Assembly District 75




SelfIdentifiedFemale (SIF) OtherthanSIF (OSIF)

75 Matthew Cappiello * OSIF
75 George Majeed Afif Khoury * OSIF
75 Alan Geraci  * OSIF
75 Matt Corrales * OSIF
75 Ami Admire * SIF
75 Arcela NunezAlvarez * SIF
75 Gloriani Weiss No SIF
75 Liliana Ortiz Hernandez No SIF
75 Thomas A Larossi No OSIF
75 Jeffrey Marcus No OSIF
75 Sarah Cohen * SIF
75 Sheryl Brown * SIF
75 Kevin McClelland No OSIF
75 Mohammed Suhail  No OSIF
75 Rena Marrocco * SIF
75 Ross L. Pike No OSIF
75 Jon Rines No OSIF
75 M Ronald Cohen * OSIF
75 Alisha Wilkins  No SIF
75 George Van Hasselt No OSIF
75 Ruth Van Hasselt No SIF
75 Wayne Lu No OSIF
75 Drew Tippin No OSIF
75 Juan Manuel Vargas No OSIF
75 Neil Kramer * OSIF
75 Joy Frew No SIF
75 Justin Domecillo * OSIF
75 Jim Nielsen No OSIF
75 Roger Garcia * OSIF
75 Georgine M Tomasi * SIF
75 Richard Corrales * OSIF
75 Penn Diehl No OSIF
75 Allison Donahoe-Beggs No SIF
75 Danielle Polson No SIF

Candidate Statements

Dr. Matthew Cappiello is a physician and assistant professor from the Inland Empire. He is a lifelong resident of California, as well as a member of his assembly district for multiple decades.

Originally raised in a military family, Dr. Cappiello completed his undergraduate education at both UC Santa Barbara and UC Berkeley, graduating with honors in human biology and English literature. He grew interested in politics after working in post-Katrina New Orleans, participating in rebuilding with mutual aid activists in minority communities. Like many others, Matthew volunteered for the Obama campaign in 2008.

Dr. Cappiello subsequently completed his medical degree at UC San Diego, where he received the Gold Humanism Award. He was a manager at the UC San Diego Free Clinic, and he volunteered frequently at migrant camps and safety net clinics in Tijuana. Dr. Cappiello still volunteers frequently at these sites.

After medical school, Dr. Cappiello finished a double residency in internal medicine and pediatrics at the University of Southern California. At its flagship site, LAC+USC Medical Center, he learned about American healthcare from the perspective of a provider at a safety-net hospital. He worked with diverse populations including Skid Row homeless patients, black South Los Angeles communities, Latino East Los Angeles communities, and refugee communities from many countries. This experience informed Dr. Cappiello’s understanding of ‘coalition building’ in political organizing.

Currently, Dr. Cappiello serves as an assistant professor of internal medicine and pediatrics. He has served as a frontline COVID hospitalist during the 2020 pandemic. He has continued his interest in working with forcibly displaced populations, volunteering at refugee camps for Syrian and Rohingya Burmese communities.

Dr Cappiello is encouraged by liberal and progressive demographic shifts in America over the last ten years. He hopes to assist with ‘shifting the map’ in previous Republican strongholds in California, including the Inland Empire. As a longtime voter in the 50th Congressional district, Dr. Cappiello is particularly interested in ‘deep canvassing’ in order to increase turnout in marginalized and underappreciated areas of California.

Candidate video:

Matthew Cappiello

I graduated from UC Berkeley with a MSCE in Civil/Environmental Engineering in 1972.

I worked for the PWD of the County of SD. I started Brown & Caldwell as Office Manager, then as VP & as SVP/Business Unit Manager for California & Hawaii, (1990-2009).

I have 3 children. Lana an Immigration Lawyer, Afif, a Corp. Lawyer, & Jenna a Pediatric Dentist, & have 8 grandchildren, all are in SD County.

The following are a few of the positions & community activities I held/holding:

•The American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee’s (ADC). Member, since 1987

•Ex-Member of the City of SD HRC, appointed by Mayor Golding

•Ex-Director member of: othe World Affairs Council of SD othe Planning Board of Director of R. Bernardo, SD, CA

•Founder and ex-member of the Arab-American Chief of Police Advisory Board of SD, CA

•Ex-Member of the Latino/Latina and Indigenous People Coalition

•Present- Elected Board Member of the ADC National Board

•Member of the SD County’s Anti-Hate Crimes Coalition

•Member of the Leon L. Williams SD County HRC.

I believe:

•In the Constitutions of the USA & of California

•In the Freedoms of Speech, Religion, & Press

•In equality of people irrespective of race, creed, religion, ethnicity, sexuality gender, etc.

•In advancing equal rights, promoting social justice, & democracy & prosperity

•In Medicare for All

•In Economic Equality. Greatest obstacles to individual freedom and liberty are inequality & poverty

•In a progressive agenda that creates jobs, & raises wages,

•In a Democratic Party that represents its general membership, the working & middle class

•In making it easier for workers to organize unions

•In reducing America’s dependence on oil and fossil fuels & raising auto fuel economy

•In investing in infrastructure, public transportation, energy conservation technologies, & alternative energy developments

•In protecting voting rights, &

•That a person is never free if they are disenfranchised, discriminated against or poor

I believe in Actions and not Words. i.e. In ‘Walking the Talk”.

