Assembly District 73




SelfIdentifiedFemale (SIF) OtherthanSIF (OSIF)

73 Perry Meade * OSIF
73 Alan Fenning * OSIF
73 Gary D Newkirk No OSIF
73 Stephanie Oddo No SIF
73 Chris Duncan No OSIF
73 Jenna Beck * SIF
73 Neilan Chaturvedi * OSIF
73 Linda May No SIF
73 Sudi Farokhnia * SIF
73 Deborah Lima No SIF
73 Richard Hurt * OSIF
73 Christopher Aitken * OSIF
73 Jenna Kohnke * SIF
73 Jeri Fromme No SIF
73 Eric V Traut * OSIF
73 Darlyn Elaine Regan * SIF
73 Michael Getto No OSIF
73 Margaret Dubel No SIF
73 Jose Preciado No OSIF
73 Cody Eckert No OSIF
73 Lenore Albert * SIF
73 Lidia Corey No SIF
73 Aimee Renee Monahan No SIF
73 Cynthia Ashley No SIF
73 Thomas Fleming No OSIF
73 Dan Horgan No OSIF
73 Syed Waqas Ahmed * OSIF
73 Octavia Tuohey * SIF
73 Joseph Kerr No OSIF
73 Karen M Ridley No SIF
73 Vivian Frerichs No SIF
73 Ron Brooks No OSIF
73 Parshan Khosravi * OSIF
73 James D Bacon * OSIF
73 Citlali Mosqueda No SIF
73 Cathy Udovch No SIF
73 Denise Bradford No SIF

Candidate Statements

My name is Perry Meade, I’m a 21-year-old student and current Delegate from AD 73, and I am asking for you to support my re-election as one of the Assembly District Delegates. The reasons I’m running to serve a second term as Delegate are the same reasons why Democratic voters entrusted me with this responsibility in 2019 — to empower the voices of young people and champion Democratic ideals.

In 2019 and 2020, I worked as the West Coast Organizing Director of the gun violence prevention organization March For Our Lives. In this role, I was principally responsible for overseeing the development and implementation of campaign/initiative strategies in California, Oregon, Washington, Hawaii, Montana, Idaho, and Alaska. In California, I worked with legislators and the Governor’s office to help enact three laws that strengthened gun safety regulations and empowered young people to vote, including partnering with Orange County’s very own Democratic Assemblywoman, Cottie Petrie-Norris, to enact the Student Civic and Voter Empowerment Act (AB-963) in time for the 2020 election.

During the 2020 elections, I helped launch the March For Our Lives “Our Power” field program that contributed to the highest youth voter turnout in modern history, advised the Biden campaign on the rollout of their nationwide college outreach plan for the general election, and helped get out the vote for our Democratic Congressional Representatives and down-ballot candidates here in Orange County.

I am honored to have the endorsements of Congresswoman Katie Porter (CA-45), Congressman Mike Levin (CA-49), and Congressman Harley Rouda (CA-48) — South Orange County’s Democratic Congressional Representatives that we all worked tirelessly to elect.

If given the honor of being elected to serve a second term as Delegate, I will continue to work within the Democratic Party to empower the voices of young people and advocate for progressive policies at the local, state, and federal levels.

Thank you for your consideration!

Perry Meade

I am seeking re-election as an AD 73 delegate and Executive Board Representative. As your current E-Board Representative, I organized all AD 73 elected delegates to prepare for each convention by holding meetings to discuss procedures and agenda items. For example, I arranged meet-and-greet sessions with the two leading candidates for the California Democratic Party (CDP) chair position prior to the May, 2019 convention. During my term, I have attended every convention and E-board meeting, including various caucus and committee meetings.

My priorities if re-elected

1. Work to bring more CDP resources to South Orange County to support voter education/registration efforts of the Democratic Party of Orange County (DPOC) and our great local democratic clubs. In AD 73, registered Republicans outnumber Democrats by about 32,000 voters (40% to 30%). We must reduce this shortfall to have a chance of flipping AD 73 and SD 36 in 2022 and to increase the likelihood of retaining Congressmembers Mike Levin and Katie Porter and re-flipping the 48th.

2. Build on my background as a clean energy pioneer to advocate for sustainable energy policies and to deal with environmental justice issues such as remedying the effects of industrial facilities near residential areas.

3. Support the CDP’s efforts to address racial and social injustice within the party itself and in our communities.

Party Involvement

CDP: AD 73 elected delegate and Executive Board member


Congressmember Mike Levin’s Alternate Member


Bylaws Committee member


Member and Parliamentarian, Democratic Women of South Orange County

Member, Canyon Democrats and Aliso Niguel Democratic Club

Community Activities

Member, San Juan Capistrano Bond Oversight Committee

Advisory Board Vice Chair, Mgrublian Center for Human Rights, Claremont McKenna College

My wife and I have lived in San Juan Capistrano since 1986; we have four adult children and five grandchildren. I graduated from Claremont McKenna College (BA in Philosophy) and received my JD from Berkeley Law.

Thank you for your consideration and for participating in the ADEM process.


Hon. Mike Levin

Hon. Katie Porter

Hon. Harley Rouda

Ada Briceno, DPOC Chair and DNC member

Annie Wright, DPOC South Vice Chair

Libby Frolichman, DPOC West Vice Chair

Melahat Rafiei, DNC member

Scott Rhinehart

Alan Fenning

As an Orange County native and 23 year resident of Dana Point I have witnessed the transformation of our county and the November election was a continuation of the positive evolution.

