IAM and CWA), serving for over 20 years on numerous local Democratic Club executive boards, openly gay senior, volunteered on and a fierce LGBTQ+ and feminism activist.

The next few years will see us not only try and repair what the painful Trump years have brought us, but also work to provide equity, protections, and opportunities for those who have never had them.

I am humbly asking for your vote so I can continue to represent you in moving California and our country towards that day where ‘Liberty and Justice for all’ is a fact and not a unrealized dream.

Thank you.

Tim Patton

My name is Mickey Chavez. I am a lifelong Democrat from a family that has been in San Pedro since the 1940’s. I am proud to say that I am the 4th generation of dues-paying Union men and that I am blessed to be a Foreman with The International Longshore and Warehouse Union working at the twin ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach.

Five years ago, I had a moment that changed my relationship with the Democratic Party. That moment was when I got to see Senator Bernie Sanders speak at the Avalon Theater in Hollywood. His bold agenda to help the forgotten working class and working poor inspired me. After that I realized that there was a place for me in the party and that I couldn’t just be a passive member any longer. That following spring I ran and was elected to be a delegate of the ILWU Southern California District Council. This year I was honored to be elected to Vice President of the Council.

The Council coordinates legislative and political issues for all of the ILWU Southern California locals which stretches from the Borax mines in Boron, all the way down to the Port of San Diego. We as a Council work with our elected officials to not only help the members of our union but advocate for our entire community. As a member I had the opportunity to be an exhibitor at the CADEM convention last year in Long Beach. This was an eye-opening event for me, and was the first time I got to see the delegates of the Central Committee in action. So, this leads me to this point right now. I’m asking for your vote to allow me to continue to be an advocate for the people in my union, the people in my community, and for all the workers in the State of California. Thank you.

Mickey Chavez

My name is Keir Jones, and I am running for election as an AD-70 delegate to the California Democratic Party on the AD-70 CommUNITY Slate.

I am a Democrat because I believe that our best days are still ahead of us when everyone is included in the process—that together we can build a more inclusive, more equitable California where all people receive equitable treatment. I support Housing and Economic Development for all. As your delegate, I will continue to focus on these priorities to move California forward.

I currently serve as Vice Mayor on the Signal Hill City Council, President of the Signal Hill Community Foundation, Director representing Signal Hill for the Los Angles County Sanitation Board, Joint Powers Insurance Association Board, and the League of CA Cities LGBTQ Caucus Board. I am also a member of the Democratic Women’s Study Club of Long Beach.

I would be honored to be elected as a AD-70 Delegate, along with my CommUnity Slate, so that we can influence key decisions to move push the Party in a more inclusive direction, increasing opportunities for all.

Learn more about the AD-70 CommUNITY slate and watch our videos at our website:

Keir Jones

The Democratic Party encompasses many of the values I not only believe in­ but have greatly benefited from; such as gender equality, world-class education regardless of zip code or economic status, and immigration reform. I believe the party and our communities will need to continue to focus on building a stronger and fairer economy, restoring trust in our criminal justice system, and building the pipeline for the next generation of Democratic leaders. I am committed to fighting for these values. For these reasons, I humbly ask for your vote in selecting me to serve as a delegate for the 70th Assembly District.

I am proud to call Long Beach and the 70th Assembly District home. I was born and raised in central Long Beach and currently work for Los Angeles County. I had the privilege to serve as past Vice President of the Long Beach Democratic Club, and I am an active participant of various other community organizations including Leadership Long Beach and Hispanas Organized for Political Equality (HOPE). I am also a product of our public education system, an alum of the UC System, and a graduate student from Cal State Long Beach #GoBeach! I hope to count on your support, as it would be the utmost honor to serve you and the community which I so deeply love.

