Assembly District 9




SelfIdentifiedFemale (SIF) OtherthanSIF (OSIF)

9 Spencer M Dayton * OSIF
9 Georgette Bradford No SIF
9 Amar Shergill * OSIF
9 Michael P Espinoza No OSIF
9 Gurneel Boparai No OSIF
9 Monica Madrid No SIF
9 Tracie Stafford No SIF
9 Yassar Dahbour No OSIF
9 Regina Q. Banks No SIF
9 Kristie Rivera No SIF
9 LeAngela M Eason * SIF
9 Jose Goris Jr No OSIF
9 Ali Moua No OSIF
9 Tristan Brown No OSIF
9 Matthew Munoz No OSIF
9 Mahmoud Moody Zahriya No OSIF
9 Elaine Beverly Green * SIF
9 Jonathan Stein No OSIF
9 Judy Aletha Covington No SIF
9 Phuong Nguyen No OSIF
9 Ales Lee * SIF
9 Karen Jackson No SIF
9 Ann M. Richardson * SIF
9 Pablo Espinoza * OSIF
9 Rod Brewer No OSIF
9 Ida Mae Jones No SIF
9 Sandra Vargas No SIF
9 Devinder Grewal * SIF
9 Gurjatinder Randhawa No OSIF
9 Manjit Singh * OSIF
9 Mackenzie Wieser No SIF
9 Winty Singh No OSIF
9 Samantha Farmer-Helton No SIF
9 Amandeep Singh No OSIF
9 Cha Vang No SIF
9 Carrie McKinley No SIF
9 Sergio D. Robles No OSIF
9 Sharie Thompson No SIF

Candidate Statements

I was born into a low class, union household in California’s Central Valley. With the help of that Union, my family was able to move to the low end of the middle class. I took the values and lessons I learned and went to college and graduate school.

I have been a fierce advocate for Rural Issues and Rural Democrats. For far too long the party has not paid attention to the Rural areas and claiming they are “unwinnable.” As 2018 and 2020 have shown- we can in fact beat the republicans in Rural Areas.

I have had the honor of serving on several caucus boards and several committees including the Voter Services Committee where I was on the Rural subcommittee. I have been a delegate for the past 4 years and as a young dem have fought for a youth voice in the party.

We need to stand up as a party- and say enough is enough- We need to fight for Single-Payer health care, true environmental protections- including banning fracking and not taking fossil fuel money- criminal justice reform, and holding our candidates accountable. To that end, if elected I will hold our party officers, committees, and platform to our beliefs. As well, I believe that only a truly progressive voice from the top officer to the bottom DSCC member can make this happen. I pledge to be that member.

I know what it means to fight through adversity. I have had to endure fighting the party internally and externally before- including standing up and saying #metoo. I also have fought through health adversity and being a half latinx bisexual young man in a very conservative area of the state. We need to change our party for the better. No more compromise for our candidates. Once a candidate becomes an elected, we need to hold them to the party platform and standards- no more leaving them alone and letting things continue as usual.

Outside of the party, I have worked in retail, marketing, public administration, university administration/teaching, and most recently on foreign policy. I am ready and willing to do my part to fix our party.

If you elect me, you will show how a young, progressive, democratic socialist, can change the party from the inside. “Never doubt that a small group of people can change the world- it’s the only thing that has.”

Please feel free to reach out to me at:

Spencer M Dayton

My name is Georgette Bradford and I am humbly running for Assembly District 9 Delegate, and have had the honor of serving as a delegate to the CA Democratic party for the past 4 years supporting labor and working families both within and outside of the DSCC. I am a proud member of SEIU UHW, serving my second term on our Executive Committee. I also serve as the President of my union’s African American Caucus. Through both offices I have participated in campaigns to raise the minimum wage in California, support the ACA, demand dialysis industry reforms, push for standard PPE protection for all essential workers and support racial justice and police reform legislation. I also am a proud member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc. and serve as the Sacramento Alumnae Chapter’s Social Action Chair. As a diagnostic ultrasound technologist in the Kaiser Permanente Sacramento area Breast Imaging Center I see first-hand the importance of affordable quality healthcare in our community.

I feel I have a unique voice and point of view to contribute to the democratic party, being a member of the healthcare labor movement as well as a woman of color. I believe that attainable and affordable healthcare is a right of all Americans and that your income should not dictate your lifespan. The labor movement is the backbone of the middle class and has proven itself in raising and maintaining the standard of living for Californians. The lack of affordable, quality healthcare can bankrupt a family, delay a child’s development putting their education at risk, and ultimately shorten lives. Too often, quality healthcare is determined by your zip code, race, gender or immigration status. Many are left without access to quality affordable healthcare and have no voice to fight for what is a basic human right. That is why fighting for Healthcare Justice is critical for the communities we live and work in.

I feel breaking down institutionalized racism in our state is the key to achieve true healthcare, economic and environmental justice in California. If elected I would use these beliefs as my moral compass working to build a stronger party through diverse representation. I want to serve as a voice for those not always heard and ensure that everyone has a seat at the table.