I believe the best way to institute change begins at the local level. I was honored to be a candidate for Dana Point City Council District 4 with the endorsement of Congressman Mike Levin, the Democratic Party of Orange County and the Democratic Women of South Orange County. While I was not victorious, our campaign increased awareness of key issues among residents and motivated them to stay engaged in order to hold the current council majority accountable for their actions.

Prior to running for City Council I served for 5 ½ years on the Dana Point Planning Commission, including terms as Chairman and Vice-Chairman. Dana Point is a unique coastal community with multiple stakeholders in land-use decisions regarding the county harbor and beaches, a state park, and California Coastal Commission oversight of coastal zones. Making land-use decisions that serve the best interests of the residents and environmental quality continues to be a priority for me.

There are many issues that challenge our 73rd assembly district, including San Onofre’s spent nuclear fuel, the proposed Toll Road extension, short term rentals, and sober living homes. While these issues are local they require action at the state and national levels.

My career as a photojournalist has given me the opportunity to travel to all corners of our country and visit numerous foreign countries. These experiences have afforded me a perspective and appreciation for how fortunate we are to live in the great state of California and the 73rd assembly district. As an ADEM delegate I would use my local experiences and broader perspectives to promote an agenda and candidates that best serve our district, county and state. It would be an honor to serve as a 73rd Assembly District Delegate.

Gary Newkirk

As your ADEM Delegate for District 73 I promise to listen to your voice when it comes to your suggestions. I have a BA from Penn State University in International Politics and a MA from San Diego State in Latin American Studies. I started my career during the Clinton administration in Washington, DC in public relations/web communications with clients like the EPA (Energy Star), Dept. of Justice (Immigrant Employment Discrimination) and City of Washington, D.C. (CHIP healthcare program). I was eventually elected and re-elected to my town council and appointed to a County Planning Commission and Co-chaired a 2 county effort to fight a constitutional amendment on planning issues in the state of Florida. I have lived here in California for over 13 years (almost 3 years in San Diego and 10 in Laguna Niguel). In the recent municipal election, I was the highest-ever Democrat vote getter in Laguna Niguel history and hopefully have paved a path for future Democrats here in the city. I currently run a not-for-profit and am a member of the Aliso Niguel Dem Club, South Orange County Dem Club and Democratic Women of South Orange County Club.

I love to hear the diverse views our party produces and to put those views into action. I am the founding member of my children’s high school’s diversity and inclusion committee. In that role I have been a champion for woman, people of color and the LGBTQ+ community. We must protect our democracy going forward as it is a cornerstone to allow all diverse views and opinions into the process. Having been an elected official and run for office, I am also concerned with corporate/special interest money in campaigns. We need to continue to work on the issues of Climate Change, Education, Criminal Justice Reforms, Healthcare, Affordable Housing and Protecting our Democracy.

I am looking forward to working with our future candidates. Having been a candidate myself I understand our local challenges well, and am passionate about working to get more Democrats elected here in South County. I hope to have open dialogue with candidates, local party leaders and constituents so that together, we can make a difference and be successful here in South County.

Stephanie Oddo

I currently serve as a City Councilmember for the City of San Clemente. I understand I am the first Democrat in the city’s 92-year history ever elected to this post.

When not conducting city business on behalf of San Clemente’s more than 65,000 residents, I practice customs law at Stein Shostak Shostak Pollack & O’Hara, an international trade law firm located in Los Angeles. Previously, I served for 16 years as a supervisory and senior attorney at U.S. Customs and Border Protection, an agency in the Department of Homeland Security. I resigned in protest over the Trump Administration’s harsh and immoral immigration policies, most notably child separation.

If elected to be a CDP delegate this term, I will bring strategic insight into how our party can get more Democrats elected in South Orange County. Please reach out with any questions, I hope to earn your vote!

Chris Duncan

I’m Jenna Beck. I grew up in AD-73 since 1980 and have volunteered for several decades in many organizations.

After Trump was elected, I spent four years helping flip OC seats blue. As the chapter leader of Our Revolution Southern California / PDA South OC, I have elevated activists and candidates as well as trained volunteers. As a Bernie Victory Captain, I was on the leader board for producing successful volunteer events. I have written two resolutions for the Democratic Party of Orange County and currently serve as an alternate.

I’m a single mom, now a young grandmother, with 22 years of IT industry experience, 11 years of proposal writing, and two 2-year terms as the social media chair for the Association of Proposal Management Professionals CA chapter. An IEP advocate for my son and the committee chair of his cub scout pack.

I believe in a true progressive platform that includes Single Payer Healthcare, Criminal Justice Reform, a Green New Deal, and fully funded public education. I believe in responsible and safe working environments. I believe in rehabilitating our homeless communities and ending food and housing insecurities. I believe in reforming the Democratic party and removing money from politics.

These are not just words. These have been my actions. I’m heading to Georgia to flip the Senate. Follow my journey

Please vote for me, Jenna Beck, as a true home-grown grassroots activist. 

Jenna Beck

Hello, my name is Neilan Chaturvedi, and I am honored to have your consideration to become your delegate for the 73rd Assembly District. I am a political science professor at Cal Poly Pomona. I have lived in Orange County for almost my entire life. My research and teaching focus on representation and equity in participation. I am also a research fellow for the Brennan Center for Justice, where I focus on the detrimental effects of money in politics. One of our focuses is advocating for the passage of HR 1, a bill that would drastically change the nature of campaign finance and help remove the impact of corporations and special interests in the federal election process.