Proud member of the UNITY SLATE:

Marina Escobedo

I bring a strong and well-rounded history of collaborative and working relationships throughout the Long Beach and Los Angeles area. As a Woman of Color and a university STEM educator for 15 years, I have been able to work with CSULB and CSUDH campus and community partners to advocate for and support historically underrepresented students in STEM using my unique background in chemistry, engineering, and educational technology. My service extends beyond the classroom. I serve as Faculty Advisor to Delta Lambda Phi, a fraternity for gay, bisexual, transgender and progressive men, the CSULB Pilipino American Coalition, and I am a member of the CSULB LGBTQIA+ Coalition. As a parent of school age children in the Long Beach Unified School District (LBUSD), I serve on the Sato Academy of Math and Sciences School Site Council and fully understand the challenges of educating our children during this global pandemic. As a Pilipinx activist I have worked with several grassroots organizations to advocate for laborers in the Pilipinx community especially Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) and nurses, and lobby for the Philippine Human Rights Act which would stop hundreds of millions of US tax dollars from funding state violence against the people of the Philippines. My family and I have been strongly rooted in this community for over 40 years. My father is a Vietnam Vet who worked at the Long Beach Naval Base and VA hospital and my mother worked for the local electronic manufacturing and food service industries. My spouse grew up in North Long Beach, I grew up in Carson, and we have been Long Beach residents for eight years. I am a proud member of the California Faculty Association, DSA Long Beach, and the Long Beach Alliance for Clean Energy, and I am ready to serve AD 70 as a delegate.

Elaine Villanueva Bernal, Ed.D.

My name is Stephanie Rosenblatt. I am a community college librarian and have lived in Long Beach for a little more than 12 years. Here’s a short video if you’d like to learn more about me:

I am running to be a delegate for the California Democratic Party’s State Central Committee for Assembly District 70 because I think it is important that regular, ordinary people get involved by volunteering to serve on these types of committees. Our voices get left out of the conversation if we’re not in the room.

Throughout my life I have always volunteered. I have served on all kinds of committees and task forces related to my work. About 5 years ago I recently realized that the people who run things — who impact our lives — really aren’t much different than you or me. So if I wasn’t happy with what was going on in the world, I needed to step up and do the work to try and change it. I started by becoming more active in my union and I began to see how the power of collective action can make a real difference.

In the last few years I have learned a lot about the places and organizations I care about. I joined my neighborhood association and write for their newsletter. I have served as the president and now treasurer of my union. I was a delegate to the Los Angeles County Federation of Labor.

As a lifelong registered Democrat, I would like the chance to help ensure that our party and its leaders reflect our diversity and that the concerns of working people remain central to our platform.

As a delegate for AD 70 I would do my best to learn what Democrats living in the District want and need and would make sure that perspective is given voice within our party.

I hope you will consider giving me one of your votes.

Stephanie Rosenblatt

Outside of my day job working for Councilwoman Cindy Allen as her Chief of Staff, I have a role to play through neighborhood and nonprofit advocacy, community service, and youth mentoring. I have previously served for Councilwoman Jeannine Pearce and Councilman Dee Andrews, and I am currently a Board Member of the Long Beach Young Democrats, a member of the Democratic Women’s Study Club and the Long Beach Democratic Club, and an active union member. I pledge to actively listen and do my best to give voice to our diverse community. Please vote Connor Lock and the commUNITY Slate to serve as your 70th Assembly District Delegates to the California Democratic Party.

I am committed to empowering the voices of historically disempowered, disenfranchised members of my community. I believe that the accident of birth should not determine the course of your life, or my life. My grandfather taught me about stewardship, my parents taught me about the value of activism at every level, and friends and community activists in Long Beach have taught me about equity, representation, inclusivity, and openness. As a committed progressive, I believe in health care for all, environmental justice with a just transition, and closing the gaps educational opportunity and achievement in our system. These are the reasons why this Fall I organized 13 phone banks for the Biden/Harris campaign, totaling thousands of calls to voters in battleground states across this country. No matter the neighborhood, family, or wealth class you are born into, you deserve the opportunities of a quality education and a chance at a fair playing field in life.

As we cannot share speeches with you this year, I’ve recorded a brief speech and posted it to YouTube at this link: and be sure to check out the Assembly District 70 commUNITY Slate at

Connor Lock

I am a woman, I am queer, I am disabled, & I want to be a part of being your voice in making change happen by holding a seat at the table.

