Assembly District 8




SelfIdentifiedFemale (SIF) OtherthanSIF (OSIF)

8 Belinda Beeks No SIF
8 Gold Smith * OSIF
8 Latifah Janay Alexander No SIF
8 Jody Pratt No SIF
8 Eric Milstein No OSIF
8 Carol Gonzalez-Trujillo No SIF
8 Robin Rahil No SIF
8 Heather Bradley No SIF
8 Denice Rocker No SIF
8 Magali Kincaid No SIF
8 Kennard Harris No OSIF
8 Steve Juarez No OSIF
8 Jack Zwald No OSIF
8 Karif Lawrence No OSIF
8 Beau E Reynolds No OSIF
8 LaShawnda Barker No SIF
8 David Hildebrand No OSIF
8 Anahit Sargsyan No SIF
8 Jacqueline Wyse No SIF
8 Harue Seki No SIF
8 Bryan Reese No OSIF
8 Joyce Childs No SIF
8 Gregg Borden No OSIF
8 Brittany Trudeau No SIF
8 Belinda Beeks No SIF
8 Kendra Noel Lewis * SIF
8 Melissa Reese No SIF
8 Ricky-Ric Barreto No OSIF
8 Catherine B Kennedy No SIF
8 Sean Frame No OSIF
8 Tanweer Ahmad No OSIF
8 Dolores J. Eitel No SIF
8 Daljit Dhanda No OSIF

Candidate Statements

Greetings Fellow Democrats,

I am very excited to run again for ADEM Delegate. I am a lifelong Democrat with labor and progressive values. I am looking forward to the momentum of the Blue Wave while we usher the new year with the Biden/ Harris Administration. We have come so far, but yet we have so much more work ahead of us. I am looking to continue the good fight with my fellow brothers and sisters. Let’s get into good trouble!

I am humbly asking for your vote and support!

Belinda Beeks

Former Labor Leader

Current Social/ Political/ Community Activist

Union Member of Association of California for State Supervisors ( ACSS)

Belinda Beeks ( Malone)

I’m a young professional that has always had a penchant for serving the community and civic engagement. I’ve been involved with many organization on a volunteer basis, including Active 20-30 Club, UC Davis Craft Center, and local libraries and labs. During my time in college, I was elected student trustee. As a student trustee I advocated for students on the governing board and had an advisory vote. I enjoyed being a part of improving college life for students in any way. I come from a working class African American family and I’m a first-generation college graduate of the University of California, Davis, with a degree in Biological Sciences. I’m currently working as a Legislative Assistant for the California Bankers Association. Sacramento has been my home for over 2 years, and I will do my due diligence to represent its unique qualities. If given the opportunity to be a part of the DSCC I’ll apply my education and experience in making the best decisions for the Democratic Party. I will be a fierce advocate for the 8th Assembly District while leading the district to a bright future. I believe that by being an Assembly District Delegate, I would play an important role in shaping political future of the Democratic Party. I respectfully ask for your vote to serve and advance our great community.

Latifah Alexander

Becoming an Assembly District delegate will allow me to continue a lifetime of Progressive, labor-friendly activism within California Democratic Party. As a former AD08 delegate and 1st Vice Chair of the CADEM Veteran’s Caucus, I wrote and successfully shepherded to adoption, a resolution, co-sponsored with the African-American Caucus, condemning NFL owners and President Trump for their interference with players’ 1st Amendment rights. I assisted in planning and executing Caucus programs that allowed Democratic veterans to voice their issues and concerns. I served as a delegate to the 2016 Democratic Convention in Philadelphia. I am a retired Deputy Attorney General. I prosecuted elder abuse cases occurring within facilities, as well as provider Medi-Cal fraud, where I worked under the leadership of Bill Lockyer, Jerry Brown, Kamala Harris, and Xavier Becerra. I spent 13 years as a Public Defender in rural Placer County, defending every level of accused and working for social and criminal justice from within the system. I am a parent and grandparent, and committed to ensuring a cleaner environment for my family and yours. I will work hard to improve the lives of veterans, our homeless population, and our environment. I am committed to protecting our elder community, the fastest-growing segment of our national population. As a service-connected, disabled Vietnam-era veteran, I will passionately fight for Progressive values and the core principles of the Democratic Party.