As a long-time resident of the 73rd district, I’ve witnessed first-hand the impact of being represented by corrupt politicians and others who drastically deviate from our best interests. If elected, one of my priorities will be to focus our attention on endorsing and helping elect candidates that not only share our values but have a realistic shot at winning in districts like ours. We have succeeded in electing influential representatives at the federal level in Mike Levin and Katie Porter, and I firmly believe we can replicate that success at the state level.

I also believe very strongly in the value of effective representation. I will work hard to get local issues represented on the statewide party platform and represent our interests on future ballot propositions. Finally, I value the benefits of listening. If you have any questions or concerns or would like to have a greater impact, please contact me at

Neil Chaturvedi

Hi, Democrats. I am humbly asking for your vote for the 73rdAD CaDem Delegate race.

My Delegate platform is plain and clear… I pledge to look out for the interests of grassroots Democrats and all those who care about saving democracy. When making decisions at CaDem meetings, I pledge to ask what is the best thing for Democrats and prospective Democrats in AD 73?

I have been politically active for 20 years in OC. The Howard Dean, Obama, and Clinton campaigns; the fight against Prop 8; being a founding member of Orange County Equality Coalition; founding director and Co-chair of Lavender Democrats; and helping Scott Rhinehart and team earn over 114,000 votes in the 73rd AD race are all highlights. The brightest highlight was starting DPOC’s Grassroots Organizing program (GRO) and giving voter activation tools to hundreds of neighborhood organizers, clubs, and campaign volunteers. Countywide grassroots activism was critically important to Democrats sweep of the OC Congressional races.

I want to continue to fight for voices of all of us who believe in democracy and I believe there is a bright future for the Democratic Party in AD73. South OC is still being written off by the State and County Democratic Parties as “too red” to spend any time and resources on. Too many people in the 73rd still think there is no hope for Democrats here. As a result, people aren’t as active in local campaigns as we need for consistent wins. But remember, just two years ago they were saying the same thing about Central Orange County and look at CD45 now! Four years ago, the national and state party did their best to ignore “Republican OC”, but OC volunteers came together, pushed on and on election night 2016, OC made national news by voting for Hillary Clinton.

Too many people in South Orange County still think they are the only Democrat in their neighborhood. Too many are afraid to put up yard signs or speak out in behalf of their chosen candidate. I want to be a Delegate that shows them they are not alone, who builds a network of Democrats throughout AD73. If you believe Democrats can do better in South OC, I need you to say yes to voting for me as a Delegate and yes to building a Democratic network.

Stay safe and be well.

Linda May

I am Sudi Farokhnia, a Risk and Audit professional from Iranian Dissent; 2019 Appointed Delegate to CADEM, 2020 Elected DNC Delegate CD45 by Bernie Sanders, Incoming Secretary of Feel the Bern Democratic Party, and a devoted community organizer.

Doing the right thing is my guiding light in my personal and professional life. I am an attentive listener and passionate about social justice & gender equality. I support many local non-profits organizations. I also co-founded ICWIN, a gender equality advocacy organization with UN Consultative status.

My interest in politics started with 2000 election. I felt that our system of checks and balances failed us, as a result many in the Middle East and in US endured pain and suffering, from the unnecessary Iraq war to the economic meltdown. Again, I was reminded of the flaws in our system of governing when Citizen United passed, followed by one man who had so much unnecessary power that stopped the appointment of SCOTUS in 2016. The 2016 election and what followed made it clear that we need to fix the loopholes and prevent such an experience to occur again. Now we have a chance to revitalize democracy and make bold progressive changes both in California and nationwide, so I am running again for ADEM to represent AD 73 and be an agent of change.

My First Priority is to Promote Diversity and Inclusion by amplifying the voice of the under-represented communities.

Second Priority is to advocate for Progressive values and initiatives outlined in

such as Medicare for all, Green New Deal, ratifying CEDAW in California and nationwide, and creating Social Equity by investing in community programs, education, mental health services, & cancel student debts.

Third, not last, I continue to Stand Up to Hate & Violence (end endless wars that displaces people, esp. women and children). Cutting military spending, demilitarizing the police, and closing private prisons are a must. The scenes we saw in 2020 triggered PTSD from the brutality I witnessed on the streets of Iran.

We must REMOVE ALL BARRIERS OF VOTING, hold our elected officials Accountable and Accessible to their constituents. I am asking for your vote to amplify the voices of our district. I am also asking you to vote for my “Party of the People” peers running to unify, represent, and empower the incredibly diverse communities of the OC.

Sudi Farokhnia

I have been civic-minded for most of my adult life, but the 2016 election compelled me to more direct action. I was a successful businessperson offering services and technology for 40 years. I retired in 2014, and am ready to apply that same energy and commitment into making the California Democratic Party more effective. I am encouraged by the influence of the California state party, and believe we can be an even bigger force for good in the world.

I’d like to see the Party have a big inclusive tent and welcome young people and diverse views. I am concerned that many young people are choosing not to join the party. I engage with them often to listen and see if we can find common ground. This diversity of thought will challenge our thinking and help to find solutions for many of our problems.

I have fought hard to win elections since 2016 and served as an ADEM for the last 2 years. I love the process of getting with Democrats to solve problems. I am, of course, very concerned about the pandemic and seeing California and the nation return to some kind of normalcy. Fighting for safety and safe opening has become my number one priority. I provided leadership and resources to help people support each other in this.

I also remain concerned about the things that Democrats should be fighting hard for:

.Climate change

.Wage Inequality

.Immigration policy


.Rights (Women’s, LGBTQ)

.Social justice


I’d also like to see change in the campaign laws that take the money from corporate and special interests out of the process. Sadly, and maybe most importantly, I can see we have to worry about survival of our democracy and would support measures to protect it.

