Assembly District 80




SelfIdentifiedFemale (SIF) OtherthanSIF (OSIF)

80 Kate Bishop No SIF
80 Rickie Brown No SIF
80 Bernadette Butkiewicz No SIF
80 Alberto Martín Murillo No OSIF
80 Gretel Rodriguez No SIF
80 Rafael A. Perez No OSIF
80 Michael Sisneros No OSIF
80 Georgette Gomez No SIF
80 Juan Perez No OSIF
80 Ricardo Ochoa * OSIF
80 Maribel De La Torre Mckinze No SIF
80 Johnny Swanson  No OSIF
80 Brenda Aguirre No SIF
80 Darrell Roberts No OSIF
80 Jared Moten No OSIF
80 Evelin E. Quintero No SIF
80 Kari Ramirez No SIF
80 Cindy Lopez * SIF
80 Rick Guerrero No OSIF
80 Roberto C. Alcantar No OSIF
80 Marco A. Briones No OSIF
80 Sandy Naranjo No SIF
80 Christina Griffin-Jones No SIF
80 Genoveva Aguilar * SIF
80 Jose Sanchez No OSIF
80 Beatriz Garcia No SIF

Candidate Statements

I am an activist and parent advocate, looking to amplify the voices of our District at the state level. Like so many Democrats incensed and feeling helpless about the 2016 election, I heard a call to arms to do what I could to protect our community by running for office. So, I decided to run for school board. I care deeply about the issues that affect our children: racism, bigotry towards the LGBTQ community, homelessness, food insecurity, broken foster care system, and more. Societal injustice impacts everyone, from birth to death. I wanted to do my part to fight against it. And I was elected to do so and was finally sworn into the office of Trustee of the Chula Vista Elementary School District on December 15th.

Over the past four years I have become very involved in the San Diego Democratic Party. I have been an Associate to the Central Committee since January 2019. I have re-founded the South chapter of the Progressive Democratic Club, where I serve as Secretary, am the Social Chair of the Democratic Woman’s Club, and am in the process of helping to recharter the Democratic Education Alliance. I am an active member of about a dozen Democratic clubs, and I feel like they are a great way to bolster activism and encourage grassroots involvement in the Party. I have also been serving as one of South Area’s two members on the Ethics Committee for over a year, and I believe in holding our elected Democrats to the highest ethical standards.

I am a pragmatic progressive. I believe that there are two ways to push for change- you can organize from the outside or you can help move the needle from the inside. There will always be a need for outside activists, but I believe that progressive change can only be accomplished by fighting hard within the Party for the best support for our people. Our leadership should be reactive to our needs, not beholden to powerful interests that uphold the status quo.

For a representative that is about fairness, justice, and transparency, please support Kate Bishop for ADEMs.

Kate Bishop

I am a dedicated, hardworking member of the community. I have actively been fighting for working families since 2010. My sole desire is to help improve living conditions for residents who are forced to live and raise their families in unsafe environments. I am running not to just have a seat at the table, but to truly elevate the voice of our community. I am asking your support as I strive to make a difference by becoming an Assembly District Delegate to make a difference for everyone in the 80th Assembly District.

I currently serve on the Executive Boards of the Martin Luther King, Jr Democratic Club and Democrats for Equality.

With your help, together we will ensure that the Democrats endorsed are truly committed to the people in the 80th Assembly District.

Rickie Brown

Growing up in a family dedicated to labor, I have walked picket lines, demanded justice at the ballot box, and fought for San Diego’s working families from a young age. A native San Diegan, I have also seen the impacts of the drastic increases in the cost of living as wages have remained stagnant. As a millennial, I have seen friends leaving the state for more affordable living options and more San Diegans have been left unsheltered. This has led me to become a Community Organizer and labor advocate.

This past election cycle we saw Democrats turn our County Board of Supervisors blue and we added progressive city council seats across the county. With these positive changes, now is the time to advocate and demand that we address the critical issues that are affecting our communities the most. As a resident of City Heights, we see our unsheltered citizens that are dependent upon our open space and parks without adequate services from our County.

As a first-generation college student, I graduated with a degree in Political Science and I am now a proud local union Organizer. During my time organizing, I have seen unrepresented workers stand up and demand a voice on the job. More recently, they have demanded PPE from their employers with the hope of keeping the virus from their families at home. I also recruit for an “earn while you learn” union apprenticeship program at high schools across the South Bay, from Castle Park High School to Sweetwater HS and Lincoln HS all the way down to San Ysidro HS.