Jody Feldman Pratt

As a daughter of immigrants, I’ve seen the need for leaders who reflect their communities and are able to understand the struggles of working-class Americans. From my time at community college to UC Merced, I worked to increase political participation and representation in every level of elected office. As Internal VP for UC Merced Democrats, I encouraged freshmen to become more involved by running for a committee seat or an executive board seat.

As an Emerge CA fellow, I advocate for and encourage electing women who reflect the diverse and underrepresented communities of California. In recent years, we have seen a need for new leaders who understand the needs of their communities and reflect the diversity of their communities. The California Democratic has seen an influx of new leaders who reflect the diversity of their communities and advocate for equity within them. As a delegate for Assembly District 8, I’ll always encourage our youth to become more involved within the party from local clubs to statewide opportunities.

There is an old saying, “So goes California, so goes the Nation.” California must continue to be a progressive leader on issues from climate to criminal justice. The California Democratic Party should increase its involvement with local communities who feel left behind, and, as a party, we should partner with grassroots organizers and extend the table so it fits us all. As an Assembly District Delegate, I’ll advocate for engagement, advocacy, and progressive values.

If elected, I’ll make sure that our communities and their fiercest advocates are heard.

Robin Rahil

As a single mother I know what it means to work to make ends meet while depending on California’s Financial and Medical Policies so I plan to give back as an Assembly District Delegate.

Heather J Bradley

Dear Fellow Democrats,

I respectfully submit my candidacy for Assembly District 08 Delegate to the California Democratic Party.

I felt compelled to make myself a candidate after witnessing the outcome of a number of CA congressional races. While Democrats can and should be proud of the overall results of the general election in the state, I believe that we were simply out-hustled in a number of congressional races where we lost seats, failed to make gains, or where races were closer than should they should have been given partisan dynamics in certain districts.

I think our overall roster of candidates was actually quite exemplary. But I must ask, where was the on-the-ground and focused strategy emanating from the state party.? Where was the energy needed to counteract the resources Republicans put against TJ Cox, Gil Cisneros, Harley Rouda and Christy Smith. Moreover, I believe that candidates like Brynne Kennedy and Ammar Campa-Najjar can win against vulnerable candidates in 2022. We must also redouble our efforts in districts like Katie Porter’s and Mike Levin’s.

Beginning immediately, we must (1) revamp our intelligence-gathering efforts and personal outreach in those congressional districts that are purple or migrating to purple,; (2) engage our union friends and like-minded business interests to work with us and with each other to realize achievable gains in these districts; and (3) deploy the broad cadre of university students and other young people who can assist us in the type of door-to-door agressive campaigning that wins hearts and minds.

I vow to bring a fresh vision to all races in 2022. I have served as a Deputy State Treasurer for Economic Development, Associate Vice President for Government Relations in the UC System, and Director of Financial Management at the Getty Trust in Los Angeles. I have served on the boards of the California Public Employees Retirement System, the California State Teachers Retirement System, the LA Fire & Police Pension, and I was instrumental in creation of the CalSavers Program, the largest state-offered retirement savings program in the country. I promise to bring my broad experience and relationships to the work on behalf of the party, including improved political strategy, enhanced fundraising, and targeted marketing in key districts that are clearly winnable.

We can and must do better.

Steve Juarez

I am a life long democrat with progressive values. When I was a child was taught the value of supporting labor and their fight for worker rights and compensation. I am the current president of the Elk Grove South County Dem Club. A vote for me is a vote for the future of our party and a movement toward a California where we can thrive in all areas of life, liberty, and the personal pursuit of happiness. Vote for our future, vote for Karif Lawrence.

