Assembly District 76




SelfIdentifiedFemale (SIF) OtherthanSIF (OSIF)

76 Cecily Resnick No SIF
76 Al Goodman No OSIF
76 Cori Schumacher No SIF
76 Kyle Krahel-Frolander No OSIF
76 Mustafa Nizam * OSIF
76 Robert Howard * OSIF
76 Harold Standerfer No OSIF
76 Nancy Hardwick No SIF
76 Kevin Sabellico * OSIF
76 Polly Counts * SIF
76 Daniel R.F. O’Donnell No OSIF
76 Alireza Mosallaie No OSIF
76 Roberto Rodriguez No OSIF
76 Marlon Taylor * OSIF
76 Sybille Muller * SIF
76 Kathy Rallings No SIF
76 Mike Bullock No OSIF
76 Catherine Blakespear No SIF
76 Jennifer Ianoale * SIF
76 Sueli Gwiazdowski No SIF
76 Grisel Razon No SIF
76 Mali Woods No SIF
76 Martha Alvarado No SIF
76 Diana Aguirre No SIF
76 Ashley Bridgewater No SIF
76 Rhonda Guaderrama No SIF
76 David M Burleson Yes OSIF
76 Jason Rosenberg No OSIF
76 Elizabeth Warren No SIF
76 Alexander Han No OSIF
76 Marge Kealey No SIF
76 Linda Miller No SIF
76 Catherine C Melendez No OSIF
76 Jim Riggenbach No OSIF
76 Susan Sherod No SIF
76 Margarita Baca No SIF
76 Kristi De Maria No SIF
76 Elizabeth Perez No SIF
76 Sarah S Spinks No SIF
76 Dinah Poellnitz No SIF
76 Sudesh Kumar No OSIF

Candidate Statements

My name is Cecily (Cess) Resnick. I am a candidate to be a 76th Assembly District Delegate.

•Executive Board of the San Diego County Central Committee
•Countywide Director of the GO Team and North Coastal GO Team Regional Coordinator
•Vice-President of the Rancho Santa Fe Democratic Club & representative to the Council of Clubs
•Member Encinitas and North Coast Democratic Club
•Member Democratic Club of Carlsbad and Oceanside (DEMCCO)

GOTEAM ACTIVITIES The GO Team is the Grassroots Organizing part of the San Diego County Democratic Party. Our Neighborhood Leaders go door-to-door talking to Dem-friendly voters, distributing voter guides and supporting endorsed candidates.

I have been involved with the GO Team since 2008 when I walked into the Unity office in Escondido to volunteer and walked out as Community Coordinator for two zip codes. Since moving to Encinitas, I have served in many GO Team roles including Neighborhood Leader, Community Coordinator, Regional Data Coordinator and Regional Coordinator.

I currently am the countywide GO Team Director. I direct a GO Team with over 650 Neighborhood Leaders. I am responsible for recruiting and training our Regional Coordinators and planning and coordinating the GO Team.

BACKGROUND I have a BA in Psychology (U of Chicago) and a PhD in Biophysics (U of Illinois). I then had the opportunity to work in Kenya for 13 years where I taught in two universities, worked as a computer programmer and headed a computer department in the Kenya Ministry of Health funded by USAID. Tiring of computers, I returning to the U.S., earned a PhD in Psychology and became a licensed psychologist.

WHY I’M RUNNING I am a semi-retired psychologist and have the time and means to actively represent the 76th Assembly District at the California State Democratic Convention. I want to ensure that our Assembly District endorses outstanding candidates to Congress and the State Assembly and Senate. I am a Progressive Democrat and focus on protecting the environment, single payer healthcare, campaign finance reform and increased voter involvement.

Cecily (Cess) Resnick

It is my honor to run again , and represent my district. I have enjoyed, despite the virus, my two years as a ADEM. I was honored to have Mike Levin ask me to run, and to run again. I believe grass roots enthusiasm was responsible for Mike’s election, and for re-electing the hardest working member of Congress. I look forward to working to keep our district blue!

Al Goodman

Fellow Democrats,

It has been an honor to serve you as an AD 76 delegate for the last 2 election cycles. I was especially grateful for the opportunity to serve as your Executive Board representative last year. Today, I am asking for your support to continue my service to our district as we carry on the work of flipping North County San Diego to blue, from school boards, water districts, and city councils, to the State Senate. My top three issues of focus are the nexus between climate change and affordable housing, supporting our working families, and ensuring social justice is threaded through everything our party does.

In 2016, I was elected to the Carlsbad City Council becoming the first democrat elected to that position in recent memory. We now have a powerful democratic majority in Carlsbad and that is translating to some big wins for the environment, for working families, and for social justice. I am a 3x world surfing champion and the first LGBTQ+ elected official in North County San Diego. My entry into politics came on the heels of 15 years of anti-war and sports justice organizing. In other words, my toes are buried in the grassroots and I’ve been able to reach into the institutions of power to ensure progressive change from the local to the global.

None of the progressive change we need to bring to our party and our government can be done without the trust of the people. This truth underscores my political work. As democrats, we must work together to rebuild our political systems to ensure our government is worthy of the hopes and dreams of the people it serves, a government that works for everyone. Thank you for the honor of your consideration as I seek to continue to serve our district, our state, and our future.

Short video:

Cori Schumacher

Kyle Krahel-Frolander for ADEM delegate from the 76th Assembly District

Endorsed by: Congressman Mike Levin and Assemblymember Tasha Boerner Horvath

I was born and raised in Oceanside. I graduated from Harvard University with a degree in Government.

I moved back home to help turn North County blue and enact progressive policies at the local level. I helped get Mike Levin elected and continue to serve as his Deputy District Director.

I volunteer on the Planning Commission for the City of Oceanside, fighting for smart and equitable growth.

I also volunteer as a Vice Chair of the San Diego County Democratic Party, supporting local Democratic candidates running for office throughout North County.