Georgette Bradford

If re-elected, I pledge to continue my work with bold progressive colleagues to build a California Democratic Party that fights for the poor, for working families, and for policies that are based in equality of opportunity and justice for all. As the child of a working-class immigrant mother raising two children after the death of her husband, I understand that free public education, universal single-payer healthcare, and equal rights are the cornerstones of a just society. As a father of three, I am determined to do the hard work necessary to make the Democratic Party a worthy caretaker for future generations.

During this past term as a delegate, it was an honor to be elected as Chair of the Progressive Caucus of the California Democratic Party. It has been my pleasure to take a leading role in statewide and national organizing for progressive causes like Black Lives Matter and the Green New deal, as well as political advocacy like lobbying Governor Newsom for a progressive appointment to replace Senator Harris. I have also taken on responsibilities within the Party in holding our statewide Officers accountable for ensuring transparency in sexual harassment cases and for eliminating campaign contributions from corporations antithetical to our values. If re-elected, I will continue to fight for diversity and ensure that progressive voices are heard.

In my role as a Board Member of the Capitol City Trial Lawyers Association, I advocate for equal access to justice so that we are all empowered to fight against the powerful interests intent on benefiting at our expense. My leadership role in civic activism began after the shooting deaths of two Sikh grandfathers in Elk Grove. As a Sikh, I was touched by the outpouring of support from diverse religious and ethnic communities in the region. I committed my energies to helping all communities find a voice in civic affairs and to supporting organizations that believe in strength through diversity. If re-elected as a delegate, I will be diligent and faithful in serving the best interests of our community, our state, and our Party.

I humbly request your vote and appreciate consideration. Do not hesitate to contact me at You will also find a short video about my delegate campaign and the folks running with me at

Amar Shergill

CDP Progressive Caucus Chair

Amar Shergill

Hello, Assembly District 9! My name is Gurneel S. Boparai and I am running to be re-elected as a delegate to the California Democratic Party. For the past two years, I also have been honored to serve as the California Young Democrats Labor Caucus Secretary. Because of these roles, I have a deep appreciation for labor and greatly respect the responsibilities held by our community.


Assembly Bill 5 was, publicly, the most controversial bill passed by the State of California in 2019. I strongly support the ruling provided in Dynamex Operation West, Inc. v. Superior Court. However, I do not support certain extensions provided in AB5 as they were outside the scope of the Dynamex court’s ruling, later proved by the U.S. 9th Circuit Court.

Due to AB5, the entire trucking industry in California will have to hire all truckers as employees, denying truckers from operating as independent contractors. This reign is proper for large, corporate trucking operations. But, for our small dispatch services and independent truckers, which makes up 48% of California’s industry (40% of the 48% are Indian), being held to this law is an unfair nightmare.


It is vital that we protect our small businesses from their larger, vulturous corporate competitors. COVID-19 has changed our world forever and with increasing California fires and floods, climate change has become the most important issue for the Biden administration after COVID. By 2035, President Biden and the State of California have promised to end the sale of gas cars.

The largest lacking factor in scaling zero-carbon transportation is fueling infrastructure. Currently, the State of California has heavily subsidized, with your tax dollars, Tesla’s rapid development of electric charging infrastructure and is encouraging foreign investments in hydrogen fueling stations. It is sad to see the small business owners that largely occupy this market with decades of experience being left behind when they should be prioritized to lead the effort.

I will always stand with our independent truckers, dispatchers, and small businesses and their right to the American Dream!

Gurneel Boparai

My name is Monica Madrid and I am the daughter of a Mexican Immigrant and a former Labor Union Leader. I grew up in the Silicon Valley and moved to Sacramento County to attend Sacramento State University. I was the first in my family to graduate from the University. I wanted to get involved in Politics because, growing up my father was the President of the National Association of Letter Carriers Branch 1427 in Santa Clara. At a young age, I was introduced to the power of a Labor Union. I was inspired to get involved in Politics after witnessing my father and his union become successful in keeping Congress from cutting a day of delivery from Postal Workers. I walked for the Dream Act in San Jose, I have attended multiple lobby days for access to quality higher education, worked on Sacramento and Elk Grove Campaigns, worked at the California Democratic Party Headquarters, worked as Staff to an Assemblymember and I am currently a Community Organizer for the Alliance of Californians for Community Empowerment where I work to help Renters learn their rights. I have been active in Democratic Organizations and am the Chair of the California Young Democrats Womxn’s Caucus, Northern Regional Director for the California Young Democrats Latinx Caucus and the Director of Political Affairs for the Women Democrats of Sacramento County. As a Delegate, I would like to use my knowledge and experiences as an opportunity to participate in Standing Committees such as Rules, Resolutions and Voter Services. I consider myself Progressive and support Rent Control, The Green New Deal, Medicare For All and I believe that Black Lives Matter. I hope to earn your support in this election. For more information you can email me at or visit:

Monica Madrid

Hello and thank you for voting. My name is Tracie Stafford and I have been a public advocate for over 15 years fighting for women’s rights, equity, and social justice at the local, state, and national level. I am the Immediate Past President of The Women Democrats of Sacramento County which under my leadership became the #1 Club funder of Democratic Women in the region. I have also been honored to serve on the Executive Board of the Democratic Party of Sacramento County, Executive Board of the CA democratic Party, Assembly District Delegate AD9, Sacramento Area NAACP Political Director, Governor Appointee to the CA Small Business Board and a member of the Sacramento County Elections Advisory Board which was instrumental in November’s election. Professionally, I have over 25 years in senior leadership positions in the fields of Communications, Fund Development, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion as well as Sustainability. I am an Emerge graduate, have run for Assembly placing second in Sacramento County and train political candidates for Emerge America and others.

I have faith that our party is built upon the core values needed to, one day, achieve ‘Liberty and Justice for All’. And I have a unique lens having survived poverty, child abuse, sexual assault, and domestic violence. Like so many others, I began my life on public assistance but was determined to stand on my own. I am the first in my family to earn a college degree, worked my way up from data entry operator to senior manager in high tech before opening my first business. I now run a consulting firm focused on social change through cultural competency and bias programs while completing a Masters in Sustainability Leadership.

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have won! The country is fighting for change and as a values driven wife, mother of four, black woman, entrepreneur, and political advocate, I have a lens that will serve our community well at the state level. Therefore, I humbly ask for your vote to represent Assembly District 9 as your Delegate.

Feel Free to reach out with any questions and thank you again for participating in the democratic process.



Tracie Stafford

Yassar was born in a refugee camp in Syria where his family had resided after they were evicted from Palestine in 1948. In the course of the Palestinian diaspora, he settled in Sacramento, California in 1991 where he pursued education in political science, business administration and technology. Having grown up in refugee camp, he became a human rights activist fixated on the Palestinian cause since his young age. Following this passion, Mr. Dahbour served as member and later President of the General Union of the Palestinian Students in his undergraduate and graduate academic career; moreover, he cofounded the Political Students Forum at California State University, Sacrament. He later cofounded the Sacramento Regional Coalition for Palestinian Human Rights where he still serves as a board member. Currently, he is the president of Palestine American League (PAL), and an elected Assembly District Delegate (District 9) to the California Democratic Party (CDP), where he also serves the Vice President of the CDP Arab Caucus.

Yassar Dahbour

Hello fellow Democrats! I’m Regina Q. Banks and I am seeking reelection for Assembly District Delegate serving AD 09. Please check out my short video message here.

I am a 31-year citizen of unincorporated south Sacramento County. In 2020 I put myself forward for Trustee for Elk Grove Unified School District- Trustee Area 1. Though unsuccessful, I am still fully invested in my community, it’s people, its leaders- current and future- and it’s quality of life. COVID-19 has gravely disrupted the schools, small businesses, civic and cultural activities and social safety nets in my community. But the changes that we are making to meet these challenges can be the catalyst for a more equitable, more responsive and more creative society led by the California Democratic Party. But only if we lead honestly and from our values! I am already fighting for this bolder vision. And I’m willing to keep working to recruit, elect, and support leaders committed to bringing it about.

I’ve been a policy analyst and advocate for 14 years and currently serve as the Director of the Lutheran Office of Public Policy- California. My professional advocacy has focused on ending child poverty, criminal justice reform, fair labor and employment practices and CLIMATE CRISIS abatement. I represented state and federal interests at the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Madrid in 2019, and I teach domestically about environmental racism and sustainability. I am an active member of the Progressive Caucus of the California Democratic Party as well as a member of the Black, Women’s and Labor caucuses. I look forward to continuing my work in those bodies for the next two years and beyond.

Regina Q. Banks

Hello Sacramento Democrats! My name is Jose Goris Jr. aka “Junior” from the pocket area. Most in the party know me but for those that don’t, please afford me this opportunity to tell you a bit about myself and why I am running. I moved to our beautiful city of Sacramento in 2014 from Miami, FL. The city of Sacramento is one of America’s best kept secrets. We have an “old time feel” with a rapid wave of modernization moving in. We have a beautifully diverse city with a warm mosaic of cultures working together to make out city the best in the nation. While we have many successes, this is still much more work ahead of us. Venerable communities require a consistent, committed voice to advocate for the lack in resources and services. Our city’s main school district, SCUSD still has financial turbulence ahead, with the possibility of a state takeover in the near future, limiting even more our city’s children from poorer neighborhoods to a quality education. If elected as an Assembly Democrat to AD-9, I will continue to advocate for Sacramento’s children to a quality education. Just as I have as a Parent Organizer at my daughter’s school at Martin Luther King Jr. K-8 school. I will leverage my relationships built from my current board positions at the Latino Democratic Club of Sacramento County and The Greenhaven- Pocket Neighborhood Association to assure AD 9 values are a priority for our elected representatives. I will continue to build partnerships and collaborate for results. As the chairperson for the EGUSD Headstart Policy committee, I have seen the rewards of a consistent, engaged voice in getting results. I along with the committee was able to secure actions for much needed prekindergarten playground repairs at our Elk Grove Schools. When the pandemic started and distant learning became the new education model, the committee moved to get laptops in the hands of our young students. It took some time but we never halted. These actions and many others have prepared me for the Assembly Democrats and hope I can earn your support! Thank you.

