Assembly District 74

The top 7  Assembly District Delegate (ADD) candidates are the winners highlighted in bold.
Executive Board winners are the highest vote-getting ADD that requested to run for  Executive Board.
In the case that there is a tie, both candidates will have an * at the end of their name. Those candidates will be contacted for a drawing to decide the winner.

Executive Board

Lauren Johnson-Norris


Self Identified Female


Name SUM of Vote
Lauren Johnson-Norris 441
Bethany Webb 349
Mari Fujii 326
Theresa Sorey 320
Lynne Riddle 309
Michele E Bell 304
Hanieh Jodat 269
Anne Mohr 253
Laura Robinson Oatman 246
Chelsea Guo 217
Lamba Najib 209
Nancy Hensel 197
Marlene De la Cruz 133
Paola Lima 79
Natalie Bayer 76
Mary Clifford 67
Mary Gretchen Bayer 58
Sonia Fernandez 55
Leslie Ozuna 34
Michelle Gasparovic 24
Mollee Munson 20





Other Than Self Identified Female

Name SUM of Vote
Kev Abazajian 378
Martin Salgado 329
Jesús Gamboa 323
Robert “Bob” Hartman 263
Dennis Bress 259
Ron Varasteh 239
John Stephens 213
Dean Inada 210
Cory Johnson 152
Dariush Haghighat 129
Rick Eugene Norris 114
Jaime Gomez 84
Ariya Haghighat 77