While we have made much progress in North County these past few years, the 2022 election cycle is going to be challenging. We must keep the 49th Congressional District and the 76th Assembly District and flip the 36th State Senate seat.

We need experienced, progressive ADEM delegates to represent us at the state party so we can continue to move forward.

My name is Kyle Krahel-Frolander. I am endorsed by Congressman Mike Levin and Assemblymember Tasha Boerner Horvath. I humbly ask for your vote.

Kyle Krahel-Frolander

My name is Mustafa Nizam and I served as the Ex-Officio to the San Diego County Democratic Central Committee from 2016-2018 and I am Currently an ADEM for AD76. I am running for re-election to continue to represent our district at the State Democratic Party. I reside in Vista with my wife and our 14-year-old daughter who started 9th grade this year. I have fought to bring change to the north county by mentoring Democratic candidates to run for office, educating our community on important issues such as the Truth Act, Medicare 4 All, homelessness advocacy, and issues of social inequities. I am a member of several organizations in North County including the NAACP, North County Justice Allies, San Dieguito Interfaith Ministerial Association, and the North County Immigration Task Force where I met with elected officials at the state level to advocate for immigration-related legislation. Please vote for me and I promise to listen and bring the voices of our communities to Sacramento.

Mustafa Nizam

My name is Robert “Rob” Howard and I am an incumbent ADEM running for re-election in AD76. This time, I am also a candidate for the Executive Board as well.

I have been a resident of AD76 for over 30 years. I’ve raised my family, served as a mentor to at-risk youth, chair of my church board, and a past president of the North County NAACP where I chartered the North County NAACP Youth Council to provide an avenue for youth leadership and development. I’m a Navy Veteran, and a 31-year nuclear plant technician.

I serve on the Oceanside Measure X Tax Oversight Committee, and have previously served on the Oceanside Police and Fire Commission. I am the immediate past president of my local union and served as an executive board member of the San Diego-Imperial Counties Labor Council. I understand the importance of supporting working families and working to create a path to the middle-class. I recognize we have a limited time to reverse the damage to our climate and I want to continue advocating for party policies that address our climate crisis while providing resources to communities of concern. Yes, we can do both.

I am actively mentoring young people interested in their communities and political engagement. I am proud to have been awarded the 2020 California Young Democrats Mentor of the Year!

My focus as an ADEM is working to get our communities engaged in preparing for the 2022 elections. We need the party focused on listening to voter concerns, providing solutions that are accessible to communities and building a bench of candidates and campaign workers.

I believe in the power of collaborative work. With your support, I will continue to bring the voice of the community to our party and I will fight for progressive values through unity.

I humbly ask for your vote.

Robert Howard for AD76 Delegate and AD76 E-Board Representative.

Video Statement:

Social Media: @Rob4Oceanside

Rob Howard

I am a native of north San Diego County, a life-long Democrat and retired public school teacher and administrator. I am running as a delegate to represent the 76th Assembly District at the regional and state level. I seek this position because of my commitment to the region where I live, the state and country.

My involvement with politics began more than twenty years ago. I started in the early 1990s with school board elections and school bond issues. In 2008 I volunteered with Move On to support president Obama’s campaign. In the 2012 election I canvassed for President Obama and all endorsed down ballot Democrats as a member of the San Diego County Grassroots Organizing (GO) Team. I have continued my commitment with the GO Team in every election since then. In 2016 I also worked extensively in the Applegate campaign canvassing and assisting in the campaign office.

With the election of Trump in November 2016 I joined several activist groups to resist the Trump agenda, including Indivisible, Neighbors in Action, 49th Action Council, Flip the 49th, Swing Left and SoCal Blue. These groups and related activities occupied most of my “leisure” time through the general election of 2018.

In the 2020 election cycle I again worked with the GO Team. I also campaigned extensively for municipal candidates in Encinitas and for the District Three Board of Supervisors race making phone calls and distributing door hangers.

I am a member of three Democratic Clubs and a part of the Political Action Committee (PAC) with the Encinitas North Coast Democratic Club. The PAC has planned and held a number of activities since the club’s founding. Actions have included letter and post card writing, letters to the editor, interviewing candidates, attendance at rallies and hosting of information booths at local street fairs before the pandemic.

As a member of the Sierra Club I chair the North County Coastal Group Political Committee, reviewing applications and interviewing candidates. For 2020 we considered candidates in every coastal city from Del Mar to Oceanside and made 13 endorsements of candidates and one referendum.

My involvement with the Democratic Party and elections in the 76th Assembly District has given me a breadth of knowledge and understanding of the district. I would be honored by your support for this position.

Harold Standerfer

My name is Nancy Hardwick and I’m asking for your vote for a second term as a California Assembly District Representative for our District 76.
We’ve been living through four long, ugly years. Yet it’s been a singular opportunity for all of us to become more actively involved in supporting Democratic candidates.
Now we need to be ready for 2022 and 2024 and look ahead to working on those upcoming elections.
As an active member of the Encinitas and North Club Democratic Club, I work with the Political Action Committee and GoTeam.
I am also a volunteer with the North County chapter of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America.
Through the club, we’ve registered new Democrats at community fairs and high schools – and distributed hundreds of door hangers, yard signs and flyers, while also waving candidate banners at street rallies.
When we could knock on doors, I walked and talked to hundreds of voters helping to elect Mike Levin and Tasha Boerner-Horvath in 2018 and 2020.
With the club, I organized communication campaigns contacting elected officials at federal, state and local levels.
Recently, I organized voter outreach programs to new Democrats in our district and to voters in battleground states. We recruited more than 50 volunteers and sent over 7,000 personalized cards supporting Democratic candidates.
With Moms Demand Action, I attended Advocacy Day in Sacramento and met with legislators to support gun violence prevention programs – while also volunteering with our local Moms chapter at community events.
During the 2020 campaign, Moms made hundreds of calls to voters in battleground states. Currently we are calling Georgia to support Rev Warnock and Jon Ossoff for Senate.
I’m asking for your vote and looking forward to actively engaging more Democrats in our club and party. Please support our entire North County Progressive Unity slate.
You can also see my candidate statement online at:

Nancy Hardwick

I’m Kevin Sabellico and I’m running for re-election as an Assembly District Delegate. I was first elected in 2017, again in 2019, and I am now running for another 2-year term.