Junior Goris

Greetings Democrats! My name is Tristan Brown, and I have had the honor and privilege to serve as a delegate to the CA Democratic Party for the past six years. For the last four, I have served as the lead co-chair of the Legislation Committee, helping our party take a stand about important legislation that affects all of our lives. I have enjoyed membership on the progressive/labor slates for the past ADEM elections I have participated in and adamantly support the rights of every Californian and working families everywhere. I am a full time advocate for the CA Federation of Teachers, sit on the board of the Buddhist Church of Sacramento, the Pocket/Greenhaven Community Association Board and the Center for Workers Rights governing board, which provides low/no cost legal assistance for workers facing discrimination at their workplace.

It would be my honor to represent the many democrats in our district who are struggling with their children away from school, making their small business stay open, hoping their employer doesn’t shut down and end their healthcare, or the many who help put food on our tables in the southern portion of the district.

I am always approachable to you, and will help in any way I can if you need to engage with the party, elected officials, or anything in between. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email me at

Thank you for participating in this very important process of our Democratic Party! Vote the labor slate and we can hold the party accountable to working families in the state!

Tristan Brown

My name is Matt Muñoz and I am running to be a delegate for Assembly District 9. I am running to be a delegate for two reasons: service to my community and representation for lesser heard voices. I was born and raised in Elk Grove, a proud graduate of Elk Grove High School. After receiving my bachelors degree from CSU, Chico, I pursued a Master of Public Administration degree from the University of Washington. After six months of living in Seattle, I realized that I belong in California, and I made the choice to move back after graduating to serve my home state as best I can.

Service is the first reason I am running to be a delegate. Public service is the family business. My mother was an elementary school teacher, my father is a retired State employee, and my brother works for the Los Angeles school district. I am currently a civil servant with the State supporting public safety from potential hazards and helping to coordinate the State’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic. I feel especially fulfilled when I’m doing something to help others and make a difference. This role is the perfect opportunity to make a difference for my district and by extension the state.

Representation is the second reason I am running. My interest in politics began with the Proposition 8 ballot measure. As a teenager who had not yet come out, I was appalled that our state would even consider, let alone pass, a law barring people from a fundamental right due to their identity. And of course as I grew older, I learned that this was more often the norm than the aberration. It is essential to me that voices are in the room and actively integrated into discussions on vital issues. I fully recognize that I cannot possibly know the experience or position of every person of every identity, but I am committed to listening to voices other than my own to ensure that no one is silenced or ignored on important issues.

I am a lifelong Californian and I want to see this state continually improving in its quality and its positions. While we are much further along than many other states, there is still endless room to grow. I would be honored to be one of those helping ensure that progress.

Matt Munoz


I, hereby, acknowledge that I am submitting my application for the Assembly District Delegate position.

One main reason for this decision is my concerned interest, and knowledge of the democratic process. I am willing and able to succeed and provide great leadership services to the Democratic Party.

I am ready and willing, to be a team motivator, and will adhere to the systems to achieve our democratic goals.

Thank you for your time, and consideration for my candidacy for the Assembly District Delegate position.

Respectfully Submitted,

Elaine B. Green

I am a father, husband, community volunteer, youth soccer coach and 25 year Elk Grove resident. I believe we need to unite Democrats and work together, so we can be better represented in local government, help shape policies, and make a difference. I am a strong supporter of public schools and believe we need to give a voice to our youth, and get them involved in government. Currently, two of my children attend public schools, and I help run the Joseph Sims Elementary School mock trial program.

As an attorney, I help our community and small businesses as they navigate our legal system. I am uniquely qualified to help the party understand how policies affect individuals, families, and our local businesses, the backbone of our community. I know what their needs are and how to develop policies that will assist them.

My background and experience will be an asset as we come out of these difficult times. By working with people from diverse backgrounds and with those who have different viewpoints, I will build coalitions so we can bring people together. I want to use my experience to help us work towards creating a community, a party, and a state that helps everyone reach their goals.

I am always available. You can reach me at 916-247-6868 or

Jonathan G Stein

My name is Judy Covington and I am a proud lifelong Democrat and a 21-year resident of the City of Elk Grove.

I have a thorough understanding of the political process and the complexities of developing, approving, and implementation policy at a statewide and local level and how those policies affect working-families across our region.

I’ve spent the past 22 years volunteering to help build a stronger and more vibrant community via my involvement in the real estate industry. In 2013, I was appointed as a Federal Political Coordinator (FPC) for Congressman Ami Bera, M.D. and have served in this capacity for 7 years and will serve again in 2021.