Karif Lawrence

As District 8 Democratic Party delegate, I will uphold the progressive values of our party. I believe your vote for me will generate representation that reflects the diversity of our district, county, and our great state. Although I was born and raised in Oakland, I have lived in district 8 for over 20 years. I grew up with role models like the late Oakland Mayor/Congressmember Ron Dellums and Congressmember Barbara Lee, working on their campaign as a young phone banker. I participated as a member of Oakland’s NAACP, working with youth, answering phones, and supporting the interests of my community. I have always understood civic involvement is our duty as citizens, which includes a commitment to informed voting. My participation in the democratic process is a right my ancestors fought for. Because of their actions I believe “WE the people” will advance our nation forward to a more perfect union. I am not a career politician, but my job as a social worker has trained me to be an advocate, to speak up, and to ask questions.

I have over 15 years’ experience as a County Social Worker providing direct services in programs within Child Protective Services, along with Housing and Homelessness. I have witnessed the struggle of our neighbors firsthand–the single parents, aging adults, former foster youth who struggle to afford the basic necessity of safe housing, and others facing systemic barriers. I have been their advocate not only in providing direct services but also providing perspective during city council and county board meetings regarding policy changes. In 2016, I joined Sacramento Housing Alliance as an at large member of the board. We advocate for equitable housing policies in the Sacramento region. I am currently the chair of North Highlands-Foothill Farms Community Planning Advisory Council. I am also a founding member of the volunteer led organization, North Sacramento Homeless Assistance Resource Team. In January of 2020 we formed a temporary winter safe parking shelter for unhoused neighbors who sleep in their car. I also contribute to my community as a member of the Sacramento Alumnae Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Inc. If elected I will use my experience and compassion as my guiding star to help build a stronger party.

LaShawnda Barker

We face many seemingly insurmountable obstacles just trying to survive in a system that is stacked against working people. That was before a pandemic started in March 2020 that destroyed the dreams and lives of many of us, and our friends and family. While we see a glimmer of hope ahead in the creation of successful vaccines, we are still seeing a spike in both cases and deaths that will make the previous peak look minute. The financial wounds received from this pandemic will linger on for decades for many of us. Those wounds will open alongside the scars from decades of lack of sufficient healthcare, overpriced education and housing, lost and stolen wages, endless wars, and the final destruction of our very existence through climate change. While the future seems bleak, there still is time to bandage our collective wounds and carry on the fight against those who would choose obscene profits over our health and lives.

I have spent the last several years engaged in Progressive politics in many different arenas, and through many different tactics. The overall strategy was always to help working families succeed and thrive. There are many legitimate methods of political interaction that we can choose to dedicate our time and resources to. I have chosen to stay in this fight through direct action, and by running for a Assembly District Delegate position.

We have seen many successes as Progressives in the California Democratic Party, but there is no doubt in anyone’s mind that there is a lot of work to be done. If we split this work and share the burden, we can advance a platform that includes planks that will actually help working families. We can be in a position to pressure elected officials to do the right thing. We may even be able to pass single-payer healthcare in California.

While the hour is late, we cannot slumber. Let’s move forward with a Progressive agenda that benefits all California residents, and let’s not stop until the work is done!

David Hildebrand

As a resident of California for 34 years I have seen the population of California become increasingly more diverse and I’d like to represent that diversity by being elected as a member of District 8 Delegate Assembly for the Democratic Party. As an educator with over 40 years of experience as a teacher and administrator, I possess strong leadership and communication skills, and a passion for social action as an active member of a national sorority which is a public service organization focused on supporting the needs of the community. I have served in various capacities within the organization such as committee chair, Parliamentarian and Chapter President as well as statewide and regional leadership positions. I am also currently serving as a board member for a statewide professional organization for approximately 1000 early childhood educators and program administrators which provides professional development and advocates for programs for children ages 0-5. I am a resident of Citrus Heights and I work in Rancho Cordova so I’m familiar with the communities located within District 8. I know that I would be an asset for the process of supporting the platform of the Democratic Party by being visible at community meetings, being a voice for our community and advocating for issues which need to be addressed.