Volunteering nearly every Saturday since March of this year, I have supported food drives to help feed San Diego County residents that are most impacted. Our communities need long term and impactful policy that will carry us through these trying times. This past year I joined the Board of Directors for the Center on Policy Initiatives seeking economic justice for our black and brown communities south of the 8. As an ADEM to the 80th Assembly District, I will always keep the working-class families in mind when voting on California Democratic Party Leadership, platform, and resolutions. Priorities:

Equal pay for women

Medicare for All

Paid Family Sick Leave

Universal preschool

Charter school accountability

Workers Right to Unionize

Living wage

Criminal Justice Reform

Transit oriented infill

Inclusionary housing

Environmental justice

Bernadette Butkiewicz

Thanks for taking time to participate in this process. As a voter you’re engaging in the political process at a higher level than most. My name is Rafael Perez and I’m running for delegate again in AD80.

I’m the son of a Mexican immigrant and a teen mother. I’m a first generation college graduate, Business Owner, College Educator and Commissioner for the City of SD. I understand the challenges our community faces and have experience improving those conditions.

As a Sherman Heights resident, I know how important it is for vulnerable communities to have a seat at the table. I’ve dedicated my life to economic empowerment, equity and opportunity for those that have historically been left behind. I will continue to take these values with me to any table where I am seated. These are the guiding principles that I will represent YOU with as a Delegate.

Professionally, I’m a Realtor who has helped many families reach the dream of homeownership. Often times only possible through finding the resources and assistance available to bridge the gap from dream to reality. I’ve been an activist within the real estate profession to dismantle systemic racism and am actively working on projects to help accomplish this. I’m also Adjunct Faculty at Cuyamaca College, where I teach Real Estate Principles. As an educator, I’m able to help my students prepare for a rewarding career.

As an engaged citizen in my community, I have served for 7 years on the City of San Diego’s Citizens’ Equal Opportunity Commission. Our primary goal has been to put together the tools and resources to ensure the City more equitably provides opportunity to businesses in SD. In my community, I serve on the board of the Sherman Heights Community Center. Through the current pandemic, our focus has been on food stability, immigrant resources and finding ways to support our local youth.

I’ve been recognized in my community and amongst my colleagues. I was awarded Realtor of the Year for my involvement in both my profession and community. Lowrider Magazine recognized me as a “Lowrider Roll Model” and produced a short biography, available on youtube. I have experience in government, non-profit, education, finance, organizing and policy. I will take this experience with me as YOUR delegate for the AD80 for the California Democratic Party.

I’d appreciate your vote.


Rafael A. Perez

Hi my name is Georgette Gomez and I’m running to by your delegate in the CA Democratic Party for the 80th Assembly District. I’m a first generation Mexican-American Queer brown woman from Barrio Logan. I have dedicated my life to fight for social, environmental, economic, and racial justice as a community organizer and as a former council member. I will fight to steer our party to support candidates and policies that will prioritize equity, racial justice, and a sustainable planet.

I’m in this fight with you, and I look forward to moving our priorities forward and ensuring that our communities are not left behind and build a more just society. I’m ready to do the work as your delegate.

In Solidarity,

Georgette Gomez

Georgette Gomez

Hi, my name is Juan Perez. I am an immigrant, Marine Corps vet, and a union organizer. I believe that healthcare should be a right not a privilege, I believe everyone should be paid a living wage, and I believe we should end all wars and reinvest back home into our communities. In the richest country in the world, there is no reason why we can’t do these things. Maybe it’s our leadership.

The status quo is not working for everyday working people. So we need change and we need it in the Democratic Party now more than ever.

Vote for me, Juan Perez, for delegate in the 80th Assembly District, and I will represent the interest of working people.

Juan Perez

I am an immigrant, a labor activist, a teacher, a leftist, an attorney. I currently serve as a delegate to the California Democratic Party and as the representative to the Party’s Executive Board from the 80th Assembly District. I am asking for your vote to reelect me as a delegate and Executive Board representative.

I am running for reelection because we need a Party that puts human need before corporate greed; the needs of the many over the wants of the few. We need a Party that puts communities above downtown interests. And to achieve that, we need a Party that puts values over friendships, substance over style, and character over personality.