Additionally, I most recently served as the President of the Sacramento Association of Realtors (SAR), as well as the Director for both the California Association of Realtors (CAR) and the National Association of Realtors (NAR). In 2019, I served as Vice-Chair of the CAR Political Action Committee and will serve as Chair in 2021. In addition to the aforementioned roles, I serve on the Government Relations Committee and Local Candidate Recommendation Committee for the SAR.

Through these various roles, I’ve established close relationships with many of our local, state, and federal representatives. I know what’s important to the residents in our region. We must build back our economy, create good-paying jobs, ensure people are healthy and have access to healthcare and other services, combat climate change, and address systemic racism and embrace inclusivity.

I believe my experience and passion for politics, as well as my strong desire to serve our community and firm belief in the values of a forward-thinking Democrat qualify me to serve as a California Democratic Party Assembly Delegate.

I would be honored to have your vote to help build a stronger and more inclusive Democratic Party. Together let’s move our party forward.

Judy Covington

Realtor® Broker

Judy Covington

I’ve lived in the Sacramento area since 1992, including 4 years attending the University of California, Davis. After a brief stint in Natomas, the rest have been spent raising my family in Elk Grove. I look forward to the opportunity to serve my community and the Democratic Party in California.

Phuong Nguyen

Hi, I am Ales Lee and I am humbly running in the California Democratic Party Assembly Dems Election for Assembly District 9 to ensure the party makes the important decisions today that will help rebuild, and heal, our tomorrow.

If you are a registered democrat in the State of California, you are able to vote on who you want to represent your voice within the Democratic Party.

Assembly District Delegates assist in the adoption of the party’s priorities; vote on party candidate endorsements and resolutions; and elect party officers.

I am running because I want to make sure the party understands the type of leadership, direction, and stimulus decisions the people of this city expect to see in 2021.

As your delegate I would work to ensure;

-The party aggressively delivers resources for small businesses to safely re-open and compete in a COVID-19 restricted economy.

-The party creates and mass distributes a safe reopening plan for schools, teachers, and childcare providers.

-The party has a plan to provide assistance, and oversight of the California Employment Development Department (EDD).

-Creation of holistic and proactive responses to address homelessness.

-Bring transformative reforms to the criminal justice system.

I was born here in District 9 at Mercy Hospital on Timberlake. I graduated from the University of California, Davis with a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology & African American Studies and Graduate certificate in Applied Policy and Government from CSU, Sacramento.

The pandemic has shown us no job is safe, no house or person is immune, no one person can fix the broken system; and change doesn’t come without cause.

In 2020 We, the Democratic Party, took back the White House because You, the voter, said ENOUGH OF THE HATE.

If the California Democratic Party can remain L.O.U.D


Organize ourselves, for ourselves

Unify + Love our neighbors

Dedicate ourselves to transparency, accountability, & re-allocation

We WILL see change this time around.

We CAN rebuild our communities; secure Medicare for All; safely reopen our schools & businesses; stabilize high earning jobs; transform our criminal justice system; & stabilize resources for the homeless and mentally dependent.

But we must remain L.O.U.D.

Ales Lee

My name is Karen Jackson and I am running to be a voting delegate for Assembly District 9. My passion is ensuring equal educational access to students regardless of socio-economic status, race, religion, ability level, or gender identity. As a teacher of children with special needs for 23 years and the parent of a special needs adult, I am a strong advocate for the special needs community. I am very active in my local union, the Lodi Education Association. I currently serve on the Executive Board of the union as the Special Education Director as well as having served on the Lodi Unified School District’s Distance Learning Task Force, helping formulate plans for teaching during the pandemic. I am on the Curriculum Council, the Review Board for Excellence in Teaching, the organizing committee and I am a union site representative. When living in Galt, I organized the first Neighborhood Watch in our neighborhood. I have joined in Black Lives Matters peaceful protests, Women’s Marches, and a March for Our Lives rally. I have knocked on doors and sent texts to support my candidate during presidential elections. I believe that positive change starts with us and becoming a voting delegate is an extension of this belief. My values include honoring the individual and each person’s unique contribution to society. I believe that healthcare (including mental health) is a human right and that society as a whole benefits from having a healthy and well-educated populace. Higher education should be accessible and affordable to those wishing to pursue this path. I believe that the heath of our community is tied to these factors as well as to the availability of jobs that pay a living wage with access to quality childcare. I look forward to having this opportunity to be a voice for the needs of my community. 