I’m a recent UCSB graduate, and I’m (still) the youngest candidate running for delegate in AD 76.

Through my years of service to the party as a volunteer and as a campaign professional, I know what it will take to make our party strong.

Some of that experience includes working for the Iowa Democratic Party, Vice President-elect Kamala Harris, and Congressmember Mike Levin. I just recently managed the campaign of Chris Duncan, who became the first Democrat ever on the San Clemente City Council.

If I’m re-elected, I will focus on revamping the Democratic Coordinated Campaign and reforming the party’s bylaws to allow undocumented immigrants to serve as delegates. I will also fight for youth inclusion on committees and on the Executive Board, where I currently serve. Last year, I took a leading role in the effort to make sure there was a regional balance to the committee appointments, along with proportional representation for LGBTQ delegates, women, racial minorities, and supporters of the other candidate for Chair.

Please vote for everyone on the Progressive Unity Slate. We are the only slate endorsed by Congressmember Mike Levin and Assembly Member Tasha Boerner Horvath.

Thank you for your time and I hope to earn your vote.

Kevin Sabellico

My Name is Polly Downey Counts. I was born, raised, and currently reside in Oceanside California. I am a product of the local public schools, and currently work as a School Psychologist at Oceanside Unified School District. I am a Navy veteran and served as a Cryptologic Officer from 2000-2006. As an active community member and Democrat in the 76th Assembly District, I have participated in the campaigns of Democratic candidates in North County. I am currently the Vice President Elect of the Veterans Democratic Club of San Diego County, North Chapter. I actively attend events and demonstrations advocating for progressive democratic values. I am a proud California resident because of our beautiful diversity, and commitment to fairness, and progressive values. I am committed achieving affordable housing, creating good jobs, quality public education, obtainable/affordable college or trade schools, caring for the environment, addressing climate change, and universal healthcare for all. It would be an absolute honor to be elected as an Assembly District Delegate of the 76th district, and if given the opportunity would do my very best to represent my community.

Polly Downey Counts

I’m a resident of Vista, where I have resided with my fiancé Allie for the past 3 years, and where I currently serve as the Vice President of the Democratic Club of Vista.

Since moving to San Diego ten years ago, I have worked on multiple campaigns for individuals who were fighting for progress within their communities. I’ve worked within our Party and with GOTV to push for candidates and causes up and down the ballot. I’m currently a member of the Sierra Club and many other Democratic Clubs in North County. In my professional life I work with small businesses, where I’ve seen the direct impact of this pandemic on them and the communities they serve. I am running because for the last decade I have worked with those who want genuine progress for the people who need it most and I have seen firsthand what it takes to be a leader in our community.

Growing up I witnessed the difficulties my parents went through trying to provide better opportunities for their six children, than the ones they had themselves. I am proud to say they succeeded, but I also believe that those same opportunities should be available to EVERYONE, regardless of class or status.

I have dedicated myself to this cause, because I have been given been given a voice to help fight for the beliefs that no individual should have to work three jobs in order to earn a living wage. No child should live in fear, because we can’t pass stricter gun laws. That we all deserve to breathe clean air and drink clean water, and that there should be no person who can’t afford medicine or a roof over their head. The idea that no individual be cast aside because of who they love or persecuted for the God they pray to. The fact that we need to recognize and end racism in this country, and that human beings shouldn’t be discriminated against because of the color of their skin or where they grew up.
These are the defining moments of our time, so let us define them before they define us.

I want to use my experiences, coupled with the work I have done, to bridge the gap in our party, to build greater coalitions in our community, to work together towards a greater common progress, to fight for these values and human rights, to hold our candidates and elected officials accountable, and to serve on behalf of every member of the 76th Assembly District.

Together we will!

Daniel ODonnell

My Name is Alireza Mosallaie and I am an active progressive that is currently running in AD76. I have been in politics for over several years now and I see that there is a flaw in how our government just works for the wealthy and not for the people. I plan to change that and that is why I choose to run for ADEM in this election on a slate with so many excellent progressives. I was so happy that we added to the squad this year but that is only the tip of the iceberg. We have a lot more momentous victories to make as Democrats and we cannot sit ideally by and say that this is ok. The time for action is now and not later because if we don’t act quickly we might not get a chance in the future. ADEM to me means that I will be able to represent the people in the way that I believe would benefit all of us in the future. Oh, and if you choose to elect me and my slate I believe that you will be greatly surprised how we will affect the schema of politics and the shape that it is going in. We want to move things forward and not back, as many don’t know I worked alongside Bernie in this historic but devastating last election cycle. My passion and charisma for getting adequate representation within the government for the people is by far not a little task and it will take a while but I need to be given the shot to do so and being a ADEM I believe is my shot. I hope that you can elect a team that truly believes in good for the people and what that means to secure a good future for all californians. Thank you so much for taking the time to read my statement and I hope to see you in the California Democratic Party in 2021.

Alireza Mosallaie

I’m Roberto Rodriguez and I’m a veteran educator. I’ve been a Social Science teacher in the Sweetwater Union High School District since 1987, and was recently elected as a Palomar Community College Trustee.

I’ve been a strong education advocate and a recognized leader. In 2014 I was elected president of my local, the Sweetwater Education Association, representing over 1800 educators in the district. In 2015, my work was recognized by the San Diego and Imperial Counties Labor Council by honoring my local with the Union of the Year Award and electing me to the Council’s Executive Board where I continue to serve today.