As a Party, we have become politically dominant, both locally and statewide. But we need to do more to translate those victories at the ballot box into policy achievements that help working people and the communities in which we live. We need real solutions – not lip service – for homelessness, for the housing crisis, for COVID relief, for the scourge of wage theft and food insecurity, for the pernicious effects of systemic racism, and for the existential threat of catastrophic climate change. Our job as a Party isn’t simply to elect Democrats. It is also to push elected officials to do the right thing, to create the political climate in which they can be bold, and to hold them accountable when they fall short.

And, to achieve this, we need a Democratic Party that is more democratic. The California Democratic Party is currently debating reforms to its leadership structure. If elected as your representative, I will push to transition away from the current model of an all-powerful Chair with virtually no checks and balances, and towards a model in which power is shared among the elected officers, and all officers are more accountable to the Executive Board.

I am the Vice President of the San Diego Labor Democratic Club, sit on the Central Committee of the San Diego County Democratic Party, and am active in many other Democratic clubs, such as San Diego Democrats for Equality and San Diego Democrats for Environmental Action.

I hope to continue bringing my decades of experience (as a Party activist, as an attorney, as a union organizer, as a teacher) to the Executive Board, to help craft solutions which push our Party to the left, and move our region and state forward.


Ricardo Ochoa

My name is Brenda Aguirre, and I want to change the world, starting with city and this district.
I am here because I believe that Democrats have the potential to speak for everyone in our community, including people who are vulnerable or marginalized. I want to make sure that every Democrat represents these ideals and I also believe that the only way we can achieve this goal is by holding our fellow Democrats accountable.
It is a core belief of mine that as Democrats we need to be taking a stand for our immigrant and LGBTQ populations. It is vital that we embrace these populations, that we strive to embrace them as a part of our community and foster inclusivity. As a mother of four, it is so important to me that my children see that diversity is valued in our community and that our rich cultures are something to be celebrated. I want to stand up and lead by example. I want to be a strong role model for my children and my community.
I moved from Tijuana after graduating from UABC with a business degree and became a U.S. Citizen for the sole purpose of casting my vote as a Democrat.
I threw myself into the world of activism. I am proud to say that I am a member of the steering committee for the ACLU People Power South Bay, an advocacy organization serving the public on a grassroots level. I have also served on the steering committee for the South Bay Alliance. I am a board member for PFLAG San Diego and I am the Vice President of both the Latina Democratic Club, South Area Progressive Democratic Club and I recently became a member at Large of the Blue Dream Democrats. I currently serve as Associate for the South Area for Labor Democrats and was just elected to serve in the nominations committee for Central Committee.
I worked as a manager and field representative for several political campaigns, including the Elizabeth Warren campaign. I am now proud to call myself the family recourses manager for the Chicano Federation.
I have worked hard to get where I am and I only plan to work harder for my family, my neighborhood and my community. I believe that the Democratic Party is the key to a better future for our community, our state, and our country. We stand for justice. We stand for inclusivity. We stand for everyone getting a fair chance.
I am Brenda A and I am here to pledge to you that I will help to make Democratic Ideals a reality in our community.

Brenda Aguirre

Hello Brothers and Sisters,

My name is Darrell Roberts and I am running for a ADEM for the 80th Assembly District. I have lived my whole life in this great district. My wife and I have raised our kids in the same neighborhood that we both grew up in.

I have spend the last 25 years serving my neighbors and friends and family as a local firefighter. I have seen first hand the importance of having quality healthcare and the negative impacts COVID-19 has had on our community, our local hospitals, most importantly our families.

I have also seen year after year our great state of California suffer from catastrophic fires. The death and damage has been unbelievable. Each year our fires are hotter, more destructive, and there is no doubt our climate is changing. But its much more than that, we need strong policies to protect our neighborhoods and enough firefighters to keep us safe.

For the last decade of my life I have had the privilege to lead the Chula Vista Firefighters as a proud IAFF Union Member, and it has been a great honor to serve the last 7 years as our Local President. I led the charge to pass a pro public safety tax initiative that made our community safer that led to quicker response times in our neighborhoods. I have dedicated my life to fighting for the staffing, safety, and the commensurate wages and benefits for the men and women that risk their life for strangers. I also serve as an Executive Board member for our San Diego and Imperial County Labor Council. Its an incredible honor to stand with so many hard working Union Members that fight for each other and their families. I truly believe that all labor has value and everyone deserves to be treated fairly, with dignity and respect.

I would be incredibly honored with your support and your vote.

Darrell Roberts

Pastor Jared B. Moten

Serving others is something that was instilled in me at an early age. I am the product of parents who made it their life’s work to help underserved populations by volunteering their time in marginalized communities, and serving on community boards whose mission is to improve the economic and social environment for low-income people.