I am a result oriented pro-active self-starter, self-motivated resourceful team player, strategic thinker, & an innovative & decisive problem solver, with excellent analytical, organizational & communication skills, & a successful track record to prove it.

George Khoury

I am a husband, father, and grandfather living in San Marcos with my wife Karen and 14 year old son Ryan. Professionally, I am an attorney and small business owner having practiced law for 37 years. I have served ex officio as a Delegate to the San Diego Central Committee and CADem after running for State Assembly in 2018 and San Marcos City Council in 2020.

I am a lifelong Democrat with my first electoral experience being the Bobby Kennedy campaign of 1968. I served as a Deputy City Attorney in San Diego where I lead the Criminal Division and helped begin the Domestic Violence Unit and fought for open space in East San Diego for the Mission Trails Regional State Park. During the Great Recession, I helped over 300 families from foreclosure.

My objective is to continue my work to have our Democratic Party lead in implementing recovery from COVID, implementing climate action policy, securing healthcare as a human right for all Californians, and continuing my fight to bring public funding to our elections.

I have spent my career and life in community service fighting for working families and for the underprivileged community. I will continue that fight as an ADEM Delegate.

I ask for your vote.

Alan Geraci

Vote Corrales!

I’m a lifelong Democrat, 30+ year San Marcos Resident, and lifelong environmental activist. I would be humbled and honored to represent you as a delegate to the CA Democratic Party.

Matt Corrales

Míiyuyam! Notúng Ami Admire yaqáa nóon Wáşngay Payómkawish. Nokwáam Joseph Morales, Della Kolb, and Marcella Ramos. Hello! My name is Ami Admire and I am Payómkawichum from the Rincón Indian Reservation. Joseph Morales, Della Kolb, and Marcella Ramos are my grandparents. Our reservation is one of 18 reservations in San Diego County; and Rincón is one band of the original tribal peoples of this land, the Cahuilla, Cupeno, Kumeyaay, and Payómkawichum.

My mother smiles widely as she recalls, me as a young person, circling up my many cousins in the carport during the summer months, handing out pencils and paper, and insisting that each of them get their school work done before they could play! Over the years, my passion for teaching grew and so did my sense of responsibility to my community. As an educator and director of a travelling youth storytelling program on our reservation, I have spent 23 years reducing the impacts of trauma, suicide and substance misuse by connecting youth to their histories, language, and truth; with the ultimate goal being healing for our young people and their families. In most recent years, I have been advocating for student rights and equity in schools by creating safe spaces for Native and Indigenous youth through the facilitation of Native and Indigenous Clubs and Unity Classes. I am co-founder of the Indian Education Equity Team, a coalition created to show strength and solidarity among our local Indian Education Centers, parents, and organizations. Our coalition is present at school board, parent advisory meetings, and presents workshops to teachers and urban organizations regarding the intricacies and relevance of Southern California’s tribal people.

Assembly District 75 is within the boundaries of our peoples traditional homelands. It would be my honor to represent all my relations, chóo’onum no’néshkinum, in sharing our lived experiences, heritage, and collective history with the larger community within the democratic party. Please enjoy our preservation efforts at

Ami Admire

I, Arcela Nuñez-Alvarez, am running to serve as an AD75 delegate/e-board member.

I bring a personal commitment, professional expertise, and a grassroots approach to participating in my community’s civic and political life at all levels of government. I am rooted within a community that I have helped educate and mobilize resulting in historic civic and electoral firsts throughout North County. I have first-hand knowledge of opportunities and barriers affecting civic participation among immigrants and Latinx communities who are still grossly underrepresented in key positions.

My family’s story illustrates the struggles and successes of many working-class families in the district. I am a Latina immigrant who came from Mexico and settled in San Marcos when I was 12 years old with nothing more than the clothes I wore. My mom raised six daughters while working tirelessly earning minimum wage to afford basic necessities. We faced extraordinary hardships but we were embraced with generosity from many caring individuals and organizations who helped us start a new life.

My mom instilled in us an appreciation for learning, teachers and counselors mentored us, and thanks to public education, we were able to go to college. After high school, I went to UCLA and CSUSan Marcos to pursue my bachelor’s degree and earned Masters/Ph.D. degrees in history and political science at the University of Minnesota.

I began my community organizing journey in high school when I joined MEChA, a Chicanx student organization dedicated to promoting precious ancestral knowledge, community service and civic participation. These core values continue to guide my life.

Inspired by the great educator Paulo Freire, I answered the call to become a maestra del pueblo (community educator), teaching for liberation. With others, I co-founded Universidad Popular, a nontraditional education organization cultivating leadership, freedom, health, wisdom, and dignity. Through our teaching, we bring to life key principles of democracy, empowering ordinary people to use our voices and our power to shape our community.

Now I am doing my part to repay my family’s debt to a community that gave us everything when we had nothing and nurtured us to become the strong mujeres (women) we are today.

Video Statement:

Arcela Nunez-Alvarez

Hello friends! ^_^

My name is Gloriani Weiss.