In 2016, I was elected to the California Teachers Association’s Board of Directors, representing educators in San Diego and Imperial counties. On the CTA Board I serve on the Political Involvement and the Legislative Priorities Committees as well as the organization’s Campaign Workgroup. I was a founding member of the CTA Democratic Party Caucus.

I’m a former member of the Central Committee and active in the Vista, San Marcos and Oceanside Democratic Clubs.

As an educator, as a Trustee, as voice for working families, and as a member of our community I’d want to be a delegate to our convention to represent our children, our teachers our working men and women and help our party be the standard bearer for a more socially just world we live in.

Roberto Rodriguez

Hello 76th Assembly District Democrats. My name is Kathy Rallings, and I am running for re-election to continue representing and advocating for North County as your Assembly District Delegate in the California Democratic Party. It has been my honor to serve all the cities and areas of the 76th Assembly District and I would like to thank you for the opportunity. My hope is that you will join Congressmember Mike Levin, Assemblymember Tasha Boerner-Horvath and many others to support my candidacy for AD 76 Delegate.

As a member of the Carlsbad Unified School District Board and the 76th Assembly District delegation, I have seen firsthand how the COVID-19 pandemic has revealed the inequities and inadequacies in our current health care, public school, and environmental policies. If re-elected, I am committed to continuing efforts around guaranteed health care for all Californians, increased resources to provide safe in-person instruction for schools and push for renewable energy policies that can bring some stability to the climate crisis in California.

In my mind it is not enough to elect democrats to office, but we must also hold them accountable and assist in finding innovative solutions to the many issues facing our Assembly District. With your support, we can finish the work we started, and improve the policies of the California Democratic Party to address health care, public education, and the environment.

I would be honored to earn your vote

Vote Kathy Rallings for AD 76 Delegate


Phone: (760) 456-5188

Kathy Rallings

I have a BSEE and an MSE. I worked as a Satellite Systems Engineer for 36 years. My current systems-engineering focus is climate change and how cars and light-duty trucks can achieve science-based, climate-stabilizing targets. These “targets” are requirements for human survival. Cars emit the most GHG of any category, by far. To achieve the targets, we need enforceable measures to both achieve sufficient, net-efficiency of all of the cars on the road for the target year (2030 is first) and to reduce per-capita driving. Cars last 15 years, so we must make reasonable assumptions about what our fleet could be in 2030. Car manufacturers cannot do the impossible. On the other hand, we are a very “car-centric” society, so we must also be reasonable about how much we can reduce driving. I have derived the mathematical relationships, made reasonable assumptions, and identified a set of enforceable measures that will work. These results have been peer-reviewed by the prestigious Air and Waste Management Association (AWMA) and presented at their conferences. The last iteration was presented virtually at the August 2020 AWMA conference. Email for details.

Climate change is not just a systems-engineering problem. It is also a political problem, because the enforceable measures must be legislated. I have served on the SD County Democratic Party Central Committee for 10 years. My first two years I was an Alternate for Judy Jones, who was our candidate for Assembly. I was then elected to two 4-year terms. Over these 10 years, I attended all of the CDP conventions as an ADEM member. I wrote comment letters for the Sierra Club. I was 2nd VP of the Democratic Club of Carlsbad and Oceanside, for 6 years. I was a GO-Team member, walking/biking door-to-door and putting up yard signs.

As a State Delegate, I improved the California Democratic Party (CDP) Platform, from 2010 to 2020. These improvements include some of the most consequential policies that have ever appeared in the Platform. They show what must be done to avoid human extinction. (Again, cars emit more GHG than any other category.) One addition calls for “Climate Literacy” for all high school graduates, with a definition of what is necessary-and-sufficient knowledge, for a person to be a functional citizen, in a climate emergency. Email for CDP details.

Mike Bullock

My name is Catherine Blakespear, and it’s been my honor to serve as the Mayor of the City of Encinitas for the last four years. I hope to earn your support to be a delegate for the 76th assembly district.

In these difficult times, we need experienced, effective and inclusive advocates who will fight for the progressive values we share.

As an elected leader, I have been working with dedication to actualize our party’s aspirational principles. It’s important that our party’s platform and the elected leadership champion our progressive ideals and support progressive decision making.

In my candidacy to be a delegate to the 76th assembly district, I have been endorsed by Congressman Mike Levin and Assembly Member Tasha Boerner Horvath.

In my recent re-election as Encinitas mayor I was endorsed by the Sierra Club and the League of Conservation Voters for my environmental track record. The Climate Action Campaign recognized my leadership with the Climate Courage Award in 2020.

I’ve consistently championed environmental and sustainability advances in our city and throughout the region. As the recently elected chair of the SANDAG Board of Directors I will help create a region-wide transportation system that is cleaner, greener and faster. And most importantly serves ALL of us.

The core Democratic principles of equity and inclusion drive all of my decision making. I have been actively involved in bringing these values to our region as a local elected official.

Because of my commitments to employees, workers and public safety I was endorsed by the Encinitas Firefighters Association and SEIU. I was also endorsed by the Democratic Party, Planned Parenthood, Run Women Run, and a local LGBTQ group. Affordable healthcare for all, gun violence prevention, a woman’s right to bodily autonomy, high quality education, humane treatment of asylum seekers, reversing extreme income inequality and cooling our planet are all critical issues for me.

In what is certain to be a challenging election cycle in 2022 it’s more crucial than ever that we elect delegates with a proven track record. With a history of successfully fighting for democratic principles, I respectfully ask for your vote as a delegate for the 76th Assembly district.

Catherine Blakespear

My name is Jennifer Ianoale and I am thrilled to be running as an ADEM Delegate and Executive Board member to represent the 76th Assembly District. I currently reside in Vista with my wife and our two fur babies. I am running as a Progressive because I am passionate about advocating for change on behalf of underrepresented groups.

As a humanitarian, I have dedicated my life to empowering others, and have achieved this by working as a Certified Life Coach and Health & Wellness Advocate. I am driven by a mission to be of service to those in need and foster positive change in our communities.