As a California native & member of the LGBTQ+ community, I’m excited to be a part of a diverse slate that truly represents Assembly District 70. I am a 20-year Cybersecurity & Privacy Professional, STEM mentor, ADA advocate, environmentalist, & social justice activist. My career started at the age of 18 when I was working at a software company and I have since held positions in healthcare, financial, insurance, connectivity & entertainment industries. Although my political experience has been more personal, grassroots & activist based, I feel that my passion to serve comes more from my love for the people, to be able to lift each other up, while forcing the change needed in the establishment. I am still that person standing next to you in a protest & that will never waiver, but I now want our protest efforts to have an even greater impact.

My family has lived in Southern California for over 80 years & although I considered Long Beach my home for the last 7 years, it wasn’t until I sold my place in OC that I geographically made it my home. My father is a retired physician & my mother is a retired nurse who met while working at Mission Viejo Hospital. My mother’s family relocated from Ohio to Laguna Beach after WWII, where my great uncle put being a lawyer to the side to open a toy shop on PCH, my grandfather was a mailman & volunteer firefighter, & my grandmother was a bronze sculptor in the Festival of Arts for over 20 years. My great uncle quit law because the war made him realize that he was sick of the dishonesty that could come with that profession & my parents got into medicine because they wanted to help people. Similarly, I went into my profession with the mindset that I wanted to help people, that in the digital age the need for protections & privacy was becoming increasingly important, and I wanted to be a part of combating cybercrime. My wife grew up in Costa Mesa, I grew up in San Juan Capistrano, and we have had a place in Long Beach for just under 5 years. I am a proud member of the Democratic Socialists of America, lifetime member of Pi Sigma Epsilon, sit on the board of the Content Delivery & Security Association and maintain memberships with the IAPP, (ISC)2 & ISACA professional associations.

Nicole Rosen

I am asking for your vote to be an ADEM delegate representing AD70. I have been a San Pedro resident for the past 3 years and lived in Long Beach prior to living in San Pedro. As an architect working in Los Angeles, I believe it is so important we design our cities in sustainable manner and commit to reducing emissions throughout the world to combat the existential threat of climate change. In 2020, I was a Bernie Sander’s Delegate representing California’s 44th Congressional District to the Democratic National Convention. I have volunteered up and down the ballot to help progressives get elected to office. We need a Democratic Party that fights for racial, social, economic, and environmental justice for all.

I know what it means to struggle and be let down by politicians. I am the daughter of a formerly incarcerated man who struggled with addiction and ultimately died because he could not afford healthcare. I believe healthcare is a human right and the California Democratic Party needs to fight to make it a central platform policy.

I put myself through college, attending the University of Florida for my undergraduate degree and then Yale University for my Master’s Degree, accumulating student debt along the way. I do not believe education should only be for those who can afford it. Everyone deserves equal rights and opportunities regardless of your income or the color of your skin. Today, so many families struggle to make ends meet as the income wealth gap grows exponentially to favor those at the top. I am a strong advocate for unions and worker’s rights.

I come from a family of Holocaust survivors and victims and understand the importance of fighting for refugees and immigrants fleeing from Authoritarian countries. I believe in a welcoming, safe America that treats immigrants with the respect all humans deserve. We need to develop a humane policy for those seeking asylum.

I would be honored to serve CA Assembly District 70 as your delegate.

Danielle J Duryea

I am an active member of my community and hope to earn your vote for CDP Delegate of AD 70. As your representative at the CA Dem Party, I will fight to represent the intersectionality of disability in all areas of our communities and help create equitable policy and, more importantly, break down barriers that continue to exist for people with disabilities in our communities and our Democratic Party. As a woman of color with a disability, I know first hand what these struggles are. As a disability advocate, it has always been my mission to elevate the needs of people with varying levels of disability in conversations surrounding issues related to public safety, homelessness, LGBTQ, older adults, youth, education, employment, and many more. This is why I am honored and grateful to be running for a seat in the delegation of the California Democratic Party. I hope to earn your vote for the AD 70 CommUnity Slate and me. As a delegate, I can bring the voices of people with disabilities and the disadvantaged to the table and further seek disability allies in all areas of our party and government.