I prefer to meet candidates and be a persuasive constituent. I got some experience doing this as an activist in the CA 48th congressional district in the last election and felt like I made a difference as the candidate’s finalized their positions. I’m open to dialogue and various points of view but am also looking for that candidate who is listening.

I hope you’ll participate in the delegate election process for AD 73 and vote for me as your delegate.

Here is my one minute video:

Debbie Lima (Beanie)

My name is Richard Hurt and I am asking for your support to become a 73rd Assembly District Delegate.

My reason to run for a Delegate position is simple and better understood by a quote from Michael Sandel, “to be free is more than a matter of pursuing my interests unimpeded, or satisfying my desires, whatever they happen to be. It is to share in self-government, to deliberate about the common good, to have a meaningful voice in shaping the forces that govern our lives.”

I have worked tirelessly to provide a voice to those who have been looked over. I won a seat on Aliso Viejo City Council this past election cycle and will continue my work. I have served as a RESULTS advocate, the President of the Board for the Friends of Aliso Viejo, National Small Business Leadership Council Member, and a volunteer in our schools. I am determined to keep working and to make Assembly District 73 better for everyone.

The delegate position is an important one. We need to hold those in power or vying for power accountable. It is time we see change when it comes to the Public Education, Healthcare (Medicare for all), and Infrastructure. Change is not easy, and it does not come fast, but we need to be involved in creative ways to implement Policy. It starts at the grassroots level as an Assembly District Delegate.

I appreciate your continued support. Thank you for your consideration.

Richard Hurt

I am a life long democrat, growing up in Orange County. My father was the head of the Democratic Foundation of Orange County so I was privileged to engage in civic leadership over my life time. I presently live in San Clemente with my wife, and 4 children.

Recently, I have been very active and supportive of our local representatives, such as Mike Levin for both congressional runs, and city council candidates in my hometown of San Clemente where I am the present chairman of the Downtown Business Association.

In my profession, I am a consumer trial lawyer where I represent Plaintiffs who have been seriously injured in a variety of incidents. I have enjoyed my profession helping people through some of the most difficult times in their lives. I am also a part owner of a restaurant in San Clemente and have worked daily to assist our local small businesses during this most difficult economic time.

I would appreciate and thank you for your support for this important position.

Chris Aitken

My name is Jenna Kohnke and I am running for ADEM in AD-73. I am a career public servant and have focused my professional career working for organizations that support scientific discovery and healthcare. I am lawyer and bioethicist by training and currently serve in a senior leadership role in a large scientific association focused on the brain and central nervous system. I have long fought for science, quality of patient care, support for biomedical research, and the alleviation of suffering. In addition to my academic credentials, I will bring to the role of ADEM over 12 years of experience working in large organizations, deep experience listening to various stakeholder viewpoints, and cultivating consensus and community. I am a native of AD-73 and would be deeply committed to listening to the members of our community and to ensuring that the needs, concerns, and realities of our community are well-represented. We have a great deal of work to do as a community, as a Party, and as Californians to ensure a better world for our neighbors and for our children, and I would be honored to play a small part as an ADEM in AD-73.

Jenna Kohnke

I am an undergraduate student at UCLA studying political science from Aliso Viejo. I am an aspiring lawyer and politician. I consider myself to be passionate, courageous, and hard-working. I got involved in politics during the 2018 midterm elections through the Junior State of America and the Harley Rouda campaign. I am currently on the Executive Board of the California College Democrats serving as the Political Director and the Western Coordinator for the College Democrats of America where I get college students involved in political campaigns. Additionally, I founded my own organization, the Orange County Voter Empowerment Coalition, in the summer of 2019 aimed at empowering the next generation of voters and creating a foundation for high school voter registration. Over the summer of 2019, I registered 1,512 high school students in three weeks and received the Certificate of Congressional Recognition from Representative Gil Cisneros (CA-39). This election cycle, I worked as a field organizing intern for the Democratic Party of Orange County, a fellow for the California Democratic Party, and worked on numerous other political campaigns. Currently, I am working as a field coordinator for Flip the West to help flip the Georgia Senate seats blue!

I am running to be one of your next ADEM delegates for the 73rd district in order to make sure that young people have a voice at the table and make sure that our party supports candidates that will help flip the 73rd district blue. My campaign experience and fresh perspective will help make sure that the suburban interests of South Orange County are at the forefront of the California Democratic Party platform.

Please email me at or text/call me at (949)444-4281 if you have any questions.

Jeri Fromme

Fellow Democrats –

Having lived in Orange County my entire life, I take pride in the progress our Party has made. This trajectory reflects the hard work and realized results from the efforts of so many leaders across generations. As Democrats, we have a mission to help improve the lives of all people, and I ask for your vote to continue that as a Delegate to the California Democratic Party.

I am proud to have worked behind the scenes to support many efforts, including:

– Continuously mobilizing a network of trial lawyers to donate to Democratic candidates;

– Decades of coordination efforts with multiple OC Democratic Party Chairs;

– Father to the youngest Mayor currently serving in Orange County;

– Volunteered for multiple city council and school board races; and

– Held the first fundraiser for Mike Levin for Congress.

If selected as a Delegate, I plan to work toward ensuring more Orange County appointments to State Party caucuses, helping create tangible resolutions and platform improvements that reflect the ever-changing needs of all people, and continuing to inform residents about the diverse ways they too can have an impactful voice in their own backyards, especially on issues that address the daily consequences caused by this pandemic.

I am honored to be endorsed by many of our local Democratic elected officials, including local city council members and school board members. Thank you for your consideration to continue supporting active representation at the California Democratic Party, and know that I am always able to be reached directly at and 714-835-7000.