Currently, I volunteer for a local non-profit, the North County LGBTQ Resource Center in Oceanside. My work on the External/Marketing Committee has allowed me to become more politically active as I regularly inform their Board of Directors of legislative issues that affect this community. I was instrumental in creating a local candidate survey, giving voters deeper insight on candidates and their positions on matters important to the LGBTQ+ community. Beyond this, I continue to empower others through mentoring and humanitarian efforts that bring awareness, inclusion, and acceptance.

I also serve as an active member of the Democratic Club of Vista and have dedicated my time to help local officials get elected to Vista City Council and Vista Unified School District. I am most passionate about healthcare, education, women’s rights, affordable housing, racial justice, and LGBTQ rights. I want to be a voice for the voiceless and make sure everyone has a seat at the table. Too often only certain people and values are represented.

Aside from my experience at a local level, I have experience leading and supporting political campaigns with key grassroots components at the national level as well. I was a Southern California Grassroots Ambassador for Marianne Williamson’s Presidential run, and her level of ethics, honesty, and integrity has inspired me to move into the political arena. I anticipate a shift and transformation in politics and want to serve as a catalyst for change, so I am excited to be a part of this journey.

I would love the opportunity to serve my community wholeheartedly, and I will make sure our progressive voices are heard and values are represented in the Democratic Party. I would be honored by your support for this position.

Jennifer Ianoale

Hi! I’m Martha Alvarado, a 20-year teacher, a Marine Corps veteran, a Vista School Board Trustee, a CTA union member, a 1st generation college graduate, and proud daughter of Mexican immigrants. I’m running to become an ADEM delegate in the 76th district because representation matters. For too long, our local party has had gatekeepers who decide if Brown and Black folks have a seat at the table. As such, there aren’t any Latinas currently serving on the ADEM delegation in the 76th district. This lack of representation compelled me to become a candidate.

COVID-19’s disproportionate impact on BIPOC in our county and the state spotlight the disparities in our healthcare system. According to the San Diego County Demographic Profile, Latinos make up 33% of our county’s demographics, yet reflect 58% COVID cases, 57% of the hospitalizations, and 49% of the deaths. If elected, I’ll fight for bold solutions to solve these inequities such as Single Payer healthcare.

As a 1st generation college graduate, I know how hard it is for students to afford college. I joined the military to pay for college, but why should students have to join the military to pay for college? If elected, I’ll advocate to make public colleges and universities tuition-free for all.

As a school board trustee, I’ve worked in many capacities to improve the lives of students and their families in my district. To begin with, I helped negotiate a Project Labor Agreement for my district’s bond measure. This agreement includes a guarantee of a local labor force by implementing hiring goals for VUSD’s graduates, veterans, residents of Vista, Oceanside, Carlsbad, Encinitas, and other North County zip codes. This PLA ensures that bond money remains in our region improving the quality of life for working-class families as well as provides apprenticeship opportunities for our graduates in the building trades. Second, I worked with community partners, leaders from the city, the county, and, state to open up a COVID-19 testing center in Vista. Last, I voted to pass a Call To Climate Action Resolution and a Resolution Reaffirming Commitment to Fight Racism for our district.

My lived experiences inform my work on behalf of the working class folks in North County. If elected, I will continue to fight to improve the quality life of ALL people in the 76th. I would be honored to have your vote.

Martha Alvarado

Hello! My name is Diana Aguirre and I reside in Carlsbad. I am running as an ADEM because it’s important to support Democratic candidates & a CA Democratic platform that supports environmental justice, racial and social justice, immigration reform and healthcare access. I’m proud to have the endorsement of our Congressman Mike Levin and Assemblywoman Tasha Boerner-Horvath.

I support Democratic candidates and a Democratic platform that will help our communities during this COVID time especially our communities of color. The Latino & Black communities have been the hardest hit in SD County due to COVID and we need elected officials that will help our communities. It’s important to elect candidates that support immigration reform. I support an expansion of medicare to ensure the health and welfare of our community. It’s important to have candidates and a platform to hold our police accountable and stop police brutality. I also think we need to continue to make the environment a priority especially in our communities of color. Supporting seniors to ensure they have access to healthcare and housing are also important.

The last 4 years, I’ve been active with the San Diego County Dems as a co-founder & President for the Torrey Pines Democratic Club (TPDC) and as the PAC Chair for the Democratic Club of Carlsbad & Oceanside. As President of TPDC and as an Associate Member of the North Area Caucus, I’ve learned about the democratic process at a county and state level, the importance of the candidate endorsement process & balancing the differing opinions of club members. I supported Democratic candidates at the local, state & federal level by phone banking, canvassing, texting and donating money to multiple campaigns.

I’ve also been involved within my community of Carlsbad and helping to push community oversight of the police. This past year, I’ve been mentoring a youth group – Teens for Minority (TFM) in helping them move forward with their group. I am an active member of the North County ACLU chapter supporting DACA reform, bail reform and speaking up for our communities at the San Diego Board of Supervisors budget hearings.

Thank you for your consideration.

Diana Aguirre

I am honored to be running to represent Assembly District 76 as an ADEM delegate . Here in North County I have found a community that is passionate about supporting humanitarian focused politics. Together, within the Bernie Sanders campaign, we organized and mobilized as part of the progressive movement that is gaining momentum throughout our country. In addition to political organizing, I come with 15 years of experience in K-12 music and ESL education and am a studied mindfulness practitioner and facilitator. I am determined to build bridges of communication and connection through compassion and skillful action. This means listening deeply on the issues and supporting platforms that move toward environmental, social and racial justice. I am in support of the Green New Deal and Medicare 4 All, as I believe it is the birthright of all people to access healthcare, drink clean water, breathe clean air, live and thrive with dignity. Let’s go forward together!

Ashley Bridgewater

There has never been a more important time to be engaged and involved in the political process. As an Assembly Delegate, I will bring thoughtful leadership and a commitment to democratic principles to all aspects of the job. I am a native San Diegan, Hispanic, a lifelong Democrat, and am committed to the ideals of the Democratic Party.