I am a wife, mom, and lifelong progressive democrat, Latina/ Puerto Rican born and raised in California and Hawaii with lots of love and soul. I am here before you because I am an ADEM candidate for Assembly district 75 and maybe I am the kind of candidate that speaks to you…

I believe it’s very important that progressive women, people of color, and our LGBTQ family have seats at the ADEM table. If chosen, I promise I would so work hard to help our district be on the most progressive side of all the decisions made by ADEMS.

A little more about me;

I have been an activist since high school traveling across borders to help children and animals, as an adult I’ve volunteered with Father Joe’s village, and Jewish Family Service of SD. Later I helped raise funds for multiple charities with our club of Pinup Models (we called ourselves “Cuties for a Cause”).

In 2016 and 2020 I volunteered with Bernie Sanders’ campaigns and was a delegate candidate for him both times. I am also one of the founding members of the North County San Diego Chapter of Progressive Democrats of America.

I have a legal education and background, but currently I’m a stay at home mom to three school age children. In addition to home schooling them I have my own online business as a vintage clothing, toys, and sports memorabilia shop owner.

If given the opportunity I am so confident I would not let my community down when it comes to working hard for our most progressive of values.

Things I feel most passionately about are:

1. Our environment.

2. Medicare for all.

3. Student Loan forgiveness/ tuition free college

4. Fair wages/ $17 dollar minimum wage.

5. Affordable housing/Homeless rights

Last but not least; It is so important we beat Covid-19 as quickly as we can. I believe we can achieve this by giving ourselves enough money so we can pay our rent and shelter in place with enough food to eat until we can vaccinate our most vulnerable citizens.

My goal is to always be on the just and compassionate side of every decision made, even if it’s not always the most popular choice. Thank you for your time!

Gloriani Weiss

I first ran for Assembly District Delegate in 2017 in order to help restore and reaffirm the Democratic values that I grew up with – racial justice, equality of opportunity, educational and economic parity, universal access to health care, and a belief in the primacy of people over profits and community over corporations. The Democratic voters of the 75th Assembly District put their faith in me by electing me, and since then I have tried my best to put those beliefs into practice.

I serve on the executive boards of the San Marcos Democratic Club and the Veterans Democratic Club of San Diego County, and I played a key role in the formation of the North County chapter of the latter, tripling the club’s membership in less than a year. As the Organizational Development Chair of the CDP Veterans Caucus I assisted in the formation of new clubs in Orange and Riverside Counties and laid the foundations for five new clubs in Los Angeles, three new clubs in the San Francisco Bay area, and a new club in the Central Valley. I am also a member of the CDP Progressive Caucus and the Democrats for Environmental Action, and I hope to run for Chair of the Veterans Caucus, a position that requires being a delegate.

In addition to my ongoing club duties, I have served on the campaign staffs of a many candidates, including those contending for city councils in Oceanside, Carlsbad, and San Marcos, San Diego County Supervisor, Palomar Health Board, State Senate District 38, State Assembly Districts 75 and 76, and Congressional District 50. I was an early board member of Indivisible North County and helped organize protests and represented us to the media on several occasions. In other words, I have committed myself fully to fostering Democratic ideas in governance and to getting Democrats elected.

One key points I made when I first ran for delegate was that we have for too long allowed the other party to dominate the public discussion and to define us. We are not Diet Republicans; we are Democrats for a reason, and one of my political goals is to get the party to proclaim those reasons loudly, proudly, and frequently.

I hope that the Democratic voters of Assembly District 50 will continue to place their trust in me by voting for me as a delegate.

Tom Iarossi

My name is Sheryl Brown and I am running to be a Delegate for the 75th Assembly District.

Before Trump’s inauguration in 2017, I read a grassroots strategy laid out by former Congressional staffers called the Indivisible Guide. I was convinced the Guide was strategic and could have an impact stopping or slowing Trump’s initiatives so I established Indivisible North San Diego County and began taking action. Since that time I’ve led protests, door knocked, helped organize the 1st Duncan Hunter town hall, worked with the founder of Indivisible 49 to establish the weekly protests to oust Darrell Issa, written letters, made calls, and run the Indivisible NSDC Facebook forum that now has 1700 members.

Issues that I feel deeply about include economic disparity, democracy and protecting voting rights/election reform, supporting and strengthening our education system, police reform, environment protection, and protecting and extending health care rights. Since protecting voting rights and democracy are a priority for me, I recently applied to be on the San Diego County Redistricting Commission. I was selected as one of the final candidates (but was not selected in the random drawing to be on the Commission). I was also recently hired to work in the November elections and ran one of the 235 Super Polling sites for the county.

My first foray into our political system was back in the 80’s when I helped lead a statewide campaign to defeat legislation that would have imposed licensing in the fitness industry. Our effort was successful and I went on to lead the nationwide effort to establish standards for self-regulation, co-founding and running the American Council on Exercise, a nonprofit organization that was established to protect the public and ensure the availability of safe and effective exercise. The self-regulatory effort in the U.S. was successful and continues to this today.

In the 90’s I was appointed by the Governor of California to become Special Advisor to the California Governor’s Council on Physical Fitness, chaired by Arnold Schwarzenegger. There I worked alongside other groups to foster health and fitness efforts in California.

I hope I deserve your vote and can represent your interests as a Delegate in the 75th Assembly District. I invite you to visit Indivisible North San Diego County on Facebook for more information on our activities.