You can view my video at Thank you.

Jennifer Kumiyama

I am proud to be running for re-election for Delegate in Assembly District 70. I will continue my efforts in bringing awareness to Medicare4All and Climate Change. I walked the picket lines and rallied with CNA nurses, UTLA teachers, and The ILWU in support of labor. I am a 3rd generation member of The International Longshore and Warehouse Union. I seek improvements in senior living. There shouldn’t be any elderly living homeless on the streets. I support creating community programs proven to lower crime rates in large cities. I am Chair of activist group Our Revolution Long Beach. I organized a successful event called “Medicare4All, Climate Crisis Awareness Concert” featuring recording artists and guest speakers for the purpose of bringing light to a few of the biggest problems effecting American citizens. I have future plans for events supporting political agendas using music and art. An attractive way of getting more young people involved. We must strive together to make a better, stronger party. If the Democratic Party want to be leaders in protecting our environment like it claims to be it must create definitive plans for transition to ending fracking. I was raised in Long Beach. I am very excited and looking forward to representing the people in our district again.

Jerry Garcia

Read or watch my video at:

I am a physician assistant and retired USC professor. I have been involved in politics in the Long Beach area for many years.

I am the chairperson of the steering committee of the Long Beach Area Peace Network. In 2014, I ran against the incumbent Republican for Long Beach City College Board of Trustees. I was able to earn 45% of the vote in that election. I am a member of DSA, and I have been active in the Long Beach Democratic Club and Our Revolution.


I have a been a long-time peace activist, I applaud Bernie Sanders for voting against the Defense Authorization Act. He stated that the military budget of over 740 billion dollars exceeds the spending of the next 11 Nations. This money should go directly to benefit the people of this country.

Black Lives Matter

I unconditionally support Black Lives Matter. I am in favor of shifting money from police budgets to human services. I support the work of the progressive Democrats like Maxine Waters, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Rashida Tlaib, Ayanna Pressley, and Ilhan Omar.


I abhor the attack against the undocumented people and the treatment of children and families who seek refuge in our country. Immigrants like my family are what has made America a prosperous country.

Global Warming

I am part of the coalition to stop the extraction of 200 million barrels of oil from beneath the Los Cerritos Wetlands. The project puts public safety, the environment, and Native American cultural sites at risk. 120 new wells will be drilled. Oil production increases climate change and may destroy our planet.


I also have worked for unions and union organizing. I have supported the organizing drives of Unite Here and the CA Nurses Association. Organized labor guarantees workers a better life no matter what their color.

Health care

As a heath care professional, I have seen firsthand how the health care system is broken. It is unequal, wasteful, and at the mercy of insurance and pharmaceutical companies. I support Medicare for all.

The battle right now is for the heart of the Democratic party. Continuing the path of neoliberalism has left the country vulnerable to demagogues like Donald Trump. The richest country in the world must use its resources to benefit the people of this country not just the rich and superrich.

Marshall Blesofsky

As a proud second generation ILWU dockworker of nearly 20 years, I unconditionally support workers rights, organized labor, and collective bargaining. I stand In favor of Medicare for All and a green jobs initiative that includes research for alternative fuels, environmental protections, and a sustainable economy for our safety, health, and future. I am a fervent supporter of minimum wage increases at the local, state and federal level.

Born in San Pedro and raised in Wilmington, while growing up, the block I lived on included two oil wells. After this experience and as a mother, I believe we can do better for our future generations. I will not support “hydraulic fracturing” (fracking). I believe our communities deserve a safer, healthier environment.

I am a proud lifetime Harbor Area resident, now living the past four years in the California Heights neighborhood of Long Beach.

I represent the working class and I am will to do the work as a delegate for AD 70.