I humbly ask for your vote.


Eric V. Traut

Eric V Traut

I am retired as a state employee, working for 32 years for the State Compensation Insurance Fund. During this employment I held positions in claims, underwriting, audit, special investigations, and policy services; working with the public while in management and in executive roles. I’ve had the privilege of serving on many California state task forces, and as a Commissioner for the CA Fraud Assessment Commission, as a Board member for the Insurance Educational Association and an Advisory Board Member of the CSUF Mihaylo College of Business and Economics. Currently I serve as a member of the San Clemente City Council Golf Course Committee. I earned my Bachelor of Arts degree from California State University, Fullerton (CSUF) in 1984 and a Master’s of Science in Criminal Justice from Long Beach State University (CSULB) in 2010.

As a true local, I served my community as a Mission Viejo AYSO soccer team head coach, Mission Viejo AYSO Chief Coach and Mission Viejo Soccer Club U-10 head coach, utilizing my USSF license. I was previously employed as an OC Sheriff’s dispatcher, answering the 911 phone lines. I have also been an active volunteer for the Southern California Blues Soccer Club (SJC), San Francisco Solano Catholic Church (RSM), Santa Margarita Catholic High School (RSM) and St. Cecilia Catholic School (Tustin). I feel extremely lucky to be retired so I can spend time with my husband of 41 years, our children, grandchildren and friends in our beautiful beachside community of San Clemente.

I am a proud supporter of our Democratic Party, so have been hit to the core by the current administration that has disenfranchised our members. I am humbled by your support in this election and promise to engage with all our community to strengthen our Big Blue Wave.

Darlyn Regan

I have spent several years working for the Democratic Party and Democratic candidates. I feel my experience would be valuable to the future of the party in Orange County and the State of California. I served as a California delegate for President Obama in 2008; Served 3 terms as chair of the South Orange County Democratic Club; Active member of the Aliso Niguel Democratic Club; Opened South County Campaign Headquarters in 2012 and 2016 and supported all nominated Democrats in Orange County over the last 10 years. It would be an honor to represent my fellow Democrats.

Mike Getto

I am seeking your support to represent California Assembly District 73. I am a public school teacher, a lifelong Democrat, and a resident of Mission Viejo.

Before dedicating my life to public education, I worked on Lois Capp’s campaign for 24th Congressional District, in addition to campaigning for Dianne Feinstein and Al Gore in the 2000 election as a Political Science major during my freshman year of college. The 2000 election was my first, and I realized then the importance of civics education and participation in the democratic system. Over the last 20 years, I have campaigned for Katie Porter to represent the 45th Congressional District, as well as campaigned for state assembly and local school board candidates.

California needs the Democratic Party to provide the hopeful alternative to the chaos that has plagued our nation over the last four years. We need delegates that will advocate for a platform for positive change, fight for equity and justice for all Californians, ensure that California will continue to be a national and global leader, and celebrate the diversity of our state. We need to accomplish these goals in circumstances that change almost daily, particularly in light of the pandemic. I hope that my experience and my academic background will be assets in what we expect to be an extremely challenging road ahead.

I am grateful for this chance to serve as a delegate at such a critical time for our state and our nation. Thank you for your consideration.

Margaret Dubel

Hi! I’m Jose Preciado. I am a father, husband and proud activist in my union, UNITE HERE Local 11. I have been a cook at the Laguna Cliffs Marriott in Dana Point for 31 years. I am an immigrant from Mexico, and I have lived in San Juan Capistrano for 30 years.

I believe the Democratic Party needs people from the Labor Movement who know how to organize and fight. I promise to contribute my organizing skills to benefit Democratic candidates and values. Si Se Puede!

Hola! Mi nombre es Jose Preciado. Soy padre, esposo y orgulloso activista de mi sindicato, UNITE HERE Local 11.

Soy cocinero en el hotel Laguna Cliffs Marriott de Dana Point durante 31 años. Soy inmigrante de Mexico y tengo 30 años viviendo en San Juan Capistrano.

Creo que el Partido Demócrata necesita personas del Movimiento Laborista que sepan organizarse y luchar. Prometo contribuir con mis habilidades organizativas en beneficio de los candidatos y valores demócratas. Si Se Puede!

Jose Preciado

My name is Cody Eckert and I know I can bring a fresh perspective to the 73rd Assembly District! Can I count on your vote?

I was raised in Mission Viejo before I set off to broaden my horizons. I earned my BA in Political Science at UC Berkeley and a Master of Public Policy from the National University of Singapore. Additionally, I have lived and worked in China, India, Indonesia, New Zealand, Qatar, and Washington, DC. I am conversant in Spanish and Mandarin and am able to find common denominators with people of all backgrounds. Since 2018 I have been residing once again in Mission Viejo and it is where I plan to build my life. I am currently the Director of Global Operation for MUN Impact, a nonprofit committed to empowering youth to take action to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations.

I am a proud progressive and support the following platform:

-Evidence-based policymaking

-Removing the influence of money in politics

-Enhanced unemployment benefits for the duration of the pandemic

-Eviction moratoriums and foreclosure protections

-Universal healthcare

-Green New Deal

-Universal childcare, pre-K, and higher education

-Opportunity for all through economic and racial justice

-Eliminating inequality faced by women, POC, LGBTQ+, and immigrant communities

-Criminal justice reform

-Equitable access to transportation

-Supporting small businesses over large multinational corporations

I look forward to representing the 73rd Assembly District and building a more equitable and inclusive future for us all!