My top priorities are:



•Racial and Social Justice

Currently, I am the Director of Development for the Boys & Girls Clubs of Oceanside. I have been a youth advocate for more than 13 years and have seen firsthand the effects of the pandemic on our children, especially those in underserved populations. The current crisis has further exacerbated the academic achievement gap between disadvantaged youth and their more affluent peers. Educational equity will be a critical issue that will need to be addressed in the very near future.

The Latino community has been disproportionally affected by COVID-19, with almost three times as many cases than among whites. More Latinos are dying than any other group, highlighting the existing disparities in access to quality health care. In general, people of color are bearing the brunt of COVID-19 in higher numbers than their white counterparts. Improving health care will require concerted policy intervention.

I believe it is our moral imperative to do the work of dismantling systemic racism, ultimately ensuring the safety and dignity of people of color. The recent news headlines are a symptom of a larger problem — one that cuts across every aspect of society, including schools, our criminal justice system and other institutions. The time for change is now.

I have a B.A. degree from Mills College, with a double major in Business and Ethnic Studies. In addition to my non-profit work, I was a founding member of the Temecula Foster Youth Task Force City/County/Schools Partnership to provide resources and wraparound services to foster youth. In addition, I am a member of the North County Philanthropy Council, the Oceanside Chamber of Commerce and the San Diego Association of Fundraising Professionals. I have also served on the North County Prevention Coalition, the Oceanside Community Safety Partnership and the North County Gang Task Force.

Thank you for voting for me to represent the 76th District and the California Democratic Party.

Rhonda Guaderrama

My name is David Burleson. I am 37 years old, and I am a proud millennial. I was born and raised here in San Diego County, and I graduated from Point Loma High School in 2001. I work for the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) as a Senior Payroll Analyst, and I am currently finishing my degree in Human Resources Management with a specialization in Public and Non-Profit Management online through Colorado State University.

I am running for Assembly District Delegate because I believe it is time for people in my generation and younger to ensure our voices are being heard when crafting the democratic party platform here in California. It will be my generation and younger who will face the most severe impacts of climate change. It will my generation and younger who will need to reckon with the forecast insolvency of the Social Security reserve fund. It was my generation and younger who fought and died in the post 9/11 “War on Terror.” It was my generation and younger who began the Occupy Wall Street and Black Lives Matter movements. And it is my generation and younger who turned out in droves to vote Democratic in 2020, and who will be the future of the Democratic Party here in California and beyond.

I am also no stranger to hardship. Overcoming adversity has been the overarching theme of my life story thus far. I am the child of a drug addicted white mother from Mississippi and a black father with untreated PTSD from the Vietnam War. During my childhood, I dealt with neglect, poverty, and homelessness due to my mother’s addiction and my father’s absence. I learned at a very young age that strong personal motivation, perseverance, and a solid education was my pathway out of that waking nightmare. I am also running for Assembly District Delegate because I believe economically disadvantaged kids – kids who grew up like me – deserve to be afforded the same opportunity this state and this country offers other kids, and I see it as my responsibility to ensure they get one.

The Great Peacemaker of the Iroquois Nations said “Think not of yourself, nor of your family, nor of your generation. Make decisions on behalf of the seventh generation coming so that they may enjoy what you have today. That is your duty as leaders.” I believe this mentality should govern the Democratic Party moving forward.

Thank you for time and your consideration.

David Matthew Burleson

Hello Democrats! I am Jason Rosenberg and I am running for ADEM from the 76-Assembly District because we need representation that will ensure the State Party endorses high-quality, diverse and progressive candidates who can win elections in 2022.

While the 2020 elections brought us a new Democratic President and Vice President, higher voter turnout, the re-elections of our great Member of Congress and Assemblymember, it also brought us our first Democratic Mayor of Oceanside and a return of a Democratic majority in Carlsbad!

But the 2020 election statewide shows that Democrats need to work hard to maintain our majorities in the US House of Representatives and our State Legislature. Seats that were gained in the 2018 election in Orange County were lost by the slimmest of margins. We cannot allow the gains we worked for slip away. We need to make sure that Representative Mike Levin’s is re-elected. We need to make sure that we re-elect Governor Gavin Newsom and Assemblymember Tasha Boerner Horvath, we need to ensure that Democrats endorse a strong candidate for the upcoming open 36th State Senate and Board of Supervisor elections. We must ensure that Carlsbad City Council stays in the Democratic majority. Democrats need to ensure that progressive propositions receive endorsements because propositions are also a driving force in turning out voters in non-presidential elections.

I am a progressive Democrat and I’ve always been a progressive Democrat. From the time I was president of the SDSU Young Democrats and my first job at the 2000 Democratic Convention Host Committee in Los Angeles, through my adult life working to elect Democratic candidates, assisting Union and advocacy group messaging, increasing voter turnout when I was working at Rock the Vote and introducing candidates to using more effective communication tools, I have a lifetime of experience in politics and I want to harness those skills as a Delegate to the State Party so we may endorse the best candidates and propositions that will ensure California stays progressive, diverse, Democratic, ensures LGBTQAI+ rights and eliminates systemic racism.

I humbly ask for your vote.

Jason Rosenberg

My name is Alexander Han and I am 25. I never thought I would find myself here, but I have watched as our politicians failed to represent our interests, time and time again.

As young adults, our calls for a livable planet and an equitable society has been dismissed as being too idealistic. Politicians have been corrupted by special interests and have failed to remedy the extensive racist and systemic injustices we face. I am running to represent you as an Assembly District Delegate in District 76 because I will fight for the policies and the candidates that will uplift us and our values.

As a lifelong San Diegan, I grew up in a refugee household. The mentality was to survive; this meant buying only what was necessary and saving enough to make it through another day. At 17 years old, I faced an uneasy truth: our planet was heating up and cities could be underwater in my lifetime. I was terrified at the prospect, but I knew that I had work to do. It was time to not just fight for my family’s survival, but for all of us.