Antonia (Toni) Rios

It will be a privilege if selected to represent California Assembly District 70 as a CADEM delegate. As a resident of the Long Beach area for 26 years, and a homeowner for 13 years, I believe our party needs to preserve the moderate center. My positions have developed harking back to my days of voting for Senator Alan Cranston, and experiences as an active party member with three children who have benefited from attending LBUSD public schools. I feel the party’s strength comes from representing positions that resonate with the moderate tendencies of the vast majority of the American electorate.

Positions I feel are important to represent as a party and a delegate:

• Respect for each person to choose to live freely, safely, and prosperously in accordance with public health guidelines (such as smoking and mask wearing during a pandemic)

• Employment opportunities for all supported by a Keynesian approach to managing the economy

• Healthcare as a national right for every citizen

• Unrestricted reproductive freedoms as a right and choice for every American

• Bi-partisan support for Israel

• Liberty as a guiding spirit

• Broadband access to all parts of rural America

• Fan of the quote from Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes who said: “I like paying taxes. With them I buy civilization.” In fact, I think we need a VAT, which would be a form of a national sales tax

• Support for new ways to address prison recidivism. IMHO, our penal system is too focused on punishment; rather than rehabilitation

• Border security with generous processes for aspirational immigrants globally to apply to emigrate to America

As a guiding principle, I feel our state and the world are made better by leaders and organizers who believe and act with a spirit of hope and optimism. I encourage stakeholders I interact with to complain less and ideate more.

In appreciation for being considered for your vote.

-David Alpern

David Alpern

Greetings! I am the Rev. William Moses Summerville.

I am a Pastor, Hospital Chaplain, Hospice Chaplain, former Lyft Driver, Air Force Veteran, Doctoral Candidate, Husband, and Father.

I have served in the role of delegate in 2016, 2017, and 2020 both on the national and state level. My continual focus here is to serve, listen, and advocate for the needs of our constituents within the confines of the Democratic Party. The issues I find of importance consist of racial justice/equity, human rights and dignity, environmental justice, fair democracy, and responsible living to name a few.

My purpose as your Assembly District Delegate is to call into account the best practices and ideas within the operation and functioning of the California Democratic Party.

My work in public service displays a persistent thrust for ensuring that persons can be included and affirmed in day-to-day life. This kind of advocacy has been at the forefront of what keeps me motivated to attain a future yet to be realized. These are my ideals of which I will seek to uphold as your 70th Assembly District Delegate.

I hope to receive your vote and thank you for taking the time to read this submission. My name is William Moses Summerville.

William Moses Summerville

My name is Joshua De Leon, and I am running to be a delegate because we need candidates who reflect and represent our community, who will be advocates for progressive policies that meet the urgency of this moment.

I was born and raised in Long Beach and am the son of Filipino immigrants. I’ve had the opportunity to work and study across the country—from receiving my undergrad and grad degrees at Stanford University, to working in government reform in Washington, DC—but in many ways, all I needed to learn about our nation, I learned here in AD70 and the 562.

I felt what it was like to be empowered as a person of color in a diverse community. But I also saw how often those in positions of power celebrated our diversity—while letting our disproportionately Black and Brown neighbors get displaced and priced out. I gained an incredible education—and remember what it was like in a public school during the recession as funding was slashed. Now during COVID-19, I see so many of my loved ones put their bodies on the line as essential workers—and also how many of our frontline heroes aren’t paid a living wage.

By voting in this election, you are going above and beyond to ensure your voice is heard. The CA Democratic Party is the most powerful party in the the 6th-largest economy in the world. Races like these matter to get us a seat at the table.

As a delegate, I will be a passionate advocate for a progressive Democratic platform. We need an ambitious agenda that centers racial and environmental justice, that pushes us forward rather than revert to a pre-pandemic system. I support the Green New Deal, gender equity, a living wage for all, expanded public banking, union-empowered workers, and universal access to pre-K and college. I believe in healthcare as a human right, ending homelessness, structural change in policing and the criminal justice system, and reinvestment in marginalized communities.