Please feel free to connect with me here:

Check out my policy statement video here:

Cody Eckert, MPP

My name is Aimee Monahan, and I ask for your vote as your delegate for AD 73.

I am seeking this opportunity to become more engaged in Orange County and California politics and civic engagement. I have a long-standing passion for politics that began in high school with Junior Statesmen of America. Now that I have a family of my own, I realize even more how important civic outreach and education is to our communities and future generations of California voters.
This last election cycle found me more determined to engage with my community here in Aliso Viejo, and reach out to my fellow voters via phone banking to understand their voting priorities. We have a deeply divided county, and I am looking for ways to engage with the community to meet everyone’s needs. I want to be your voice in the California Democratic Party, and bring your opinions and needs to the ears of state party leadership.
I was born, raised, and educated here in Orange County, and lived here most of my life. I love my home, and I want to be a part of furthering a progressive, Democratic agenda here in Orange County.
My social activism includes finding solutions to income disparity, education inequality, and suitable housing for all income levels. In one of the most affluent counties in the country, we have an obligation to our residents to explore permanent solutions to these issues.

I have a BA in Communications from Cal State Fullerton, and I believe my background will make me an effective conduit between you and the state party leadership. My recent experience as a volunteer leader with a congressional campaign has motivated me to seek a greater role in representing the needs and concerns of voters in my district. I would be honored to represent the voters of the 73rd Assembly District.
Thank you.

Aimee Monahan

It would be my honor and privilege to represent you as an Assembly District Delegate. I am a lifelong Democrat because we believe our country thrives when everyone has access to opportunity. In my recent position as a healthcare analyst, I understood the importance of supporting evidenced-based solutions implemented with transparent oversight.

It was my good fortune to help flip the 45th district as a volunteer for Katie Porter in 2018. Being a part of the campaign allowed me to interact with voters throughout the district and gave me some insight into the groundwork needed to engage voters and elect Democrats. In the recent election, I was a text moderator for the Biden/Harris campaign, texted for When We All Vote, and an active volunteer for a Democratic candidate for city council in my city of Rancho Santa Margarita dropping literature at hundreds of doors. I was also proud to help Katie Porter win re-election as a part of her text team.

I am an active member of the Canyon Democrats and WAVE and am dedicated to respectful, inclusive dialogue and seek to support candidates who are true public servants, working in the best interests of their constituents. I am excited to listen to you, hear your concerns and bring a fresh perspective to this level of party organization, if given the opportunity.

Cindy Ashley

Hello everyone,

My name is Thomas Fleming. I’m a 58 year old black man, father of two grown boys and a Marines Corp veteran. I work as a bellman for a Hilton hotel in Costa Mesa, I’ve been there for 24 years. I’m also a vice president of our union, Unite Here Local 11 where I’ve been a union member for 13 years or so and one of the Shop Stewarts in the Hotel. I trully enjoy helping people, I always have and thats why I get involve. The Pandemic has hit us hard, in particular the industry that I work in. This is the moment to make the right decisions, I would like to contribute the knowledge and experience that I have adquire by working with the labor movement to benefit the Democratic candidates. This is my story and these are my beliefs. Given a chance I will not disappoint the trust.

Hola a todos,

Mi nombre es Thomas Fleming. Soy un hombre Afro-Americano de 58 años de edad, padre de dos muchachos adultos y veterano de los Marines Corp. Trabajo como botones en un hotel Hilton en Costa Mesa, llevo allí 24 años. También soy vicepresidente de nuestro sindicato, Unite Here Local 11, donde he sido miembro del sindicato durante aproximadamente 13 años y uno de los Shop Stewarts en el hotel. Realmente disfruto ayudando a la gente, siempre lo he hecho y por eso me involucro. La Pandemia nos ha golpeado fuerte, en particular la industria en la que trabajo. Este es el momento de tomar las decisiones correctas, me gustaría aportar el conocimiento y la experiencia que he adquirido trabajando con el movimiento sindical en beneficio de los candidatos demócratas. . Esta es mi historia y estas son mis creencias. Dada la oportunidad, no defraudaré la confianza.

Thomas Fleming

Your vote is important.

Your vote makes a difference.

My primary goal is to make sure your vote counts and is heard. That is why I want to serve as an Assembly Delegate and ask for your vote.

I am endorsed by:

➡️ Harley Rouda

➡️ Mike Levin

➡️ Katie Porter

As a businessman, I know how to create bridges to get people to unite to work together. I understand how to get the message out and to unite others to help those we represent – you.

As George Will stated, “Voters don’t decide issues, they decide who will decide issues”. Knowing this, I will hold the position with the highest level of responsibility to make sure your voice is not just heard, but also known.

I will work in every way possible to:

➡️ increase jobs

➡️ end homelessness

➡️ protect our environment

➡️ promote equality

➡️ support a positive model of diversity

➡️ ensure our healthcare and education system works to serve everyone

Jackie Kennedy stated:

“you have to have been a Republican to know how good it is to be a Democrat”.

As a former Republican, I totally agree with this statement and have lived it. Our Democratic party is great and special. We work hard to help others and to give everyone a chance. We offer hope, optimism, and goodwill. Democrats want to make the world a better place. I am proud to be part of this party and want to become a greater participant. I need your help to do so.

2022 is going to be an important election. I want to make sure that our Democratic candidates, who represent the constituents of our district, get elected. Our elections are important and do influence our life. We need to make sure we are represented and have a voice. This is both my mission and my goal.

I want to take this position to the next level and want to make sure that Democratic candidates win their elections and continue to represent all of us.

Please vote for the future.

Please vote for positive change.

Please vote for Dan Horgan

Thank you very much for your time.