Karen Jackson

I am a grassroots, boots-on-the-ground Democrat with a strong commitment to serving our community. A native of Sacramento, I began my career representing victims in civil law and labor and employment discrimination cases. I was a legislative secretary for Democratic Governor Gray Davis, handling Civil Rights legislation in employment and housing, as well as LGBTQ legislation and marriage equality laws. I then joined the California Unemployment Insurance Appeals Board before serving at the California Lottery, where maximizing benefits to schools was my priority. I also have been active in women’s rights and aiding foster youth; one of my most rewarding achievements was establishing a college scholarship fund for Emancipating Foster Youth to attend college. I have worked on numerous campaigns serving as everything from a poll watcher to leading GOTV efforts in swing states during presidential elections. I am committed to energizing grassroots Democrats at the local, state and national level. I would be honored to have your vote.

Ann Richardson

My name is Pablo Espinoza and I’m running for ADEM because I want to bring unity and respect to how we work, and to help our party accomplish what is needed for our communities and working families have a better life.

I believe in healthcare for all, environmental justice, immigration reform, adequately funded K-12 education, increasing access to early childhood education and a much better and affordable system to take care of our elderly.

We can do all that while at the same time being very supportive of small, local, businesses. We need to strongly advocate for federal aid to local governments to develop and implement effective COVID-19 economic recovery plans.

Young people deserve better access to higher education. Not only should it be free but it ought to be revamped to address the needs of a generation that is much more hands on in how they approach learning.

I support forgiveness of student loans as a way to spark economic recovery in our communities, our state and our country.

I support development of shovel ready projects to generate thousands of well-paying jobs.

I am so proud to be a naturalized citizen of this country. I am an immigrant and went from coming to the United States with a one way ticket, to mopping floors in a bagel shop, to anchoring the news in English and Spanish for nearly two decades to advising the last five Speakers to the California State Assembly for the past 14 years.

I would be honored to receive your vote.

Pablo Espinoza

I’m Ida M. Jones and a first-time candidate for ADEM District 9. I am a mother, grandmother, sister, aunt, niece and cousin. I’m a Professor at Fresno State. For a short version of this information, watch this 2-minute video: (

Seeing people’s inhumanity to people has motivated me to help wherever I can. However, it was the greatest tragedy of my life that reminded me to use the universe’s gifts to me to do more. On October 30, 2019 my oldest son, Kenneth, passed onto the mysteries of death at age 46 ( He was the armchair activist of the family and he regularly, passionately informed me about issues and how they weren’t adequately addressed. Although I was then and continue to be an active member of the Unitarian Universalist Church of Fresno, and at that time was President of the Board of Trustees, in Kenneth’s honor I decided that I could and should do more.

My lifetime commitment to social justice issues began young. I grew up in the housing projects in Omaha, Nebraska. When I was 13, I volunteered in a hospital wing to work with differently-abled children. In my late teens and early 20s, I became a fierce defender of my church, which had many LGBTQ+ community members. At that time, the minister’s willingness to welcome all was noteworthy, especially in the black community. My first job after law school graduation was to represent convicted criminal defendants on appeals. My second as a Legal Aid attorney representing civil defendants on issues created by poverty: welfare hearings, disability hearings, and bankruptcy, to name a few. I have been a professor since then, first in Omaha and now in Fresno. I lived in Fresno for three decades before I moved to Elk Grove.

This country was founded on the exploited labor of black and other indigenous people of color, immigrants and women. The history taught in schools has been successfully sanitized ( to elevate (or manufacture) the contributions of some and to lessen (or eliminate) the contributions of others. That sanitizing, coupled with teaching people that one group is better has created a culture of “otherness.” Yet humans have many similarities over differences. I want to join this group to continue to help our community, our human community, thrive.

Ida Mae Jones

Hello, my name is Devinder Grewal, and I am honored to be a candidate for the delegate position. I am an optometrist. I’ve been fortunate to be able to volunteer at nonprofit health fairs and provide vision care. Healthcare is very important, and unfortunately, difficult times can pose a difficulty in obtaining it, and that is why it would be a very important focus for me. I’m currently the president of my local San Joaquin Optometric Society, where I’m able to work with my colleagues at a local level to keep us connected and progressing. I look forward to keeping our general community together and progressing.

Devinder Grewal

My name is Gurjatinder Singh Randhawa and I am running to be a delegate to proudly represent AD 9.

I am currently serving as Elk Grove City Commissioner for ‘Diversity and Inclusion Commission.’ I am also serving as an active Member of History Preservation Committee for the City of Elk Grove. In 2019 I was appointed as a member of ‘Language Accessibility Advisory Committee’ to the Secretary of State Mr. Alex Padilla. I wish to incorporate my experience with both of these positions as well as my personal careers to better support the Democratic Party. In 2016 I was a National Delegate for Hillary Clinton in the National Democratic Convention held in Philadelphia from Congressional District 7. I have been a journalist for over 3 decades and also practice Real Estate in this town. I know this area in and out and I understand the diversity that represents this district.

My volunteering experience also extends to serving free food to the communities impacted by the recent Northern California fires for weeks.

I believe in embracing and supporting diverse ethnic communities. I believe that Democracy works best when access and opportunities are available to everyone.

I will work hard to support and promote progressive policies to keep California moving forward. As an Immigrant I am living the American Dream and wish for others to have the same opportunities that me and millions of other Americans have lived. I will be a voice for the diverse community we have here.