Building on the great foundation and example my parents set for being a servant leader in the community, inspired me to become civically involved. For 35+ years, my professional career and personal life have focused on work that seeks to serve others. I served our country in the United States Marine Corps, and I was honorably discharged. I mentored youth through my employment at Junior Achievement of Mississippi Valley in St. Louis, Missouri and at Mount Miguel High School in Spring Valley, California. And, during my tenure in Chicago, Illinois I spent time counseling low-income families and youth affected by HIV and AIDS.

The driving force behind me helping others is the satisfaction of knowing I am striving to make a difference in someone’s life. As the Senior Pastor of Ebenezer Missionary Baptist Church in San Diego California, I believe it is my personal obligation to be actively involved in the community, engaged in the issues that impact my congregation, and be a voice that can help make a change.

Under the 45th president’s administration, we have experienced some of the most disturbing events impacting the American people, especially low-income populations and people of color. An economic gap has been created that will take generations to close. It is my personal mission to help eradicate the hyper-partisan views that have permeated our country for the last 1,460 days with the unnecessary escalation by police officers harassing and killing unarmed black men, the criminalization of non-whites seeking citizenship, the separation of youth from their parents and caging them for wanting to pursue the American dream, and the disparity in education, health care access, and employment opportunities for people of color. I am an agent of change and will work to be the voice for disenfranchised communities and populations. Serving as a California Democratic Delegate for the 79th Congressional District enables me to continue my work of serving the people.

Pastor Jared B. Moten

My name is Kari Ramirez and I am running to be a delegate in assembly district 80. I am a small business owner, a wife, a mom to two young boys, a DNC delegate for district 50 and new to the political world. I believe that getting involved and being part of the process is more important than ever. Voices of everyday people need to be heard in every level of our government.

I became active politically for the first time, knocking on doors, phone banking, writing postcards, traveling and organizing volunteers in this election cycle. I discovered that I loved being civically engaged and meeting people from all walks of life. Along the way I saw others who, like me, didn’t know how to jump onto the political merry-go-round. So with like-minded people I co founded an organization, Envoys for Humanity, that supports and nurtures volunteerism. We have built a nationally distributed, supportive community that connects volunteers across the country with each other and with ways to get involved. We host events where volunteers can come together in a virtual space to take action while injecting joy into the work with music, art and education. ​I believe that we all must work together to create positive change arounds us.

Why do I want to become a delegate? There is so much grabbing our attention right now, but I believe we all must do all that we can (no matter how big or small) to change the trajectory of this country for our future generations. Politics these days seems more about who people know and the voices of big business that have their ear. Our elected officials should be listening to the hard working people that they are supposed to serve. I want to be an active member of the political process to hold our politicians accountable when they fall short of their duties and help push important issues like criminal justice, housing and education reform. Local politics is so often overlooked, yet has the most direct impact on our daily lives . I want to represent assembly district 80 as a delegate to help amplify the voices of my community and to encourage others to get involved in meaningful ways.

Kari Ramirez

I am a mother, teacher, union member, and Young Democrat. I am running to be a Delegate for the California Democratic Party for the 80th Assembly district to continue the progressive values set forth by our community. I began my involvement within the Party through various democratic organizations as a college undergrad and I committing to continuing my involvement and to serve with integrity and urgency.

As a Blue state, California leads the nation with progressive values, but our work should not stop there. Our communities still need safe places for immigrants and refugees. We still need to hold institutions accountable for their systemic racism because #BlackLivesMatter. Families, especially during this pandemic, should have access to affordable housing and a prevailing wage. Our students should safely return to schools once our schools are properly funded. We need to combat climate change and ensure we have a healthy environment.

I strongly believe in the power of organizing people. It is important that our community feels reflected and heard within our Party. I am proud of the efforts and gains our Party has made this past election cycle and I believe we can capitalize this momentum with more inclusive efforts so that everyone feels heard and represented.

We need bold leadership that will bring forth the changes we want to see within our Party. I am committed to listening to our community members and voters to ensure we are moving towards the direction of progressive change.

I humbly ask for your vote.

Cindy Lopez

Our nation is broken. We need a new contract: What is my relationship to you, what is our relationship to others, what is our relationship to the poor, the earth, to humanity.

I am running as ADEM delegate to help create our new contract. That contract must include building a mass movement that has the power necessary to give all Californians – and all people in the US and the world – the opportunity for a good life, live in sustainable communities, and enjoy the fruits of social, economic, and environmental justice.