Dan Horgan

As a firefighter and fire captain for over thirty years, I have learned how to evaluate complex situations, keep those around me composed, and implement a plan of action to protect those in danger. I am excited to take these skills and use them, as a Delegate for the California Democratic Party.

As a Democrat for nearly 25 years and an active member of my community, I look forward to being a voice for working people in Orange County and across California. I’d be very honored to earn your vote for California Delegate.

Joe Kerr

As a public high school English Language Arts teacher for 21 years, I have been a fierce advocate for communities, students, families and schools. My commitment to civic education through a social and racial justice lens is evident both in and out of my classroom.

As a National Education Association board member, I have advocated, state-wide and nationally, for better funding to our public schools (especially in Special Education and English Learner programs), more access to rigorous and culturally relevant curriculum, and increased college and career pathways for our students and communities. Public education is still the cornerstone to any democracy. With our American democracy under assault, restored and continued funding for public education is paramount to our progress as a nation.

As the Orange County Teachers for Local Control PAC Chair, I also fiercely recruit and advocate public school and labor friendly candidates for the OC Board of Education. In the past six months we have been reminded that our school boards and local politicians make decisions that affect the well being, public health, and sustainability of our communities. The OC Board of Education must reflect our values, reminding us that our work is far from over. We must continue to recruit and elect candidates that support all of our communities, rather than the interests of a few. My team was honored with the California Teachers Association (CTA) Chapter in Politics award in 2016, and our work continues as we experience increasing attacks on our education system.

My activism in our many communities also earned me the CTA Teacher in Politics Coalition Building honor in 2016 and the Theodore Bass Overall Teacher in Politics recognition in 2014. I am proud to have been nominated by my colleagues, and my work in these areas continues daily.

As Democrats, we have an exciting but challenging road ahead of us. We must elect leaders who enact progress with compassion and tenacity, even in spite of the obstacles we face.

I am honored to serve my community as a teacher and activist; it would be a privilege to earn your confidence, your vote, and to serve you in this most important capacity.

Karen Ridley

Turning OC BLUE has been a thrilling victory for Democrats… Now let’s build on the gains we have made as Democrats and never turn back!

Being a Democratic activist in South Orange County has been my focus over the past 4 years.

As your delegate, making the voices of Democrats heard LOUD and clear in South OC has been, and will continue to be, my priority.

I am known for being on the front lines at rallies and marches, for the bullhorn I carry at those rallies and for my work as the Political Outreach Chair with the Canyon Democrats Club, always promoting our progressive values for Women’s Rights, LGBTQ Rights, Immigrants Rights, Common Sense Gun Legislation and Climate Justice.

As a 37-year resident of Mission Viejo, I realize that Assembly District 73 continues to be a mostly conservative area. I seek to continue to boldly speak out, promoting our shared Democratic values for our community.

I ask for your vote to represent YOU and YOUR FAMILY in our Democratic party so that together we can continue to make our party stronger in Assembly District 73.

Thank you!

-Vivian Frerichs

Vivian Frerichs

My name is Ron Brooks. I am running to be an Assembly District Delegate for California Assembly District 73 because I believe now is the time to bring progressive change in our country, and it’s time that a new generation of Americans get involved in politics and make our voices heard. My parents and grandparents pushed me to become the first member of my family to receive not only a Bachelor’s degree but also a Master’s degree, both in Biology. In the years post-graduation, I have been successful in the sciences, working my way to become the Laboratory Director at one of CA’s largest cannabis testing laboratories. My wife and I love Southern California; Dana Point is our home. My grandparents instilled in me a value to always help those who are less fortunate and to protect your fellow man. Today in our country, too many families and young people have and continue to struggle. College graduates are strapped by excessive college debt. Corporate greed is killing our workforce with low wages and the outsourcing of jobs to other countries, while profits increase and CEOs pay gets larger. Climate change is real, and its effects are only getting worse. We need party delegates that stand up for the rights of the disenfranchised, the LQBTQ, Native Americans, and immigrants of all faiths; delegates who admonish racial inequality and act only to unite the people of this great country. We need delegates that believe in equal pay for equal work, who care not only for our veterans but also for those with special needs. We need delegates that see the dire need to keep big money and the special interests out of politics. I believe that I am that person. I will defend our environment, our citizens, and our progressive values. As an Assembly District Delegate for California Assembly District 73, I will fight for all Californians. I humbly ask for your consideration.

Ron Brooks

“Parshan Khosravi is a legislative advocate, grassroots organizer, and unapologetic voice for equity-driven public policy. As an Iranian refugee, Parshan has been a fierce advocate for immigrant rights, and a believer in the power of education as a mechanism of community empowerment. Parshan’s policy focus areas include higher education, immigration, and labor rights. In his professional job, Parshan leads the advocacy efforts on behalf of students in Sacramento and Washington DC, helping students push for legislative solutions to issues they face on campus and in the wider community. Over this past year, Parshan has been leading the policy efforts to mitigate the impacts of COVID-19 on California’s most vulnerable students, through securing financial aid and basic needs resources, expanding health services, increasing broadband and connectivity infrastructure, and pushing for investments into outreach and recruitment programs to support thousands of students in under-resourced K-12 districts. Parshan also currently serves as the chair of the California Young Democrats Labor Caucus, where for the past three years, he has led the caucus in its efforts to fight for workers and support the labor movement at large. Following his advocacy and activism in pushing for equity-driven policies in California, Parshan received the California Young Democrats’ Person of the Year Award this past year.