Thank you for your consideration. If I am elected as your delegate, I will make sure that the voice of the people is heard and we continue to fight for progressive policies and for the values held by the Democratic Party.

Gurjatinder S Randhawa

Hello! Democrats! My name is Manjit Singh, and It would be my honor to represent you as an Assembly District 09 Delegate to the CA Democratic Party, ensuring our local perspectives are voiced and reflected in the State Party Platform. I am currently serving as a planning commissioner on the City of Lodi planning commission. I have Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering and am professionally licensed by the state board and have been working as a Supervisor for Caltrans (California Department of Transportation) for the last 30 years. I am currently serving as the treasurer on the trust board on a Non-profit Origination of Lodi Sikh temple. This non-profit work is where I developed a deep understanding of the many needs in our community which require strong democratic response, I provided free of cost guidance to non-profit, religious organizations about any question related to civil engineering. I do play an active part in my community and across the communities, to bridge a gap between citizens, focus on issues related to Racial Equity, Diversity and inclusion.

Learn about each other’s culture and provide support to the needy. I am always approachable to you and will help in any way I can if you need to engage with the party, elected officials, or anything in between. As a life-long Democrat, I would like for you to vote for me to be a delegate to the CA Democratic Party. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email me at

Vote the labor slate and we can hold the party accountable to working families in the state!

Thank you for your consideration.

Manjit Singh

My name is Mackenzie Wieser, I am interested in representing the democratic party in this delegation because I believe my experience within this community will be beneficial. I am a community uniter, dedicated to transforming the way communities work and play together. I believe there is a massive need for someone like me to unite this district.

We have come along way in terms of tackling hate, discrimination and creating a community that believes in equity but we still have more work to do. I believe in bringing people together to talk about perspectives while trying to find the common ground.

Over the past seven years I served as a Governor’s Office under the Brown administration working on climate policy. I have been an climate change advocate and mentored hundreds of youth within the region dedicated to climate issues. I currently run an Environmental Education nonprofit, we are dedicated to empowering and educating the next generation of nature stewards. I have served on the City of Elk Grove Planning Commission since February 2017, on this commission I am dedicated to smart growth, equity and promoting projects that bring community together.

I served on the Mayor’s Commission on Climate Change for 18 months representing the regional perspective. The commission was formed to help the City of Sacramento and West Sacramento plan for reaching carbon zero by 2045. Being in a connector city, Elk Grove, there are many issues related to climate change that needed to be brought into a regional perspective.

I am excited to represent the district and will be focused on using my vast network to bring together the many issues that are interconnected and if we work together on positive change we will increase the quality of life for all.

Mackenzie Wieser

My name is Winty Singh, and I’m asking for your support for my candidacy as a Delegate in CA Assembly District 9.

I’ve lived in Elk Grove since 2003. An immigrant and Green Card holder for many years, I was inspired to become a US citizen after the groundbreaking election of Barack Obama. It was such a time of hope, promise and optimism. And, like many of you, I’ve been on the roller coaster our community has experienced since: rapid growth, collapse, a return to growth and now our trying times during this pandemic. On top of all of this, we’ve fought through a difficult presidency and election season during which many issues have come to the fore. Our community has been through a lot. Many have fallen through the cracks and many have suffered from inequities that have gone long unaddressed.

I’m running as a delegate because we’re in a time of transition and it’s important to make our voices heard, now more than ever before to ensure that we’re on the right course to reflect and support the people of our communities. I believe in a people-first, common-sense approach to issues that is rooted in compassion. I believe that people deserve the fruits of their honest work rather than have their work be exploited.

I’ve been involved in civil rights advocacy for almost 10 years. During this time, I’ve worked on behalf of the largest Sikh civil rights organization in the country to protect peoples’ rights and advocate on issues of equality in all spheres of everyday life for the Sikh and allied communities.

This work has taken me all over the state, from Northern California to Southern California, from local classrooms to Hollywood, in detention centers, and to the State Capitol all the way to the US Congress and the White House. I’ve publicly represented the community in local and national newsprint, radio and television.

More, my professional background in healthcare administration has given me an insider’s view of our healthcare system. I’m passionate about making sure healthcare is accessible to everyone, especially given the times we are in today. We have huge challenges and I hope to bring my diverse background to bring our community’s voice to these conversations. It would be my honor to represent and reflect the residents in this district as we find solutions that work for everyone.


Winty Singh

My name is Samantha Farmer-Helton and thank you for voting in the CA DEM Party Delegate elections! Your time makes our democratic process more inclusive and keeps our politics locally driven. Our elected leaders are our pathway to bringing our community out of the pandemic better than we we came into it. I look forward to an opportunity to represent my community in this process. Along with my husband and daughter, I am a resident of Pocket, CA. I am proud of the work I do in support of progressive policies and for having served as Chair of the City’s Animal Shelter Advisory Committee. I am honored to run as a CA Delegate in AD 9 and will work to earn your vote.

