Assembly District 73

The top 7  Assembly District Delegate (ADD) candidates are the winners highlighted in bold.
Executive Board winners are the highest vote-getting ADD that requested to run for  Executive Board.
In the case that there is a tie, both candidates will have an * at the end of their name. Those candidates will be contacted for a drawing to decide the winner.

Executive Board

Richard Hurt


Self Identified Female


Name SUM of Vote
Stephanie Oddo 631
Vivian Frerichs 576
Jeri Fromme 561
Deborah Lima 553
Cynthia Ashley 506
Aimee Renee Monahan 481
Cathy Udovch 476
Sudi Farokhnia 319
Jenna Beck 206
Linda May 193
Octavia Tuohey 135
Denise Bradford 109
Lidia Corey 108
Karen M Ridley 98
Citlali Mosqueda 92
Jenna Kohnke 90
Margaret Dubel 77
Darlyn Elaine Regan 61
Lenore Albert 55



Other Than Self Identified Female

Name SUM of Vote
Richard Hurt 619
Perry Meade 617
Alan Fenning 602
Chris Duncan 506
Christopher Aitken 501
Dan Horgan 499
Gary D Newkirk 469
Parshan Khosravi 265
Jose Preciado 180
Thomas Fleming 145
James D Bacon 142
Ron Brooks 118
Michael Getto 101
Neilan Chaturvedi 96
Cody Eckert 88
Eric V Traut 60
Syed Waqas Ahmed 44
Joseph Kerr 39