During my undergrad years, I made this my commitment. I joined Engineers for a Sustainable World to design renewable energy projects. I interned for the UC San Diego Sustainability Office to promote student-campus sustainability efforts and build a coalition. After graduating, I worked for Integral Group to design highly efficient buildings. However, I realized that technology and private investment alone could not save us. We needed to think bigger. Massive policy changes and public investments would be required to avert climate catastrophe.

I joined the Sunrise Movement to begin my work in grassroots organizing. I gave public comments at City Council and Board of Supervisor meetings, phonebanked in national and state level races, onboarded new members, met community organizers, and supported everyday people to win seats in elected office. But this was just the start.

Now, I am running to ensure that the progressive momentum stays strong. I will support candidates who will fight for people with bold policy against climate change, systemic racial inequity, and greedy special interests. As a District Assembly Delegate of District 76, I am committed to endorsing and promoting candidates who represent real, progressive change. My commitment is with my community and I will not be bought off.

Alexander Han

I have been a registered Democrat for 62 years and my desire to be an ADEM delegate is quite simple. I would like to challenge the present party’s commitment to party cronyism. .As an unapologetic Democratic Socialist I believe the state party needs a left-wing infusion of leadership and policy. During these challenging times of COVID, we need true progressive top-level leadership and legislation that addresses the needs of those most affected; the working classes, the disenfranchised and the marginal members of society

I have been an alternate delegate on the SD County Central Committee, and in 2017 was an alternate ADEM delegate. I am a member of DSA San Diego chapter and presently involved with the San Diego County Single Payer Initiative. However, I consider my most important qualification to be my over 60 years of political activism for social justice. From advocating for peace, to fighting racism, to immigrant rights, to ending the judicial injustice of police brutality to labor. I walked my first picket line with my activist father when I was 9 years old and most recently walked with the Unite Now hotel workers last year.

It is time to take back the party of FDR that committed itself to bettering the human condition. If you like the status quo, please don’t vote for me. But if you want a left-wing rebellious risk taker. I am your best bet. Thank you.

Marge Kealey

Hello San Diego Democrats! My name is Linda Miller and I’m asking you to consider selecting me as your delegate.

My husband and I recently moved from the Bay Area in order to work less and contribute more. Professionally, I am a psychotherapist and lucky enough to be able to move to sunny San Diego County and take my virtual practice along with me.

I have been active in the Democratic Party since I turned eighteen and was thrilled to vote. That meant it was time to for me to assume the responsibility of an adult citizen to work to make our democracy more perfect for everyone. I firmly believe we have an ongoing obligation to actively work to improve and promote the well being of our country, our state and our local community. In short, democracy was not a spectator sport, it needs all of us to contribute.

I have volunteered in every presidential election and several congressional races, canvassing, writing postcards, phone banking and knocking on doors to get out the vote. I road a bus two hours each day from Palo Alto to work in the 21st Congressional District race for TJ Cox. We flipped it blue by outworking the opponent and pulled off the most stunning upset in the Central Valley!

In the last year I volunteered at two state Democratic conventions, learned what occurs there and met friendly, committed delegates from San Diego. I have made some lifetime connections and become inspired to be a delegate.

I am eager to serve my community in upcoming conventions.

I am super excited to be part of the San Diego community and I eagerly look forward to meeting you all in person hopefully soon, most likely with masks on, but underneath my mask I can assure you I will be smiling !

Thank you for caring enough to read this and for considering me as your delegate if you have any questions for me or comments I would love to hear from you. You can reach me anytime at millerslinda

Linda Miller

My name is Katie Melendez and I am a community advocate and newly elected Vista City Council Member. My public service began at a young age by helping my mom feed and clothe our homeless neighbors. I was always drawn to helping others and served in Americorps where I coordinated volunteers working with veterans and those with special needs. My experience as a social worker, providing resources and treatment for those experiencing homelessness and substance abuse, has given me unique insight and compassion to the issues that burden our communities.

Now, I am running for ADEM in the 76th district because my valuable experience and clear, moral leadership will move our Democratic Party into the future.

I join the progressive slate because it aligns with my values to put people first, build an inclusive government, and fight for equity in our community.

Catherine C Melendez

I am a Vista resident running to be a delegate for the 76th District. I was inspired by the Black Lives Matter movement to get involved in politics. I started paying attention, started studying, and started asking questions of our local elected officials. Now, I want to take more action and be more involved as a delegate to the DSCC.

I have been a K-8 teacher for 18 years with entrepreneurial experience. I am especially interested in supporting initiatives around income inequality and criminal justice reform. Thank you for considering me as a delegate for AD76.

Jim Riggenbach

Susan Sherod is running to serve our community as an ADEM in the 76th Assembly District.

Susan is a resident of Encinitas, where she has resided with her young son, for the past six and a half years, and where she currently serves as an Encinitas Planning Commissioner for District 4, of Encinitas.

Susan has often contributed her talents to non-profits working for environmental and socio-economic justice, including North County Climate Action Coalition, Sierra

Club San Diego Chapter, Surfrider Foundation, Oceana, Beverly-Vermont Community Land Trust, and others.

She is a broadly experienced registered CA architect, and retired from her professor work teaching AEC (architecture, civil engineering & construction) in 2019 to focus on fighting the climate crisis and supporting the campaigns of progressive candidates.

Susan’s childhood included eight moves through her K-8 years, due to her father’s job. She worked her way through undergraduate studies doing waitressing and a bit of bartending. She understands the very real struggles of working people.

Please consider voting for Susan, and others like her, to represent ALL people, not just the wealthy few.

Susan Marie Sherod

I considered myself new to all that goes behind the scenes in the political process. However, I like to exercise my voting rights and promote voting in my classes.