Thank you, and in sincerest solidarity,

Samantha Farmer-Helton

I, Amandeep Singh, am a registered civil engineer working with the County of Sacramento for 19 years. Through my job, I’m involved in planning, infrastructure development, and construction within the Cities of Elk Grove, Rancho Cordova, Sacramento, and Unincorporated Sacramento County. I worked towards having a robust system that can serve the community for centuries while maintaining community residents’ health and safety without incurring a considerable cost burden to homeowners.

I was born and raised in the Indian state of Punjab. My dad, a senior journalist who strongly believed in Sikh tenants of universal brotherhood, equality and was a stout supporter of common people’s rights, significantly influenced my upbringing. The Indian state persecuted my family during the early 1980s for their religious beliefs and for demanding universal, equal rights for all working families and farmers. My dad was fired from his job, the Indian state took over the landholdings and assets, and the whole family had to live secretively until the late 1980s to escape from being eliminated in fake state encounters.

After completing engineering college in 1988, I started as a temp construction aide and with multiple promotions became a Sub Divisional Engineer. In 1999, I immigrated to America and settled in Elk Grove. Here I worked a multitude of jobs during the day and studied during the night. While facing the challenges that new immigrants must endure, I got an entry-level job with the county, from where I studied and worked my way to Associate Civil Engineer.

To create a better life for my family, I learned the Real Estate trade on a part-time basis. I started helping clients in realizing their American dream by helping them buy their first house. In 2010, I started my own company.

I’m an active member of the Sikh community and United Sikhs who serve the unsheltered population within Sacramento. I’m a member of the Diamond Club of California, which engages in community events like blood/food donation drives.

I’m a candidate for Assembly District 9 Delegate position to convey democrats aspirations by endorsing the district and party’s best candidates. As an engineer, business owner, and father, I found that my skills, experience, and positive approach will bring added trust from the community into the position.

Check my videos statement at

Amandeep Singh

Greetings fellow Democrats! My name is Cha Vang, I am a daughter of Hmong refugee, and a proud resident of South Sacramento in Assembly District 9.

My family resettled in the United States from Thai refugee camps in the late 80’s and since then we have called AD9 our home. Today I am running as a candidate for election to be ADEM Delegate representing Assembly District 9 to the CA Democratic Party.

For most of my adult life, I’ve worked to make sure our communities get the resources they deserve to thrive and that they are at decision making tables rather than an afterthought of the people in power. In my day job, I work to build political power in Asian American and Pacific Islander communities across CA. I believe that everyone should have access the high quality healthcare and public education, to invest in our young people, and that it is affordable for working families to live. We must always center the most marginalized communities when we make decisions.

Thank you for your time. I hope to gain you vote. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email me at

Cha Vang

My name is Carrie McKinley. I am a lifelong Democrat, born in AD 9 and raised in a union household. I have been working to elect Democrats across California for the last 25 years.

Most recently, I was a committed volunteer with the Biden/Harris campaign to get out the vote in key battleground states. I am ecstatic – and relieved – that we Democrats were able to win back the presidency, and I’m eager for the progressive victories ahead under the President Joe Biden/Vice President Kamala Harris administration.

I am running to be an Assembly District Delegate because I believe that, following the competitive Democratic presidential primary, we must unite and grow the base of our Party because the fight isn’t over – it has just begun!

We need to keep up the momentum by continuing to engage new voters who cast ballots for the first time this year, as well as those who cast ballots for the first time in years.

I have the experience and ability to bring people together and grow our Party in both strength and numbers. I learned long ago that successful politics is about addition and multiplication, not division and subtraction.

On the surface, it may appear that we Democrats have won all of our region’s elected offices, but there are scores of non-partisan positions on school boards, city councils, and boards of supervisors throughout the Sacramento region that are not held by Democrats.

If we unite as a local party by bringing together forward-thinking activists and our region’s Democrat-elected officials, we can elect more progressives and grow our Democratic Party.

This is the important work that powers democracy. I’ve been doing it for the last 25 years.

I humbly ask for your vote so I can continue to help elect Democrats and support our Party as an Assembly District Delegate.

Thank you for your consideration.

Carrie McKinley

Hello fellow Democrats! I am a first generation Mexican American and proud Californian. I am high school graduate from Hiram Johnson in South Sac, to a Los Rios community college transfer, and finally a graduate from Cal State University, Northridge. I am running to represent community values!

For the last several years I have been focused on the South Sac and Elk Grove communities, while working for a local member of Congress and serving on the Elk Grove Planning Commission. I have had the opportunity to work with great community organizations such as the Elk Grove Food Bank, the City of Refuge, the Florin Road Partnership, and the Sacramento Tree Foundation.

I am dedicated to making our State Party better by empowering our community-driven values. I hope to gain your support as we continue to navigate the tough times that lie ahead. It would be a pleasure to earn your support, lets makes a difference together.

Sergio D. Robles