Parshan’s platform as an ADEM Delegate will be to push for policies and candidates who reflect the needs of our most vulnerable communities, whether it be through pushing for cost-free higher education, single-payer healthcare, homelessness and renters relief, or a clean DREAM Act. Parshan centers racial justice as the core of his platform and will fight discrimination wherever they are, from environmental racism to police brutality. With years of experience in organizing and advocacy at the state and national level. Parshan is equipped with the tools needed to fight for the communities who call Assembly District 73 their home.

If Parshan is honored to receive your vote, please also consider supporting the other leaders just like him who are running on the Party of the People Slate,”

Parshan Khosravi

Hello! My name is James Daniel Bacon and I want to become your ADEM delegate.

I am 23 years old and a lifetime resident of San Clemente. I have not been, however, a lifetime Democrat. I have been won over by the rhetoric and more importantly the actions of those Democrats who have shown that there is deep injustice and inequity in our society and have taken actions to correct it.

I support policies which bring relief and empowerment to marginalized communities and working class people. Healthcare, protecting our environment, and protections for LGBTQ+ people are central issues for me. In addition, I believe corporate influence has no place in our politics, and as a former gig worker, stand for protections for gig workers in our state. As a beneficiary of an excellent public school education up to and including college, I believe in ensuring all Californians have access to the same excellent education.

Personally, I consider myself both an activist and a professional. I have been a rideshare and delivery driver, a volunteer for various organizations and campaigns, and am now a full-time professional and proud union member. You can reach out to me at or learn more at I would love to hear from you personally both how I can win your support and how you can help me if you connect with my message and story.

James Daniel Bacon

I was born and raised in Orange County by parents who have worked as public servants their entire careers. My father is a retired firefighter and my mother is a teacher. They served our district by helping those who are most vulnerable. I am running to continue their legacy by advocating for those same members of our district. I will accomplish this by voting for candidates that will fight for a clean and safe future.

I am currently pursuing a BA in Political Science at SFSU. I chose to attend a Nor-Cal university because I wanted to learn from the best political organizers. San Francisco has a long history of being at the forefront of progressive change. Taking racial and ethnic courses inspired me to pursue a career in mobilizing underrepresented communities to make certain their voices are equitable. My sophomore year I received an internship with Planned Parenthood and applied the experience I learned there into creating a student led organization on campus. Our organization created a space for students to discuss reproductive rights, LGBTQ+ rights, and climate change initiatives. Hearing from students across communities has given me the perspective to be inclusive of identities across the spectrum. My junior year I dove deeper in the SF community to learn from grassroots organizations such as SF Young Dems. I began working on political campaigns shortly after and have helped elect 3 progressive leaders to office.

I worked as a senior campaign staffer for Chesa Boudin in the 2019 San Francisco District Attorney race. He ran on the idea that the office belongs to the people. He faced heavy opposition from the Police Officers Association and other special interest groups but came out victorious. Our victory was a testament to the thousands of voters who wanted to see systemic change. I spoke to constituents on the phones, at farmers markets, and on doorsteps to ensure we secured enough votes to elect Chesa Boudin as the new SF District Attorney. I then moved on to manage my first campaign, Maria Evangelista for judge, who was also victorious in her election.

I am running with the same ideals as the candidates I have helped put into office. It is my desire to serve our neighbors with the knowledge and experience I have gained as a young organizer to demand a future that includes everyone. My vote will always belong to the people of district 73.

Citlali Mosqueda

My name is Cathy Udovch and I am a native Californian and have lived in the Saddleback Valley region since I was 2 years old. I have been a registered Democrat since I was 18 years old and have voted in nearly every election, big or small, since then. I have a sister with Down Syndrome and worked in group homes for developmentally disabled adults for 16 years before going back to school to receive a Master’s Degree in Special Education. My sister was heavily involved in Special Olympics for years and I would volunteer for those meets, which then led to numerous other volunteer opportunities for Amnesty International, AIDS Walk, Breast Cancer Walks, and in the past few years the Women’s March. For the past 15 years or so I have been working as a Travel Advisor and sent people around the world in order to bond with their family, create new memories, and expand their horizons. I feel both travel and volunteering to be transformative for a person’s growth. Locally, I’ve been a member of the Canyon Democrats club working hard to help elect quality Democratic candidates to offices up and down the ticket, and now humbly ask for your vote for Assembly District Delegate for AD73. And remember, “Shadows are fleeting. . . and merry our meeting, be of good hope.”

Cathy Udovch

As a public school teacher and a mother, I will advocate for California’s students and teachers to receive both quality education and health care. California needs to lead the nation in preparing for our future by funding our schools adequately to provide curriculum and wrap-around services for families, including wellness care and support for housing and food.

Currently I serve as a trustee on the California State Teachers Retirement Board of Trustees as well as serving as California Teachers Association Director for South Orange County and Northern San Diego County. In these positions I have had extensive experience working with voters and legislators, lobbying, approving or disproving legislation, writing legislation, and working within the laws that govern our state. As a Trustee, I am an advocate for a secure retirement for all.

My political work is quite varied. As the Saddleback Valley Educators Association president, I led successful campaigns electing board members who support public schools. I have worked on propositions 30/32, 55 and 15 to stabilize educational funding. As a member of the California Teachers Association, Association for Better Citizens, I have helped local chapters in California with campaign plans and funding. I have interviewed many candidates for local and state office who sought the endorsement of teachers. Additionally I worked to elect our governor and Superintendent of Public Instruction. As a member of the National Education Association, I worked to elect Joe Biden and Kamala Harris to be our President and Vice President.

I am excited and anxious to represent the dems in AD73. Thank you for your consideration.

For more information and my video see:

Denise Bradford