Besides being a husband, father, son, brother, and friend, I currently am:

•A labor organizer

•Vice Chair of the CA Democratic Party Statewide Environmental Caucus

•UAW 2350 Vice President, San Diego and Riverside County

•Co-chair of the Sierra Club National Borderland Team

•Board member of the San Diego County Democrats for Environmental Action

My previous experiences include:

•Former Navy Cryptologic Officer serving on submarines, ships, the Pentagon, & NSA

•Environmentalist of the year, Sacramento County

•President of the Environmental Council of Sacramento

•Board member of the Sierra Club Mother Lode Chapter

•ADEM delegate and delegate to the National Democratic Convention

I will work everyday to engage and develop Democrats and other workers to change the CA Democratic Party, California, and beyond, and create strategic alliances with key leaders and organizations who share our purpose and values.

Please vote Rick Guerrero, ADEM 80


Rick Guerrero

Sandy Naranjo is a mother, environmental justice activist, community organizer, labor advocate, and political economist currently residing in National City with her husband (Andrew McKercher, a union electrician) and her two children (Frida and Julius Joseph).

She was born and raised in San Ysidro where she witnessed her family and community struggle continuously with issues of endangerment, oppression, exploitation, and poverty — issues that have has been an important impetus for her work centered on improving the lives of immigrants, the LGBTQIA community, workers, people of color, and women.

She attended Southwest High School and graduated from California State University of San Bernardino, where she earned three bachelors’ degrees with honors majoring in Political Science, Political Economy, and Economics, along with a minor certificate in Women’s Studies.

Prior to her appointment to the Port Commission,Sandy worked for a national climate justice organization Mothers Out Front, where she organized thousands of mothers, grandmothers, and others to advocate for a swift, complete, and just transition to clean, renewable energy.

In addition to advocating for climate justice, she has served on multiple community advisory boards, both regional and statewide. She was elected as the first Chair of the Sweetwater Authority Citizens Advisory Committee where she facilitates community input for improving efficiency on operations for safe drinking water. For over two years, she has been a member of the AB 617 steering committee to advise the San Diego Air Pollution Control District on the best ways to mitigate exposure to toxic air pollution. She also serves as a member for the California Energy Commission’s Advisory Committee for the Clean Transportation Program Investment Plan.

She has been elected three consecutive times as an ADEM delegate representing the 80th district for the California Democratic Party Convention and was the 51st district representative for the 2020 Democratic National Convention. She aspires to create polices that will advance social, racial, gender, queer, environmental/climate, and economic justice.

Sandy Naranjo

Christina Griffin-Jones has lived on land that was stolen from Kumeyaay people that is now known as the 80th Assembly District all of her life. Christina is a lifelong Democrat and Howard University Alumna. Christina is currently an Assembly District Delegate for the 80th Assembly District and is a former Committee Member of National City’s Veterans and Military Families Advisory Committee. Christina uses she/her pronouns and has worked internationally, nationally, regionally and locally alongside organizations that center folx who are Black; folx who are Indigenous; folx who are LGBTQNB+; folx who are immigrants; folx who are living in public or who are experiencing insecure housing; folx who are living in prisons, jails, detention centers and have experienced other forms of state-sanctioned violence; and folx who are experiencing injustices at their workplace. Christina’s mother, Yvonne Griffin-Spinks, taught her how to organize. Christina has had the honor of organizing with organizations like We All We Got San Diego, Dede McClure Community Bail Fund, United Domestic Workers, UNITE HERE, PICO, Black Lives Matter, Espacio Migrante, ACLU, and March for Black Womxn San Diego, to name a few. Christina has canvassed, phone banked, and fundraised for Democratic candidates in every election cycle since 2001. Christina says her favorite Lila Watson quote describes her organizing approach, “If you have come to help me you are wasting your time. But if you have come because your liberation is bound up with mine, then stay and let us work together.” A few of Christina’s hopes for this world are that Black Trans Womxn are supported, respected, believed and protected and police, border patrol, ICE, prisons, jails, and cash bail are abolished. Christina tries to use every platform and conversation to show up against homophobia, transphobia, and anti-Blackness and welcomes being called in and called out about how she can do better. Christina enjoys going on hikes, long road trips, and training jiu-jitsu with her best friend and husband, Jj, and hanging out with their dog, Aki. Christina would be honored to get your vote and/or support. Please visit for more information about Christina.

Christina Griffin-Jones