In my career, I have worked in and alongside nonprofit, government, private, and academic organizations to drive change, solve problems, and bring people together. As a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion facilitator, I’ve led organizational transformation efforts and built more just systems. As an activist and community organizer, I have led initiatives from legislative advocacy to peaceful direct action. I am ready to fight for us, and humbly ask for your vote.

Joshua De Leon

If you are looking for an open minded progressive liberal individual to represent you, I am your candidate.

In my day job I work remotely as a creative at a local non-profit. I spend some my off hours volunteering on the board of DFI-LA, a local democratic club.

During the last election season I campaigned door to door and phone banked for Pete Buttigieg, then supported the Joe Biden campaign after Pete Buttigieg dropped out. I also drove to Arizona to be a volunteer Election Observer in November. This high level of commitment is what you can expect from me. If elected, I will be a dedicated representative.

Thank you for your consideration.


Nitzan Harel

My name is Lukas Walczak and I am a proud resident of Long Beach’s Second District and I am running to be one of your Delegates for Assembly District 70. I am honored to be a member of the Blue Revolution Slate and to be running alongside this amazing group of community leaders and activists.

I am currently serving as the Vice President of Political Affairs for the Long Beach Young Democrats and I have dedicated my life to fighting for progressive values and working to promote candidates and causes that prioritize people over profit, and compassion over power.

I am an ally and an activist first. I have marched and bled for racial and social justice, and I have dedicated my career to promoting equity and opportunity for all people. I oversaw fundraising operations Amnesty International in LA and Orange County, helping to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for refugee and migrant relief programs. I have campaigned for progressive candidates for local and state-wide races, and am proud to be an associate member of the Los Angeles County Democratic Party.

If elected I promise to promote transparency and accountability within our party, and champion a platform of racial and environmental justice, of closing the gap of income inequality, and addressing homelessness and affordable housing with compassion and urgency.

Most of all, I promise to be open and available. The Democratic Party is the party of the people, and as your Delegate I promise to listen more than I speak, to consider all voices before taking action, and to always encourage input and participation from our community.

We are stronger when we act together, which is why I am asking for your support to be a Delegate for Assembly District 70.

Thank you.

Video Statement:

Lukas Walczak

I am a non-traditional college student majoring in Pre-law. As a first-generation Chicana, I became inspired to be a voice for my community after seeing the lack of representation throughout the political spectrum. I previously served on the Los Angeles Community College Board of Trustees and the Student Senate for California Community Colleges representing students throughout Los Angeles County. In my tenure, I addressed student equity, ensured minority programs continued, and advocated for AB 214, College Student Hunger Relief Act. I was recently awarded the Rising Star Award by The Campaign for College Opportunity for my accomplishments.

I currently serve as Director, Rise California, a non-profit that focuses on eliminating college tuition by providing students a platform to organize. As Director, I registered and pledged college students to vote in Long Beach, the OC, and Michigan. We made students the most powerful voting force in this presidential election. Organizing students also meant to help get Progressive Democrats to get elected, especially women of color, such as Vicky Santana for 32nd Senate District, Priya Bhat-Patel for Carlsbad City Council, and Lizette Escobedo for Whittier City Council. All while doing this I am an essential worker as a bank specialist at a local bank.

In addition, I serve as Third Vice-President for the Progressive Democratic Club and a member of the Los Angeles County Young Democrats. As a delegate I want to continue to build communities, lifting voices, and provide an understatement for communities that have been historically underserved.

The values we pride ourselves on challenging our future. It’s time we ensure the party moves forward towards a prosperous shared path of fostering a diverse, inclusive, and safe environment for all. The Blue Revolution continues. I humbly ask for your vote and the candidates running in my slate, ( Blue Revolution).

Alexa D Victoriano

I am Louis Dominguez, and I am a candidate for the California Democratic State Committee for the 70th Assembly District.

As a child, I lived on Pine Avenue and attended high school at Saint Anthony’s in Long Beach, though now I am a resident of San Pedro and have been since 1972.