Sheryl Marks Brown

My name is Sarah Cohen and I am proud to be running as a potential Democratic Assembly District Delegate for District 75. I was born in Burbank, California to an American mother who was a Registered Nurse (RN) and an Israeli father who is an Israel Defense Forces Veteran. I am also the granddaughter of two Veterans who served in the American Airforce.

I moved to North County San Diego in 2007 and in the 13 years I’ve lived here, I’ve spent 7 years in San Marcos and 1.5 years in Valley Center, where I currently reside. I attended college at Palomar College and MiraCosta College. Professionally I look forward to starting a new career as a Real Estate Agent in 2021.

My first experience in public service was volunteering as a poll worker in the 2016 General Elections. Since then I have become increasingly interested in politics and how our country is run. This is my first time running for a position in any election. Regardless of the results, I’m extremely grateful for this opportunity and for all of the things this process has taught me.

Being a first generation American on my Father’s side of the family taught me from a young age to never take our right to vote and our freedoms for granted. Because of my Father I’ve made sure to vote in every election and I take this opportunity to serve our communities very seriously.

Some of the topics I am most passionate about include, but are not limited to:

-Women’s Rights/Equality

-PoC Rights/Equality



-Minority/Impoverished/Houseless Rights/Equality

-LGBTQ Rights/Equality



-Climate Change




My pledge to District 75 if chosen is to always do the right thing, no matter what. Thank you all so much for your consideration in this election and for your votes!

Candidate Video:

Sarah Cohen

My name is Mohammed Suhail and I am running as a delegate in CA 75 because I believe our party has challenges in the next decade that need to be addressed in order to move forward as a party, district, state, and country.

I am a practicing physician in CA-75, having lived in southern California for 20 years and throughout California since 1991. I’ve attended public schooling in rural, suburban, and urban districts and received my BS and MD from UCSD. I finished my medical training at UCSD and UCLA. I am the son of refugees who escaped from Saddam Hussein during the fallout of the Gulf War in 1991.

The 2020 election showed us a state like Florida can vote 51% for Donald Trump and vote 61% to increase the minimum wage to $15 an hour. The message is simple if we are open to hearing it.

For too long, our party has been afraid of fighting for what we are certain will help our countrymen—for fear of losing the center. In doing so, we have forsaken our base and convinced the country we are too weak to do anything with political power if we get it. Our party needs to more forcefully push for common sense economic policies that the majority of Americans and Californians support: full throated support for unions and worker’s rights, decreasing wealth and income inequality, increasing healthcare access with the end goal of single payer healthcare, innovative and forward thinking climate change policy, and criminal justice reform.

As the party in control of the biggest economy in the nation, the California Democratic Party not only has a responsibility to enact progressive policies to benefit their constituents, but also by leading the messaging for the Democratic Party nationwide.

As the son of refugees and the product of public education, I have seen firsthand the success that well-funded localities and state institutions can achieve. Unfortunately, as a physician who has taken care of the frailest of society, I have also seen the dire situations people are in because of the cowardice and corruption of our federal government.

We have an opportunity, and more importantly, a duty, to guide our state, our country, and our planet in the right direction. I aim to do just that.

Mohammed Suhail, MD

When I moved to Vista, almost 20 years ago, I felt I had found my little slice of Heaven. In fact, the only thing I didn’t love was how right-wing the area I lived in was. So I got involved with the endeavor to change that.

In 2008, I campaigned for President Obama in New Mexico and helped swing that state blue. In 2014 I was elected to the San Diego County Democratic Party Central Committee. I served on it for 4 years, including serving as the Secretary of the North Area Caucus for 2 years. During my time there, I prided myself on being YOUR representative. I prided myself on listening to YOU and doing what YOU wanted me to do, even if it meant going against what my friends in the party wanted me to do. I never felt that this position was my position- this position was YOURS and my job was to serve YOU, the Democrats of AD 75.

Focus and commitment to the goal have always been of utmost importance to me. It had to be. As the owner of my own Hispanic Marketing & Promotions agency for the past 27 years, I had to be able to accomplish goals or my business wouldn’t have survived. And I accomplished those goals for major corporations on a national level.

The party needs me. I am very concerned about what I saw in the last election in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas. We lost Latinos to the Republican party. That is a RED FLAG. The party needs to ensure that we are using the best messaging with regard to this critical demographic of our population. In fact, the party needs to make sure that they are using the most accurate and effective messaging to every demographic. This is something that I can help with. But only if I am your delegate and E-Board Rep.

AD 75 is the last hold out for the Republicans. And to be sure, we’ve been making gains, but without the best leadership, we could lose those gains as well. And Riverside County is very vulnerable.

So I humbly ask that you vote for me as your delegate and then again as your E-Board Rep to the California Democratic Party.

Peace and stay safe and healthy.

Rena Marrocco

Hi, my name is Ross Pike. I am the Vice President of the Fallbrook Democratic Club. Most recently, I became the first openly gay person elected in Fallbrook as a member of the Planning Group.

I’ve been involved with the Democratic Party since I was 16 living in Michigan. I began volunteering with President Obama’s first campaign and have remained heavily involved ever since. At age 18, I was elected Chair of the Newaygo County Democratic Party- the youngest county party chair ever elected.