Jacqueline Wyse

My name is Harue Seki. I am a life-long Democrat running for District 8 Assembly Delegate seat. I am a caregiver for elders and a small business owner in Sacramento’s Arden Arcade area. I want to run for an ADEM seat to advocate for my elder clients, the staff who care for them, and my family business which I run with my father. We run small care homes in two locations, six residents per house. My father is a native of Japan, and I speak Japanese, which is why Japanese and Japanese Americans often seek us out to live in a loving and culturally sensitive care environment. We care for residents from a variety of other cultural backgrounds as well.

The COVID-19 pandemic has directly and heavily impacted the elders who live with us, their families, our staff and our business. Some caregiving staff have lost loved ones to the virus or contracted it themselves. Thankfully, because we maintain such robust prevention methods, those staff who have contracted the virus have not passed it on to staff or residents, although we live in constant fear of that possibility.

The Personal Protective Equipment that we must use and the separation from family that we must enforce to prevent the virus from infecting our beloved elders has robbed them of the richness of pre-pandemic life, and this has been a burden and a challenge to us all.

In my nearly eight years as an administrator of our family business, I have gained insight into the needs of elders, the people and industries that help to care for them, and ways in which their needs intersect with the medical industry and the governmental organizations in charge of regulation. I hope to be able to use this insight to influence the legislators whose decisions directly impact our community and the people whose lives who have so closely touched mine.

In addition to running my business, I am also committed to volunteering in the community. I am part of the leadership team for the local Indivisible chapter, INDIVISIBLE Sacramento. We do the hard work of making government more accessible to the public and of helping our members communicate directly with state, local and federal legislators. Over the last four years, I have learned about how government runs, and how it fails, and through that learning process I have committed myself to improving it for all of us.

My name is Harue Seki.

Thank you.

Harue Seki

I am running for a seat in our state party as an ADEM delegate at a time when it is very important that we continue to stay focused on our progressive values. I have served as a delegate in previous cycles as well as an elected member of the Sacramento County Democratic Central Committee and served on their executive board for 6 years.

I am a retired special education teacher and was an active member of the California Teachers Association union for 15 years. My strong passion for public education and my commitment to the children of California and their educators will inspire my dedication to the process and decisions needed at this time in history.

I am also a 15 year veteran of the US Army and the California Army National Guard. I understand the issues related to veterans and want to insure they are represented and plan to be an active advocate for them at the convention.

I would greatly appreciate your vote and will actively work to make the California Democratic Party the party of the people.

Joyce Childs

My name is Gregg Borden, and I am running as a Delegate for CADEM’s State Central Committee in AD-8.

Raised by a registered nurse and a public servant in unincorporated Sacramento County, I have a deep understanding of what it means to serve one’s community. Staying home to keep costs down, I attended CSU, Sacramento, and earned my undergraduate degree in sociology. While at Sac State, I attended my first CADEM Convention, interned for U.S. Senator Kamala D. Harris, and deepened my understanding of the social inequality facing California. Currently, I am a graduate student in Sac State’s sociology department studying the intersection of race, housing, and education, and a staff assistant for U.S. Senator Kamala D. Harris. I am a member of the Sacramento County Young Democrats and Wellstone Democrats. I have also volunteered for Katie Valenzuela, Mai Vang, Sacramento People’s Campaign, and more.

The data show us we are facing historic inequality. I believe it will take historic public policy to meet the challenge. That means organizing service sector workers, making childcare and healthcare affordable to working families, and making higher education a public good again. It means fighting the housing crisis with strong rent control, inclusive zoning, and subsidized working and middle-class housing. And it means tackling the climate crisis by taking on big polluters, improving public transportation, and unlocking opportunities for workers in a green economy.

Progressives understand the stakes. We know what it will take to overcome them. If elected, I will make sure those values are well represented in the California Democratic Party.

Gregg Borden

When I turned 18, I proudly registered as a Democrat. Even as a young man I knew that the party that stood for Civil Rights, and Workers Rights, and Consumer Rights, and Environmental Protection was MY party. The year was 1986. Shortly thereafter, I voted in my first election. I proudly voted for Tom Bradley for Governor. He went on to lose in a landslide to Incumbent George Deukmejian. While it wasn’t the outcome I wanted or expected, I was still proud to cast my vote for someone who reflected my values.