My involvement in Democratic politics is extensive. My first political campaign was working in the Long Beach headquarters for the John F. Kennedy presidential campaign. I was involved in every presidential and local campaign after that except for 1968 when I was serving as an infantryman in Vietnam where I received the Purple Heart and Bronze Star.

I was pleased to serve as a delegate to the 1984, 1988, and 1992 National Conventions. I am proud to have served for over 30 years on the California State Committee and 10 years on the Executive Committee. During the period when Nancy Pelosi was the State Chair, I was the Chair of the Affirmative Action Committee and the Disability Caucus. In these capacities, I helped design the affirmative action plan that insured that our delegation was truly representative of the population of our state. At the 1988 convention, it was my responsibility to ensure that delegates with mobility impairments were able to obtain transportation to and from the convention center and that those who needed it were able to bring their attendants onto the floor with them.

In my professional career, I served as an aide to Assemblyman Vincent Thomas and State Senator James Wedworth. I served as the Deputy Director or the Mayor’s Office on the Disabled under Mayor Tom Bradley. Later I was the CEO of the Harbor Free Clinic in San Pedro. I taught computer applications to seniors in the Harbor Community Adult School as a proud member of UTLA.

My reason for running for this office is that we need to redirect our efforts at the local level, get back to working within our communities, and ensure that our message gets to the electorate. We need to clearly show the difference in our core beliefs compared to that of the Republicans.

I am proud to have been included in a slate with many excellent candidates who represent the diversity and depth of our district and will bring many different views to our committee to improve our effectiveness. I ask for your vote and your consideration for the others on our slate.

Louis Dominguez

My name is Patrick Swymer, and I am running to be a delegate for Assembly District 70 because I believe the Democratic Party can be a vehicle for change, but we must have voting members of the party who are willing to change it from within.

I got involved in politics as a homeless teenager in San Francisco. When I had nowhere to turn, I met a group of phenomenal organizers who provided me with the resources I needed to survive. And as I continued to work with them, I learned the real cost of policy and became committed to changing it. So many of the problems we encountered could have been solved by fairly simple reforms but even in a city of singular democratic control, we had to fight. And for the next several years I fought for tenants’ rights and living wages for public jobs program workers.

I moved to Long Beach and learned that across California we’re facing the same fights: sparing with landlords, pleading for resources for our unhoused neighbors, and trying to ensure generational residents aren’t priced out of their homes. So, I joined democratic clubs and worked with them to push the party into embodying the principles we espouse in our messaging. To not just pay lip service to justice, equity, and humanity, but to fight for them in our legislative chambers.

I currently serve as the President of the Long Beach Young Democrats, and the Pacific Region Director of the Young Democrats of America’s Environmental Caucus. And as one of your delegates for AD 70, I will fight for this district. Because even during this year we have seen some of our democratic representatives refuse to back legislation that would have had a real impact on our struggling neighbors, and that is frankly unacceptable.

I promise that I will always vote for candidates who fight for all of us and not just their preferred interest groups; I will reject any policy platform that doesn’t include provisions for social, racial, & economic justice, tenants’ rights, healthcare equity, environmental stewardship, and worker & immigrant protections; and I will fight to make the party more accessible for everyone without having to spend years learning the system.

This is our party, this is your party, and I would be honored to represent you as your delegate. I humbly ask for one of your seven votes for OSIF Delegate. Thank you!

Video Statement:

Patrick Swymer

I am running for ADEM because, as a healthcare worker, I care about equity of access to care, livable wages for all, affordable housing, and racial justice. I am a proud union member with SEIU-UHW where I serve on the Executive Board. I have lived in this district for two years and am an active member of our community. I have worked with SEIU-UHW in lobby visits to get PPE for our Healthcare Heroes and Essential workers during this pandemic. Our efforts led to the successful passage of SB275 by Governor Newsome. I am currently working on a union-led campaign to elect Democrats to the U.S. Senate in Georgia. I believe our communities need more support to deal with the homelessness and mental health crises we face in this state and I work passionately on these issues as well. Please vote to elect Datosha Williams on or before January 23!

Datosha Williams