I continued my involvement by working on over 24 campaigns before I was 24. At no point has my commitment to the Democratic Party wavered. I even have the Democratic donkey tattooed on my wrist!

As a millennial involved in the political process, I was often the only young person at the table- constantly being told to wait my turn. I understand the importance of working hard to make sure your voice is heard and that actions speak louder than words. When I left Michigan three years ago, I served on the State Central Committee and the Executive Committee of my Congressional District Party, and was unanimously elected Treasurer of the Kent County Democratic Party.

California is a beacon of progressive values and continues to prove to the rest of the nation that our values and initiatives work. It is imperative that we unapologetically continue that legacy and build a strong bench of local candidates for future elections. It’s never too early to think about our Party’s future.

I’ve worked hard to make Democratic gains here in Fallbrook. Our club has increased Democratic representation from less than 10% to nearly 50% of all elected seats in just 2 cycles. In 2020, we took a majority on the elementary board and we now hold every seat on the high school board. I have experience campaigning in rural areas working on a variety of campaigns and want to help other local candidates. Even more impressive this year, Fallbrook elected 4 Democrats under the age of 30!

As an Assembly District Delegate, I will bring my experience and energy to serve our district promoting fellow progressive candidates to ensure we maintain our national status as a progressive bastion for the protection of undocumented immigrants, women’s rights, LGBTQIA+ rights, strengthening our unions, and protecting the environment for future generations.

For more information about me, please visit

Ross L. Pike

My name is Jon Rines. I’m a delegate to the California Democratic Party from Assembly District 75 and I’m asking for your vote.

I have worked for years promoting the same tried and true progressive values that have made both America and California the best place to live on earth. Our shared beliefs have come under attack, especially during the past four years, and we need champions to ensure that the progress we’ve made never falters.

I’m a retired US Navy veteran who started out in politics knocking on doors and phone banking for military veterans in New Hampshire. I later became a ward chairman in Springfield, MA connecting local voters with candidates running for office. Our family then moved to Arizona where I became a Precinct Committeeman and was on the front lines at protests, making speeches against Trump and outside Senator Flake’s office during Justice Kavanaugh’s nomination.

Life is difficult for everyone, I know as well as anyone raising two children and dealing with issues such as health care, education, and as a veteran myself helping to ensure that our VA hospitals are fully funded. Rest assured that you can contact me anytime and I will bring any concern you may have to the state level.

If you would like any further information about me, you can go to my website at:

Thank you and stay safe.

Jon Rines

Hello, my name is George Van Hasselt. I am running to become a 75th A.D. Delegate to the California State Democratic Convention. I have dedicated my life to promoting and fighting for progressive values. These include:

• Climate Change Conservation and Environmental


• Universal Healthcare

• Affordable Housing and Education

• Equality for Women, LGBTQ, Latinos, African-

Americans and for all.

• Reducing income inequality by increasing the

minimum wage

• Promoting strong union and labor rights.

In both San Diego County and the Bay area, I have worked very hard to get Democratic candidates elected by extensively campaigning. This included voter registration, canvassing and phone banking.

Since moving to Escondido in 2013, I served both as an Alternate and as a four year full member on the San Diego County Central Committee. Currently, I am also a member of the San Marcos Democratic Club.

My political experience has been lengthy; I first became actively involved in politics in 2004. While living in Antioch in the Bay area, I went to Ohio to work in

John Kerry’s Presidential Campaign.

In 2005, I returned to the Bay area and became President of a team “The Campaigners”. At that time, I increased our membership from seven to 145 members to become the largest in the nation.

In 2006, I established a Democratic Club, the East County Democrats for Action (ECDFA). I served as President until I left the Bay Area in 2013.

Through intensive campaigning, we reached out to Latino, African-American and labor union voters. Consequently, we turned the Antioch City Council from a 4-1 Republican majority in 2006 to a 4-1 Democratic majority in 2013.

Within Antioch’s 150 year history, in 2006, we also elected the first African-American to the City Council and in 2012, the first African-American Mayor.

Also from 2006 to 2013, I was a member of the Contra Costa County Democratic Central Committee until I moved to Escondido. During that time, I served on the Executive Committee as Treasurer and Chairman of the Issues Committee.

In 2016, again I left my family for several weeks. I went to Florida to work as a Professional Organizer in the Hillary Presidential Campaign in Miami.

If elected, I promise to use my passion, dedication and energy to continue to fight for progressive values.

George Van Hasselt

Hello, my name is Ruth Elaine Van Hasselt. I am running to be a 75th A.D. Delegate to the California State Democratic Convention. I have spent my adult life promoting progressive values. These include:

•Climate Change Conservation and Environmental


•Universal Healthcare

•Affordable Housing and Education

•Equality for Women, LGBTQ, Latinos, African-

Americans and for all.

•Reducing income inequality by increasing the minimum


•Fighting for strong union and labor rights.

My qualifications are as follows:

1) Since moving to Escondido in October 2013, I have had

only one mission: To elect Democrats! Therefore my

husband and I have been very active campaigners. We

have done extensive voter registration, canvassing and

phone banking.

2) Since living in Escondido, I also served as an Alternate

Member of the San Diego County Central Committee

for nearly four years. Currently, I am also a member of

the San Marcos Democratic Club.