I am college professor who would like to get more people involved to exercise their right to vote. I heard how Latinos was a term used to refer to only certain groups in the USA. I think the lack of knowledge make people think only Cubans in Florida are Latinos who voted for the opposing party. Mexicans and other groups in other parts of the country are also Hispanics (or Latinos, like we are called here in the USA). I think the lack of information, education, and representation, makes many Hispanics hesitant to vote. A few of them may only hear misinformation about the Democratic party such as being socialist-communist. That hurts the party, but can be solved with more Hispanic representation, and education in that community.

I have been looking into opportunities to volunteer to educate, and help people in the political process, so I hope I can be chosen as a delegate.

I hope that my strong desire to help, my education and my languages abilities (besides Spanish, I speak 3 other European languages), help me get elected and serve the Democratic party.

Margarita Baca

I am a Social Media Marketing Manager and a Community Organizer for animal rights groups in Oceanside and in San Diego County and I am deeply concerned about the treatment of animals, as well as the devastating impacts on the environment and the impact on the health of our community. I am also a single mom of two young children who are growing up in a time where climate change is threatening the extinction of all life on this planet. I want to become a delegate because as a social media manager, activist, and primary writer for Vegan Mom Blog over the last 10 years, I have had been able to research, investigate, and educate my readers and community on the issues affecting our lives and I would like to be of service to my community in a more impactful way. I have been entrusted by many of my community members to assist and lead others in creating desperately needed change for people and animals because of my empathy, hard work and dedication and I would like to do that as a delegate for the democratic party as well.

Kristi De Maria

My name is Elizabeth Perez and I’m a single mother of two, a Navy Combat Veteran, and I come from two unique backgrounds of being both Native American and first generation Mexican American. I am also a first generation college graduate. I represent both the unseen Latino & Native American population. I’m proud of who I am and where I come from.

In life, I have faced challenges. It is because of those challenges, why I have a deep understanding that when there is representation at the decision table, a community can thrive. I’m running as a delegate to represent the 76th Assembly District so that we elect leaders who support diversity and inclusion through their actions. The actions that I speak of are enhancing social services in our communities, creating affordable healthcare and housing, create economic prosperity, and education opportunities for ALL.

Currently, there is a lack of diversity within the ADEM 76th District delegation. I hope to see that change.

My professional experience and career speaks for itself. I’ve been a general contractor within the clean energy industry for over 11 years. During these 11 years, I have been a part of creating over 5000 jobs in the clean energy industry throughout California. I was recognized by The White House as a Champion of Change and I was twice selected to serve as a U.S. delegate, as an energy and water expert, to both Israel and Japan. In 2017, I was appointed by Governor Brown as a CalVet Board Member and in 2018 as Deputy Secretary. During my appointment, I created four statewide programs and two were the first to be instituted nationwide.

I would be honored to represent and serve as an ADEM 76 Delegate to ensure economic prosperity, healthcare, education, affordable housing, and opportunity for ALL!!

Vote for Liz Perez, for ADEM 76th District

Liz Perez

Hello North County Neighbor and fellow Democrat living in AD76,

My name is Sarah Spinks.

I am an artist. I have lived in Vista my whole life. I’m almost 40. I’m a white, working, woman/mother and an accomplice to the community and anyone interested in doing some collaborative work to make it better.

My Mom is a retired RN, my Dad a retired Union Carpenter. I went to public schools. I went to Cal State San Marcos and got a Literature and Writing Studies degree, married my college sweetheart, bought a house and had a kid.

Our family paid A LOT of money over the past sixteen years on health insurance and I feel disappointed by a system that led to my husband receiving a stage four cancer diagnosis at the age of 38. I would never wish this on anyone.

This experience I am living and helping my best friend through solidified my belief that healthcare is a human right and profit-driven insurance companies don’t belong in the decision making process of how we take care of our bodies. We need Medicare for All now.

My path to becoming more civically engaged began in 2011 when I started organizing artists. That led to an appointment to the Vista Public Arts Commission and a few months later I was elected Chair. I got involved in local politics when I started attending Vista City Council meetings in 2015 to navigate moving the tattoo shop I work at from Bonsall to Vista. I learned how conservative the leadership was/is and I started meeting more of my neighbors with Democratic values interested in civic engagement.

In 2017, I joined the Democratic Club of Vista and helped work on two campaigns for the 2018 cycle. Together, we elected a progressive Latina, Councilmember Corinna Contreras. This last election we had a Blue Wave in Vista. I helped as an elected club representative as Secretary of the Democratic Club of Vista & Vice Chair of the SD Progressive Democratic Club North Chapter. I volunteered for the following campaigns: Bernie (primary), VUSD Trustees Cipriano Vargas & Julie Kelly, Tri City Hospital Boardmember Adela Sanchez, Vista D3 Councilmember Katie Melendez and Vista City Council D2 Candidate Liz Perez.

I would be honored to serve progressives in this role for Assembly District 76 within the California Democratic Party.

Thank you for your vote, I honor your choice.

Sarah Spinks

Sarah Spinks

I have been a registered democrat since I was naturalized as a Citizen of the United States, more than 40 years ago. I have seen the country and the party go through several transformations. Last 5 years have been very challenging and disappointing. I decided to do my part in whatever way I can to make a change for the better.

We live in district 76, a very active and vibrant part of the southern California. We are very fortunate to be here. But many in our state and country needs some help in understanding the values of a healthy democracy. As an immigrant, what is obvious to us may not be for others; the democracy is a very delicate and fragile system. It has to be protected from all sides, we can’t allow anybody to chip it away, bit by bit under the disguise of making it great again, or making you feel that they are the patriots and you are not. Diversity is what makes California and the Democratic Party great, not building the walls.

The California Democratic Party provides a place at the table for almost anybody who is willing to spend time and efforts to spread its message. I want use my experience as an immigrant to educate others build a bigger and better future and a representative of my community.

Please help me make a difference. Please vote for me in the upcoming delegate election. Thank you very much.

Sudesh Kumar