While there have been some twists and turns in the road since then, my values remain unchanged. As I look at our CADEM platform, I am proud to be deeply involved in a party whose core values are in alignment with my own. While living in Placerville, I co-founded El Dorado Progressives, a 501c4 that now has more than 2500 members and is the largest progessive political organization in the Sierra Nevada.

I’ve also served as an elected official for nearly 9 years on the Placerville Union School District Board of Trustees. During my time on the board, I championed and we passed, a technology bond that upgraded The District’s technology infrastructure and put devices in the hands of every student–an election we won by 19 votes! We also implemented a Spanish/English dual immersion program at one of our elementary schools. These are just two of many examples of how I translated my values to policy and action while elected.

Most recently, I also ran as an unabashed progressive Democrat in Congressional District 4 vs Tom McClintock–a tea party conservative. Though I had to leave the race early due to some tragic family medical emergencies, I feel proud of the race we ran. We built local power, showed proud support for organized labor, and promoted strong progressive Democratic values and progresive policy positions in a place where Democrats often try to downplay who we are.

If you elect me to be one of the 14 Assembly District 8 Delegates to the California Democratic Party, you can be certain that I will bring my progressive values and strong support of organized labor to the endorsement process and to platform development. Now, more than ever, we need progressive leadership in our party to ensure that our progressive CADEM platform is supported by our candidates and translated to policy and law by our elected Democrats.

Sean Frame

As a life – long healthcare provider, as an independent Family Nurse Practitioner, a Trauma Care Nurse Specialist , a University Nursing Professor and a Hospital Administrator, I am dedicated to ensuring that all Californians have the quality health care they can afford. I am an Educator, a Patient Care Advocate. I have been active with Compassion. & Choices , working with Senator Susan Telemantes Eggman and other community members on the ground breaking Medical Aid in Dying legislation. I am a strong supporter of climate action, civil rights, and economic justice. It is the reason I have been a grassroots Democrat for the part decade , and now hope to gain your vote for CDP delegate- – to represent the “ boots on the ground” Democrats that win elections. During this past election, I did many things from registering Sac State students to register and vote to write postcards to voters in swing states to put up lawn signs to defeat Trump. This past election demonstrated the need to energize a new generation of Democrats, and I am committed to doing that as your delegate.

Dolores Eitel

My name is Daljit Dhanda and I’ve lived in this district for the last 12 years. I find this as an honor to have an opportunity to serve as a Democratic Party delegate. I have always been keen on the local politics and have actively followed it. I am a long-term democratic party campaigner. Being an ‘Associate member’ of Democratic party of Sacramento, I’ve strived to represent distinctive interests of people which is something that is much on a whole, the need of the hour. I sincerely look forward to stand for our district’s interests.

Further, I am a small business owner, a social worker, and president of Punjab Productions (a Non-Profit organization). I am interested in becoming an Assembly Delegate District 8, because I firmly believe in building a community with an equitable growth for all, no matter the race, ethinicity, religion, creed or gender. I have a strong zeal and commitment in order to make a positive and sustainable difference in my community.

As a famous quote by ‘Helen Keller’ goes, ‘Alone we can do so little , together we can do so much’ so, it is to believed and agreed upon that everyone, regardless of any distinctive feature, has something amazing to offer but only if they are given a chance.

As a member of ADEMs, I will find myself honored to stand and serve at the pleasure of my community. Standing for equal opportunities and diversity in the workforce, I believe everyone, regardless of gender, ethnicity, age, or social standing should be given an opportunity to make a difference and be a part of the change that we all do want to see. Together, I believe, we can move California into being a more progressive state and an epitome of a desired change.

I humbly request your vote. Thank you for your consideration. I really look forward to giving the best as an ADEM 8 delegate!

Wishing you all the best of health in these tough times.

I can be reached at

Daljit Dhanda