3) From 2006 to 2013, while living in the Bay area, I served

as my husband George’s Alternate to the Contra Costa

County Central Committee for seven years.

4) In 2006, my husband and I also founded a political club

called the East County Democrats For Action (ECDFA).

5) Under our leadership, the ECDFA successfully reached

out to the Latino and African-American Communities

and worked with labor unions.

Consequently, we turned our city of Antioch from red to blue. This included electing both the first African-American City Councilman and Mayor in Antioch’s 150 year history.

As a Delegate in 2021, I promise to continue to raise my voice to promote progressive values.

Ruth Van Hasselt

y name is Wayne Lu, and I am running to become a 75th district delegate to California Democratic Party’s Assembly District Elections Meeting (“ADEM”). As an ADEM delegate, I will be tasked to cast votes for party officers, endorse various legislative and statewide offices, and other Party business such as establishing the Party Platform, and various resolutions. An ADEM delegate then, is the primary conduit between the local grassroots Democrats, and the State party. The delegate should not just reflect their own opinions, but also that of the members that they are representing. As your delegate, I will make sure your voices are heard by the State Party, and endorse candidates that are not just good Democrats, but winning candidates who are good and honest people who reflect all of us.

We must look beyond just the next election. For too long, politics have been chasing short term goals, while eschewing long term planning. As the local grassroots organizers, we are the spearhead of progressive policy. This is where we put forth agendas and policies that will lead not just California, but the nation as a whole, into a more fair and just society. As your delegate, I will ensure you have all the important information from the State Party to decide on issues. I am an active member in the Escondido Democratic Club. I will become more active in the San Marcos and other nearby Democratic Clubs, or work with the delegates from those areas, to facilitate the flow of information between the local clubs and the State Party.

As Democrats, we all want climate action policies that will save our planet, and create a new carbon neutral economy; we all want Universal – single-payer healthcare for California; Equality and Justice for all sectors, including affordable housing, criminal justice reforms, strong labor rights to fix wealth inequality, and protections for LGBTQ.

There are a myriad of ways to achieve the same goals, the devil is in the details. I believe Democrats should not be a party that believes in the Ends Justify the Means. Rather, I believe the Means validates the End. We must direct the rules and policies from the grassroots level on up to the State level. As your delegate, I will work with all the grassroots Democrats in AD75 to ensure we put forth effective and progressive policies and agendas.

Please vote for Wayne Lu as your AD75 ADEM Delegate.

Wayne Lu

Andrew “Drew” Tippin is a father of four wonderful daughters and is currently serving as the Director of Information Systems at Fallbrook Union High School District. Before holding that position Drew was the Cyber-security and Computer Science teacher at Fallbrook High School. He holds an MS in Information Assurance/Ethical Hacking and a BS in Information Technology Management. He is currently the Secretary of the Fallbrook Democratic Club. A position that he has held for three years. Drew is also a veteran of the United States Marine Corps.

As a former teacher and longtime volunteer Drew has enjoyed living and working in a diverse Community. He believes that listening to the concerns of the Democratic constituents of that Community is one of the best ways to help the Party grow in AD75.

Drew believes that many people in his Community need their voices amplified and it is his pledge to help them accomplish that. We have seen an active assault on the voice of the people by the GOP during this election cycle and this is something that all must be willing to defend.

Drew is ready to listen and serve and would be honored by your vote.

Andrew Tippin

My name is Juan Vargas and I am running in ADEM to represent AD75.

I am an active community member of Escondido, serving my community in various capacities.

Currently I work for the Escondido Union High School District, as a classified employee. I have been an active member of our classified employee’s union, CSEA Chapter 219 for the last 5 years. I was recently elected as the chapter’s first vice president for a second term and also serve on the chapter’s negotiating team. In this capacity, I have assisted in the organization of many initiatives to sustain the rights and dignity of classified employees including custodians, office workers, bus drivers just to name a few. As a classified employee, I truly believe that we are the heartbeat of the schools. It takes a village to raise a child to their full potential, and this cannot be done if our classified employees are not also considered and taken care of.

Outside of this work, I have been an active member of an immigrant rights organization who has done work throughout many of the communities on the 78 corridor in North County. Some of that work includes helping the community understand their constitutional rights, creating civic engagement and assisting families with financial needs such as DACA renewal fees, immediate emergency needs due to family member deportations, among other important needs in the community.

Additionally, I was appointed to the Escondido Public Arts Commission and serve on the Escondido Arts Partnership board where I hope to further engage our communities of color, especially our youth, in the arts by creating art that is representative to them.

That being said, I am active in these capacities because I want our communities to flourish by having intentional representation and build them to their full potential. This cannot be done if people within our communities continue to be disregarded, such as our immigrant community, communities of color and service workers just to name a few. Additionally, there is little to no intentional engagement and activities for our youth in North County further dampening the growth and potential of our North County communities.

I am running to represent AD75 because I want to support candidates who see the true potential of our communities by proactively creating policies and supporting initiatives that will help our communities grow.

Juan Vargas

My name is Neil Kramer. I am a candidate for an Assembly District Delegate for the 75th Assembly District.

I have been married to my wife, Cheryl, for over 16 years. I have two sons, Nick, who lives in Michigan with his wife Bekah, and Andrew, who is 15 years old and attends High School at Mission Hills here in San Marcos. I became a grandfather in July to twins.

Prior to moving to the State of California in 2003, I served the Democratic Party in several areas. I was founder and Chair of the Monroe County Young Democrats, Vice-Chair of Former Congressman John Dingell’s 16th District Young Democrats, Secretary and Treasurer of the Michigan Young Democrats, Secretary of the Monroe County Democratic Committee, and member of the Michigan Democratic Party’s State Central Committee. I also worked for the Michigan Democratic Party to increase membership, complete community outreach, and support the local Party during the elections. I also served as a legislative chief for Wayne County Commissioner Philip Cavanagh.

I have devoted my personal and professional life to service to my community. Currently, I serve as Fair Hearing Manager and Director of Legislative Affairs and Advocacy for the San Diego Regional Center, the largest non-profit agency in San Diego County. The San Diego Regional Center coordinates and funds services for more than 32,000 persons with developmental disabilities and their families.
As Director of Legislative Affairs and Advocacy, I meet with legislators and their staff to improve service delivery systems for individuals with developmental disabilities across California.

I am also a member of the Association of Regional Center Agencies’ Legislative Advisory Committee.

I am a former member of the City of San Marcos’ Budget Review Committee where I studied budget details to recommend a balanced budget to the Mayor and City Council.

I have a bachelor’s degree in Human Services/Management and a master’s degree in Marriage, Family, and Child, Therapy.

Three years ago, I was diagnosed with a form of Muscular Dystrophy, which has made my work in human services and advocating for the disabled all the more meaningful.

I believe I have the experience that will help the California Democratic Party continue to move forward in a positive direction.

I hope I can earn your support and your vote!

Neil Kramer

I was born in the Netherlands, raised in Ohio, and moved to California when I was 18. I am a member of the Fallbrook Democratic Club and co-founder of the Fallbrook Climate Action Team. I am the Fallbrook Community Coordinator of the San Diego County Democrats Grassroots Organizing Team. I have served as Treasurer, Political Action Chair, and currently am Local Election Chair for the Fallbrook Democratic Club. 9 of our Club Members got elected to local boards this past November.

I believe in a progressive agenda such as immigration reform, Climate Action with Justice, criminal justice reform, equal pay, union rights, right to housing and Single Payer Healthcare. These policies are just the tip of the iceberg and I believe California sets the example for the rest of the country for our progressive policies. I am currently an ADEM and I ask for your vote because it would be an honor to continue to serve you as your state delegate.

Joy Frew

As the youngest ever elected Secretary of the Escondido Democratic Club, I have learned that every endorsement, motion, and vote we make is a direct reflection of our characters. I am a proud E-Board member of the Escondido Young Democrats, serving as their Senator to other clubs, and a strong UDW union member. I was homeless in San Diego, and through hard work and a strong social net, I was able to get an education, stable housing, and healthcare. I want the same for every single member of the assembly district, state, and one day, nation. Living wages, healthcare, and education are human rights.

We cannot build trust amongst ourselves and disenfranchised community members if we center and act in our own best interests. I would fall on my sword for the people in my assembly district, for the people in North County, and for the policy they demand. If your elected is not willing to fall on their sword for you, when given tests of character, replace them. Find stronger champions. Vote for me for AD75 and E-Board—I will not falter; I will not betray the working-class. Too many of us are cheated, used, and discarded. Every member of a body should center others above themselves. They must pass every character test, no matter how visible. We are, in this moment, the change. Empower me with your votes and I will shift the world. I have lived in North County for about 10 years, which has informed me about what resources are available to working-class and impoverished people. I know where to get healthcare when you do not have insurance, and I know which community colleges are better for which majors and what budgets.

We have a Democratic supermajority, so there is absolutely no reason why we cannot have Medicare for All at the state level. There is no reason we cannot have tuition-free college at the state level. When we uplift the poor, we all rise. Everyone in AD75 should be given the tools they need for a good quality of life. That means education, healthcare, environmental protections, and ethical, compassionate leadership.

My top issues are Medicare for All, tuition-free college, the Green New Deal, and workers’ rights. Vote for me, and you will have a champion that knows struggle and will fight to empower those without resources or visibility.

Get to know me more at:

Justin Domecillo

My name is Jim “ Big Thunder” Nielsen, and I am asking you to re-elect me as your ADEM Delegate in Region 18. My nickname “Big Thunder” came from my basketball playing days for my tenacity on the boards. I promise to bring that same tenacity in fighting for the Democrats in Region 18. I am a husband, father of five kids, and grandfather of numerous grandkids. Competing to win and fighting for my team has been a focus my entire career. Whether it has been as a Division, One Basketball Player/Coach, or an Executive Board Member of the Teachers/Coaches Union, or as the owner of a small business, my goal is always to leave the job better than what I found it. We face many challenges in California, and I will fight for and support Education, Climate Change, Healthcare as a human right, reduce homelessness, and support UNIONS. I am a lifelong Democrat and have been active in the party my entire adult life. I ask for your vote, and I am not hesitant to mix-it-up for the citizens of Region 18. Vote for Jim “Big Thunder” Nielsen

Jim "Big Thunder " Nielsen

I am asking for your continued support in representing AD 75 as a delegate to the California Democratic Convention. I served as an AD 75 delegate for the past 2 years. I am a progressive democrat who campaigned for Bernie Sanders and continue to support his ideas and values

I currently serve as:

President of the Escondido Democratic Club

Elected 2020 to the Central Committee from AD 75

Serve as a School Board member in the Escondido Union School District

I will work extra hard to vote and support strong progressive values and candidates in AD 75 and would appreciate your vote to continue to make North County more “progressively blue.”

Georgine Tomasi

I’m a lifelong Democrat, 30+ year San Marcos Resident, and lifelong Veterans activist. I would be humbled and honored to represent you as a delegate to the CA Democratic Party.

Richard Corrales

My name is Penn Diehl and I am running to represent AD75 in the Democratic State Central Committee. I am an environmental scientist with a B.S. in Environmental Science from Saint Mary’s College of California. Through my degree program I learned extensively about environmental, biological, and ecological systems, as well as how and why climate change is occurring. This knowledge informs my understanding of how policies such as the Green New Deal can reshape human interaction with the environment. I had great exposure to Environmental and Social justice issues, in courses like Environmental Justice, Cultural Anthropology, The Land and Life of Peru, and Urban Environmental Issues. My studies also exposed me to the advocacy and policy making side of the environmental cause. I served on the Campus Academic Sustainability Subcommittee, and Sustainability was the course that was most fundamental in shaping my vision for what public policy and AD75 can do for the environment.

I am a proud member of the Sunrise Movement San Diego chapter. You may have seen me in climate protests in San Diego, BLM protests in North County, giving public comment at San Diego City Council, SANDAG’s Board of Supervisors, Escondido’s City Council, San Diego or Escondido Climate Action Plan feedback sessions, a Sunrise SD banner drop, our disruptive action at December Nights 2019, or Sunrise’s San Francisco DNC protest. I am proud to have advocated for a Green New Deal, Medicare for All, rent cancellations, free college for all, The Thrive Act, Monica Montgomery Steppe for SD City Council President, Public Power, sustainable public housing, building electrification, affordable and robust public transit in SD County, and more.

I am driven to act to preserve the environment, and avert imminent climate catastrophe; but, these causes are not for the sake of the planet itself. They are for us. For you, for me, for people in every state, and country. I am committed to fighting for candidates and policies that preserve and enhance the interests of all Americans. I will never accept money or attempts to influence my vote from polluters and corporate interests. I am fighting for the future that we have all dreamed of. One where everyone is taken care of, and respected, from housing, to healthcare, to mental health, to good jobs, and clean air and water.

Candidate video:

Penn Diehl

Hello, my name is Allison Donahoe-Beggs and I am running as a delegate in CA 75. I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) employed by the Riverside County Department of Public Social Services. I have worked for the County for 21 years. I was born in Hemet, CA and after college and graduate school in San Diego, I moved to Temecula, CA in 1998. I have lived here with my husband and two sons and have been active in electing Democrats alongside the Temecula Valley Democrats as a Precinct Captain for my neighborhood.

I have spent my career focused on helping the disenfranchised and working with families to address trauma and abuse in their lives. Since my college days, I have fought for equal rights and equal justice, and I am just as passionate today about social justice. I will continue to fight for healthcare as a human right and work to address issues such as COVID and mental health. I want to see an end to Citizens United and a renewed focus on our climate crisis. Affordable housing, education, and adequate employment opportunities are also very important to create and sustain a thriving community. Thank you for your consideration.

Allison Donahoe-Beggs

My name is Danielle Polson. I am excited to run as a delegate for Assembly District 75 and for the opportunity to fight for more progressive values within the Democratic Party. I obtained a BA in Environmental Studies from Cornell College in Iowa, where I was disappointed by inadequate representation in our political system. I got involved with regular people, like you and me, who were tired of waiting for change. We rallied around our neighbors, hosted forums with lesser known candidates, and supported community members who wanted to run for office.

I served in Conservation Corps and FoodCorps as a service crew leader and garden/nutrition educator, respectively. I am now an active member in Sunrise Movement San Diego, working to bring COVID-19 relief, climate justice, and good paying jobs to all Americans. I have organized climate protests, shown up at BLM protests, and given comments in San Diego City Council, Escondido City Council, and SANDAG BOS meetings. I served as a poll worker in the 2020 General Election and phone/text-banked for grassroots progressive candidates.

I want to fight for affordable, sustainably built housing, healthy and accessible food for all, as well as a just transition away from fossil fuel dependency. It is unacceptable that we live in one of the wealthiest countries, yet millions live in poverty, are food insecure, and reside in heavily polluted areas. I have been told it is naive to dream of a radically different world, but when we put the work in we can make anything possible.

Young visionaries in this community have shown me the world as it could be. I have been energized by the Millenial and Gen Z organizers I have met who are deeply rooted in humanity-centered values. Their clarity and dedication to creating a more just and equitable society is inspiring. Imagine your perfect world – are corporations stealing profits from their employees? Is our economic system based on destroying the planet we live on? In mine, they are not. I envision a world where no one struggles to pay bills or put food on the table, a world where anyone can walk outside to enjoy nature and not be poisoned by pollution.

The only way we get to this ideal world is by joining hands and pressing forward in unity.

I ask for your hand in this long march ahead. Please register to vote in this race at by January 11.

Danielle Polson